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Wheel of Time Reread: The Shadow Rising part 21

The Shadow Rising: chapters 57 - 58

Chapter 57: A Breaking in the Three-fold Land
  • Maidens:
    • You have no society, Adelin had told him when he suggested some other than the Maidens of the Spear might provide his escort...You have no society, but your mother was a Maiden...For countless years Maidens who would not give up the spear have given their babies for the Wise Ones to hand to other women, none knowing where the child went or even whether boy or girl. Now a Maiden's son has come back to us, and we know him. We will go to Alcair Dal for your honor, son of Shaiel, a Maiden of the Chumai Taardad.--The beginning of Rand and his Maiden handlers/body guards.
  • Moiraine: 
    • "I fight for you," Moiraine said before Egwene could open her mouth, "as does Egwene...People fight for you who do not know it, any more than you know them. You do not realize what it means that you force the form of the Age Lace, do you? The ripples of your actions, the ripples of your very existence, spread across the Pattern to change the weave of life-threads of which you will never be aware. The battle is far from yours alone. Yet you stand in the heart of this web in the Pattern. Should you fall, and fall, all fails and falls."--Poor Moiraine, she really had no idea what she was getting into with Rand but she will fight in any way she can to keep him safe and alive until the last battle.
  • Mat:
    • "Dovienya," Mat murmured. "Mia dovienya nesodhin soende." Whatever it meant, it sounded a fervent wish.--It has something to do with luck but it never was translated.
  • Alcair Dal:
    • Couladin:
      • Lies, touched with just enough flecks of truth. The man was all victorious confidence, sure he had an answer for anything.--Deception is one thing but belief is something different and when you can make your lies sound like truth...
    • "Why?" Rhuarc said softly beside Rand. "Did you not understand why we do not speak of Rhuidean? To face that we were once so different from everything we believe, that we were the same as the despised Lost Ones you call Tuatha'an. Rhuidean kills those who cannot face it. Not more than one man in three lives who goes to Rhuidean. And now you have spoken for all to hear. It cannot be stopped here, Rand al'Thor. It will spread. How many will be strong enough to bear it?"
      • He will take you back, and he will destroy you. "I bring change," Rand said sadly. "Not peace, but turmoil." Destruction follows on my heels everywhere. Will there ever be anywhere I do not tear apart? "What will be, will be, Rhuarc. I can't change it."--You got to feel bad for the Aiel here. All the honor they thought they had as a race is gone, they use to be the same as the Lost Ones. The Aiel began by breaking an oath.
    • "Rand al'Thor," Bael said loudly, the name slicing through Couladin's shouts, cutting off the roar of the crowd like a blade. He stopped to clear his throat, head swinging as though seeking a way  out of this. Couladin turned, folding his arms confidently, no doubt expecting a sentence of death for the wetlander. The very tall clan chief took a deep breath. "Rand al'Thor is the Car'a'carn. Rand al'Thor is He Who Comes With the Dawn." Couladin's eyes widened in incredulous fury.
      • "Rand al'Thor is He Who Comes With the Dawn," leathery-faced Han announced, just as reluctantly.
      • "Rand al'Thor is He Who Comes With the Dawn." That from Jheran, grimly, and from Erim, "Rand al'Thor is He Who Comes With the Dawn."
      • "Rand al'Thor," Rhuarc said, "is He Who Comes With the Dawn." In a voice too soft to carry even from the ledge, he added, "And the Light have mercy on us."
  • Rand and Lanfear:
    • "I knew from the start," he broke in. "I expected it from the day I left the Stone of Tear. Out here, where anyone could see I was fixed on Rhuidean and the Aiel. Do you think I did not expect some of you to come after me? But the trap is mine, Lanfear, not yours. Where is he?"
    • "I brought Asmodean to teach you, but he was always one to leap to another plan if the first proved difficult. Now he thinks he has found something better for himself in Rhuidean. And he is off to take it while you stand here. Couladin, the Draghkar, all to hold your attention while he made sure. All my plans for nothing because you must be stubborn! Do you have any idea what effort it will take to convince him again? It must be him. Demandred or Rahvin or Sammael would kill you before teaching you to lift a hand unless they have you bound like a dog at heel!"
