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Wheel of Time Reread: The Fires of Heaven part 5

The Fires of Heaven: chapters 14 - 18

Chapter 14:
  • Birgitte:
    • "I am a soldier, not a scholar."--Reminds me of Bones on Star Trek
  •  Melanie:
    • "Ana'allein will die on the day he learns that you are dead."--True. Nynaeve would think she was going to die if Lan died but Lan would have nothing else to live for. 
    • "Do we fight? IF we do then know that in battle there is only winning and losing. Rules against hurting are for games.
Chapter 15: What Can Be learned in Dreams
  •  Egwene:
    • "I said nightmares, and I meant nightmares, Nynaeve. When someone has a nightmare while in Tel'aran'rhoid, it is real, too. And sometimes it survives after the dreamer has gone. You just don't realize, do you."--I think Egwene is a hypocritical bitch here. Yes Nynaeve needs to learn to be careful but Egwene isn't suppose to be there either. So teaching someone a lesson while you are breaking the same rules...that's wrong. If she had been the Amyrlin it might be different but she isn't and I just don't like her. She gets a better, but right now is when I really started to dislike Egwene and her I have to humble everyone to prove to them I'm a grown up--that's not how it's done you little girl. And then she goes on about Nynaeve lying to her...HYPOCRITE! It's not Rand who has the big head it's you!!
    • "He strains to hear a whisper who refuses to hear a shout."
    • Dreams:
      • Rand sitting down in a chair, and somehow she knew that the chair's owner would be murderously angry at having her chair taken; that the owner was woman.--The Lion Throne.
      • Perrin, lounging with Faile on his lap, kissing her while she played with the short-cut beard that he wore in the dream. Behind them two banners waved, a red wolf's head and a crimson eagle. A man in a bright yellow coat stood near to Perrin's shoulder, a sword strapped to his back.
      • Matt throwing dice with blood streaming down his face, the wide brim of his hat pulled low so she could not see his wound, while Thom Merrilin put his hand into a fire to draw out the small blue stone that now dangled on Moiraine's forehead.--Mat gives up his eye to save Moiraine and Thom pulls her out.
  • Moiraine:
    • "I have to time for tears, Egwene. The Dragonwall is not many days distant now, and the Alguenya...Siuan and I were friends, once. In a few months it will be twenty-one years since we began the search for the Dragon Reborn. Only the two of us, newly raised Aes Sedai. Sierin Vayu was raised Amyrlin shortly after, a Gray with more than a touch of Red in her. Had she learned what we intended, we would have spent the rest of our lives doing penance with Red sisters watching us even while we slept. There is a saying in Cairhien, though I have heard it was far away as Tarabon and Saldea. 'Take what you want, and pay for it.' Siuan and I took the path we wanted, and we knew we would have to pay for it eventually."
    • "Do you expect me to be happy that the White Tower has split apart? I am Aes Sedai, Egwene. I gave my life to the Tower long before I ever suspected the Dragon would be Reborn in my lifetime. The Tower has been a bulkwark against the Shadow for three thousand years. It has guided rulers to wise decisions, stopped wars before they began, halted wars that did begin. That humankind even remembers that the Dark one waits to escape, that the Last Battle will come, is because of the Tower. The Tower, whole and united. I could almost wish that every sister had sworn to Elaida, whatever happened to Siuan."--Siuan feels the exact same way.
    •  "She does not, does she?" Moiraine murmured. "She will be Aes Sedai yet, whatever she wishes. Why? Because I remember how to control saidar."--Moiraine has her plans for everyone. She would not give Lan to anyone, she knows what Nynaeve will become and I'm pretty sure that she has chosen Egwene as Amyrlin.
 Chapter 16: An Unexpected Offer.
  • Nynaeve:
    • Men were so strange they were hardly human sometimes.
  • Galad:
    • "I am a Child of the Light because it seemed the right thing to do."--This use to frustrate me but in retrospect it makes perfect sense.
    • Nynaeve took note of that "too." The man had become a Whitecloak, yet he "cared for" a woman who wanted to be Aes Sedai.
    • "Right this minute, wherever he is, Galad is puzzling over something he may never have faced before. Two things that are right, but opposite. To his mind it is right to tie me to a packhorse if necessary and haul me to Mother, to salve her worries and save me from becoming Aes Sedai, whatever I want. And it is also right to turn us in, to the Whitecloaks or the army or both. That is the low in Amadicia, and Whitecloak law, too. Aes Sedai are outlawed here."
  • Elayne:
    • "He is not my brother!...We had the same father...but he is not my brother. I will not have him."--Oh this frustrates me. Yes, it would be horrid to grow up with him, but he was stuck in a pretty desparate situation as a child.
Chapter 17: Heading West
  • Thom:
    • Nynaeve realized she was going to have to start paying more attention to Thom. Perhaps he really did know as much as he pretended.
  • Nynaeve:
    • "I dole out the money," she told him, slapping the scip. "Unless you want to offer me your wagon?" She gave him a smile that wiped his clean away and backed him up two steps besides.--HA!
Chapter 18: A Hound of Darkness
  • Liandrin--Oh I hate her!

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