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Wheel of Time Reread: The Fires of Heaven part 4

The Fires of Heaven: chapters 7 - 13

Chapter 7: A Departure
  • Moiraine and Lan:
    • A spoonful of hope and a cup of despair.
    • "I do not like seeing you like this," Lan said. From Mandarb's back and his own height, he looked down on her, disquiet creasing the corners of his eyes for him that was near tears of frustration from another man."
    • "Worried," he said bluntly, no readable expression on that stone-carved face now. "Afraid. I've never seen you afraid, not when we had Trollocs and Myrddraal swarming over us, not even when you learned the Forsaken were loose and Sammael was sitting almost on top of us. Is the end coming?"
      • She gave a start, and immediately wished she had not. He was looking straight ahead over his stallion's eats, but the man never missed anything. Sometimes she thought he could see a leaf fall behind his back.
  • Lan:
    • If Lan was attempting jokes, however feeble and wrongheaded, he was changing. For nearly twenty years he had followed her, and saved her life more times than she cared to count, often at great risk to his own. Always he had accounted his life a small thing, valuable only for need of it; some said he wooed death the way a bridegroom wooed his bride. She had never held his heart, and never felt jealousy toward the women who seemed to throw themselves at his feet. he had long claimed that he had no heart. But he had found one this past year, found it when a woman tied it on a string to hang around her neck.--I always wondered if she knows that Nynaeve has Lan's ring.
      • He denied her, of course. Not his love for Nynaeve al'Meara, once a Wisdom in the Two Rivers and now an Accepted of the White Tower, but that he could ever have her. He had two things, he said, a sword that would not break and a war that could not end; he would never gift a bride with those. That, at least, Moiraine had taken care of, though he would not know how until it was done. If he did, he would very probably try to change matters, stubborn fool man that he could be.
Chapters 8: Over the Border
  • Nynaeve, Elayne, Thom and Juilin traveling.
Chapter 9: A Signal
  • Nynaeve:
    • Thom's limp as he led the horse off toward the road made her grimace; an old injury, and nothing to be done for it now, so Moiraine said. That rankled as much as the limp itself. Nothing to be done...One day she meant to Heal Thom and watch him dance. One day she would even Heal that wound in Rand's side. Surely there was nothing that could not be Healed, not if the woman wielding the Power was determined enough.--I think it's kind of cool that one of Nynaeve's top things she wants to learn how to heal is Thom's leg. Nynaeve is also sound a lot like Rand right his desire to find a way to cleanse the taint.
  • Mistress Macura:
    • "All sisters are welcome to return to the White Tower. The Tower must be whole and strong."
Chapter 10: Figs and Mice
  • Mistress Macura:
    • "I told you not to worry...She cannot channel, or twitch a muscle, not with forkroot tea in her. I discovered that by accident, but it has certainly come in handy."--Oh I remember hating Macura when I first read this and my feelings have not changed at all.
  • Nynaeve:
    • No, Nynaeve would not give in. That was one of the things she admired in the other woman. Nynaeve's head could have been on the chopping block and she would not give up.
    • "I can believe anything of Siuan Sanche. I would like to have her for one hour where she could channel. We would see how tough she is in then."--Nynaeve will have a Siuan Sanche who cannot channel in a room where she is forced to let her delve her.
  • Juilin:
    • "I do not know. But they did not, either. That is the trick of it; their minds made up worse than I ever could. I have seen a tough man break when I sent for  a basket of figs and some mice. You have to be careful, though. Some will confess anything, true or not, just to escape what they imagine. I do not think those two did, though."--HA! I love Juilin.
Chapter 11: The Nine Horse Hitch
  • Siuan Sanche:
    • Before being raised to the Amyrlin Seat, she had run the Blue Ajah's network of eyes-and-ears; some had also been her own personal listeners both then and later. She might no longer be Amyrlin, or even Aes Sedai, bit she still knew all of those agents...Eyes-and-ears were not to be found everywhere, and their reliability varied--there had been only one that she trusted enough to approach between Tar Valon and here, at Four Kings, in Andor, and she had vanished--but a vast amount of news and rumor passed through Lugard with the merchants' wagon trains. There might be eyes and ears for other Ajahs here; it would be well to remember that Caution gets the boat home.--Siuan and her eyes and ears!
Chapter 12: An Old Pipe
  • Bryne:
    • Hooking a knee around the high cantle of his saddle, he took out his pipe and pouch and filled his pipe with tabac. The bowl was carved with a wild bull collared with the Rose Crown of Andor. For a thousand years that had been the sign of House Bryne; strength and courage in service of the queen. He needed a new pipe; this one was old.--Bryne is turning from a good Queen's man to...well to Siuan and the Aes Sedai.
Chapter 13: A Small Room in Sienda
  • Valan Luca:
    • A tall, dark-haired man strode out of the camp, of all things in this heat wearing a red silk cloak that he flourished as he made an elegant bow. He was good-looking, with a well-turned leg, and very much aware of both things.--Hello Valan Luca! I really enjoy Nynaeve and Elayne's time with the circus!

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