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Wheel of Time Reread: The Fires of Heaven part 3

The Fires of Heaven: chapters 4 - 6

Chapter 4: Twilight
  • Rand:
    • To Moiraine I'm still just a shepherd she can use for the Tower's ends, but to Asmodean I'm the only branch he can hold on to in a flood. Strange to think he could probably trust one of the Forsaken more than he could Moiraine. Not that he could trust either very far. Asmodean. If his bonds to the Dark One had shielded him from the taint on saidin, there had to another way to do it. Or to cleanse it.
      • The trouble was that before they went over to the Shadow, the Forsaken had been among the most powerful Aes Sedai in the Age of Legends, when things the White Tower never dreamed of were commonplace. If Asmodean did not know a way, it probably did not exist. It has to. There has to be something. I'm not going to just sit until I go mad and die.
Chapter 5: Among the Wise Ones
  • Aiel:
    • "Life is a dream from which we all must wake before we can dream again."-Amys
    • "Letting emotions go clouds judgment for a moment, but holding them in clouds it always. Just be sure you do not release them too often, or when it is best to keep control of them."-Amys
    • "The Pattern does not see ji'e'toh," Bair told her, with only a hint of sympathy, it that. "Only what must and will be. Men and Maidens struggle against fate even when it is clear the Pattern weaves on despite their struggles, but you are no longer Far Dareis Mai. You must learn to ride fate. Only by surrendering to the Pattern can you begin to have some control over the course of your own life. If you fight, the Pattern will still force you, and you will find only misery where you might have found contentment instead."
    • "A good reason," Bair snorted. "When I was a girl, any man would have been overjoyed to have a young woman show that much interest in him. He would have gone to pick flowers for her bridal wreath himself...Well, we will find a reason even someone raised in the wetlands can accept."
Chapter 6: Gateways
  • Rand:
    • "If you will not go when I tell you to, what will you do if I have to use you in battle?" He did not intend to if he could help it; he knew they were fierce warriors, but he had been raised to believe it was a man's place to die if necessary before a woman had to. Logic might say it was foolish, especially with women like this, but that was how he felt.--Logic isn't the only one thinking that it's stupid!
  • Moiraine:
    • "Please, Rand." Moiraine said, and the open pleading in her voice halted him in his tracks. He had never heard anything like that from her before.
    • "I will not be with you forever," Moiraine said urgently. Her hands gripped her skirts so hard that they trembled. "I might die in the next attack. I could fall from my horse and break my neck or take a Darkfriend's arrow through my heart, and death cannot be Healed. I have given my entire life to the search for you, to find you and help you. You still do not know your own strength; you cannot know half of what you do. I--apologize--most humbly for any offense I have given you." Those words--words he had never thought to hear from her--came out as if dragged, but they came and she could not lie. "Let me help you as much as I can, while I can. Please."
    • "It's hard to trust you, Moiraine...You have handled me like a puppet, made me dance the way you wanted, from the day we met. The only times I've been free of you were wither when you were far away or when I ignored you . And you make that hard."
      • Her laugh was as silvery as the moon above, but bitterness tinged it. "It has been more like wresting with a bear than pulling strings on a puppet. Do you want an oath not to try manipulating you? I give it." Her voice hardened to crystal. "I even swear to obey you like one of the Maidens--like one of the gai'shain, if you require--but you must...I ask you, humbly, to allow me to help you."
      • Lan was staring at her, and Rand thought his own eyes must be popping our of his head. "I will accept your help," he said slowly. "And I apologize, too. For all the rudeness I've shown." He had a feeling he was stilling being manipulated--he had had good cause to be rude, when he was--but she could not lie.--Intense! Moiraine begging Rand to let her help him...it is also the only way she has left to try to help this stubborn man.
  • Balefire:
    • "Sometimes it is necessary to do that which is forbidden...When anything is destroyed with balefire, it ceases to exist before the moment of its destruction, like a thread that burns away from where the flame touched it. The greater the power of the balefire, ,the further back in time it ceases to exist. The strongest I can manage will remove only a few seconds from the Pattern. You are much stronger. Very much so."
  • Lanfear:
    • "You were always ambitious, Mierin." His voice grated in his ears. "Why do you think I turned away from you? It wasn't Ilyena, whatever you like to think. You were out of my heart long before ever I met her. Ambition is all there is to you. Power is all you ever wanted. You disgust me!"--Harsh--but true.
    • There was nothing he could do except hope that some of what she told him was truth. A good reason not to kill her. She'll tell you more than she thinks, if you listen carefully. He hoped that was his own thought, chill and cynical as it was.--More Lews Therin. 
    • "Dreams are mine. You and your dreams are mine especially." Her face remained smooth, but her voice hardened. "I can break through you warding. You would not like it."--I truly believe that Lanfear is the Queen of Dreams.
    • "Remember that I am your only hope of surviving, my love...Beside me, you need fear nothing. Beside me, you can rule--everything that is or will be."--Never trust Lanfear.
  • Asmodean:
    • "Did you know that Asmodean severed his own mother? What they call stilling, now. Severed her, and let Myrddraal drag her away screaming. Can you trust a man like that?"--This is terrible. Asmodean is my favorite Forsaken, but he was still a very bad man.

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