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Wheel of Time Reread: The Fires of Heaven part 6

The Fires of Heaven: chapters 19 - 22

Chapter 19: Memories
  • Lini:
    • "Better to face the bear than run from it."
    • "A fool puts a burr under the saddle before she rides."
    • "Draggin feet never finish a journey."
  • Tallanvor:
    • "He swore the new oath...I saw him afterwards, alone behind the stables...He was on his knees, tears streaming down his face. He alternated apologizing to you and repeating the old oath. Not just to 'the Queen of Andor,' but to 'Queen Morgase of Andor." He swore in the old way, on his sword, slicing his arm to show he would shed his last drop before breaking it. I know a thing or two of men, girl. That one will follow you against an army with nothing but his bare hands."
  • Padan Fain:
    • His mind skittered away from memories of what had been done to him in the Pit. He had been distilled there, remade. But later, in Aridhol, he had been reborn. Reborn to smite old enemies and new.--I have this love/hate relationship with Fain. I hate him he's revolting but as a villain he's pretty fascinating; I wish we learned more about him and what happened to him. I know were told a little but I just don't really get it...which makes him more interesting.
    • "I have seen Thakan'dar." Saying that hurt; the memories it brought were agony. He refused to whimper, forced the words out. "The great sea of fog, rolling and crashing in silence against the black cliffs, the fires of the forges glowing red beneath, and lightning stabbing up into a sky fit to drive men mad." He did not want to go on, but he made himself. "I have taken the path down to the belly of Shayol Ghul, down the long way with stones like fangs brushing my head, to the shore of a lake of fire and molten rock--" No, not again! "--That holds the Great Lord of the Dark in its endless depths. The heavens above Shayol Ghul are black at noon with his breath."
  • The Dagger:
    • He sighed as soon as he touched it, stretched languorously. He was whole again, one with what had bound him so long ago, one with what in a very real way had given him life.
    • Sheathing the dagger, he nicked himself, and licked the wound before sticking the weapon under his coat. He was not at all what she thought. He had been a Darkfriend once, but he was beyond that, now. Beyond it, above it. Something different. Something more. If she managed to communicate with one of the Forsaken before he could dispose of her...Better not to try. No time to find the Horn of Valere now. There were followers awaiting him outside the city. They should still be waiting. He had put fear into them. He hoped some of the humans were still alive.
      • Before the sun rose he was out of the Tower, off the island of Tar Valon. Al'Thor was out there, somewhere. And he was whole again.
Chapter 20: Jangai Pass
  • Moiraine:
    • Moiraine talked at him that way from daybreak to sunset whenever he let her. Her lectures could be on small things--details of court behavior, say, in Cairhien of Saldaea or somewhere else--or on large: the political influence of the Whitecloaks, or perhaps the effects of trade on rulers' decisions to go to war. It was as if she meant to see him educated, as a noble would be, or should be, before he reached the other side of the mountains. It was surprising how often what she said reflected what anyone back in Emond's Field would have called simple common sense. And also how often it did not.
  • Mat:
    • "In the night?...Were your sentries asleep? You did have sentries this close to your enemies? Even Aiel would have a hard time coming at you if you kept a good watch." Lan gave him an appraising look.
Chapter 21: The Gift of a Blade
  • Asmodean:
    • "She is a devious woman. When a woman says she will obey you, of her own will, it is time to sleep lightly and watch your back."
  • Rand:
    • "I trust you like a brother. Until the day you betray me."
  • Aviendha:
    • "It was the treekiller's sword. Laman's. It was taken from his body as proof that he was dead, because his head could not be brought back so far. Since then it has passes from hand to hand, young men or fool Maidens who wanted to own the proof of his death. Only, each began to think of what it was, and soon sold it to another fool. The price has come down very far since it first was sold. No Aiel would lay hand to it even to remove the stones."
    • "We came far today, and you will start us early tomorrow. Sleep well and wake, Rand al'Thor." Only an Aiel would wish you a good night by hoping you did not die in your sleep.
Chapter 22: Birdcalls by Night
  • Mat:
    • Those were the earliest and latest of the memories that had been planted in his skull. Nothing after Artur Paendrag Tanreall, and nothing before Maecine of Eharon.
    • He had finally figured out that that medallion had somehow kept Moiraine from Healing him on her first try. So long as he had been touching it, her channeling had not affected him.
    • Carai an Caldazar! For the honor of the Red Eagle. The battle cry of Manetheren. Most of his memories were from Manetheren. Some of those he had had before the twisted doorway. Moiraine said it was the Old Blood coming out. Just as long as it did not come out of his veins.
    • Why had anyone launched such a hopeless assault? No one but a fool attacked overwhelming force without a reason. That was the thought he could not pry out of his head. No one attacked without a reason.
  • Sammael:
    • Sammael had always wanted to be taller, and resented it that the Power could not make him so.

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