    • "Why are you so anxious? What is in Rhuidean?"
      • "Asmodean"--And the access keys!
Chapter 58: The Traps of Rhuidean
  • Asmodean:
    • Asmodean turned his head, and Rand gaped. The Forsaken could change their faces--or at least make you see a different face; he had seen Lanfear do it--but these were the features of Jasin Natael, the gleeman. He had been sure it would be Kadere, with his predatory eyes that never changed.
    • The man shivered. "My name was Joar Addam Nesossin," he said at last. He sounded as if he had stripped himself bare, or lost something.
  • Rand:
    • He had not seen those strange things like black steel wires around Asmodean since leaving the dark place, but he could visualize them even in the Void, place them in his mind around the Forsaken. Tam had taught him the Void as an aid to archery, to be one with the bow, the arrow, the target. He made himself one with those imagined black wires. He barely saw Asmodean frown. The man must be wondering why his face had grown calm; there was always calm in the moment before the arrow was loosed. He reached through the small angreal in his waistband, and more of the Power flowed into him. He did not waste time on exulting; it was such a small flow beside what he already contained, and this was his final blow. This would use his final strength. He formed it like a sword of Power, a sword of Light, and struck; one with the sword, on with the imagined wires.
    • "The first thing you'll show me is how to guard my dreams."
    • Lanfear:
      • "What he has done?" she sniffed. "Beaten you like a dog, and not half so well as you deserve. You were never meant for greatness, Asmodean, only to follow those who are."
      • "I did not think that was possible. Why? Do you think to bring him to the Light? You've changed nothing about him."
        • "He is still the same man who gave himself to the Shadow in the first place," Rand agreed. "You told me how little you Chosen trust one another. How long could he keep it secret? How many of you would believe he didn't do it himself somehow? I am glad you thought it impossible; maybe the rest of you will as well. You gave me the whole idea, Lanfear. A man to teach me how to control the Power. But I won't be taught by a man linked to the Dark One. Now I don't have to be. He may be the same man, but he doesn't have much choice, does he? He can stay and teach me, hope I win, help me win, or he can hope the rest of you don't take the excuse to turn on him. Which do you think he'll choose?"--Rand's trap.
      • Lanfear stared at Rand, too. For the first time ever that he had seen, she looked uncertain. "How much do you remember, Lews Therin? How much is you and how much the shepherd? This is the sort of plan you might have devised when we...Yes, they will believe me. When I tell them you went over to Lews Therin. Everyone knows you will leap wherever you think your best chance lies. There...Another little present for you, Lews Therin. That shield will allow a trickle through, enough for him to teach. It will dissipate with time, but he'll not be able to challenge you for months, and by that time he will have no choice but to remain with you. He was never very good at breaking through a shield; you must be willing to accept pain, and he never could."
      • "I do not kill without cause, Lews Therin. I do not even hurt without cause."
      • "Use his teachings well, Lews Therin. The others are still out there, Sammael with his envy of you, Demandred with his hate, Rahvin with his thirst for power. They will be more eager to bring you down, not less, if--when--they discover you hold that."
      • "Do you think I could stand to be fat, ugly Keille?" She ran hands down her rounded slimness for emphasis. "Isendre, now. Slim, beautiful Isendre. I thought if you suspected, you would suspect her. My pride is strong enough to support a little fat, when it must."
      • Mierin. A name remembered from the glass columns. The woman who had found the Dark One's prison in the Age of Legends, who had bored into it. Had she known what it was? How had she escaped that fiery doom he had seen? Had she given herself to the Dark One even then?
    Here ends The Shadow Rising next we begin The Fires of Heaven.

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