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Wheel of Time Reread: The Fires of Heaven part 2

The Fires of Heaven: chapters 2 - 3

Chapter 2: Rhuidean
  • Shara was the name of the lands beyond the Waste; not even the Aiel knew much about them.
  • Rand:
    • "And don't mention wagons again, little sister. I usually find out what you mean to do long after it is done."
      • The Aes Sedai frowned at him, and no wonder. She was surely not used to being addressed so, not by any man, even the Dragon Reborn. He had no idea himself where "little sister" had come from; sometimes of late words seemed to pop into his head. A touch of madness, perhaps. Some nights be lay awake till the small hours, worrying about that. Inside the Void, is seemed someone else's worry.--Little Sister! Oh Lews Therin is seeping through.
    • "First, I mean to put an end to the wars and killing, whether I started them or not. If men have to kill, let them kill Trollocs, not each other. In the Aiel War, four clans crossed the Dragonwall, and had their way for better than two years. They looted and burned Cairhien, defeated every army sent against them. They could have taken Tar Valon, had they wanted. The Tower couldn't have stopped them, because of your Three Oaths...Four clans did that. What will happen when I lead eleven across the Spine of the World?...By the time the nations even think of uniting, it will be too late. They'll accept my peace, or I'll be buried in the Can Breat." A discordant plunk rose from the harp, and Natael bent over the instrument, shaking his head. In a moment the soothing sounds came again.--I don't know what Can Breat is but it seems that Asmodean does.
    • Rand laughed out loud. It was a bitter laugh. Sticking his pipe between his teeth..."So you and Siuan Sanche still think you know everything there is to know." The Light willing, the did not know near everything about him, and would never find out. "You're both fools."--Harsh but a little true; Moiraine doesn't know about the Tower coup yet.
    • Ilyena never flashed her temper at me when she was angry with herself. When she gave me the rough side of her tongue, it was because she...His mind froze for an instant. He had never met a woman named Ilyena in his life. But he could summon up a face for the name, dimly; a pretty face, skin like cream, golden hair exactly the shade of Elayne's. This had to be the madness. Remembering an imaginary woman. Perhaps one day he would find himself having conversations with people who were not there.--Lews Therin is coming.
  • Seals:
    • Come to think of it, though, he did not know how those three really had been broken. If no force short of the Creator could break heartstone, then that should be that.--It's a honest enough question. Ishamael has chose the places for his battles with Rand in order to break the seals.
Chapter 3: Pale Shadows
  • Asmodean:
    • Idly play the harp, Asmodean did not look like one of the dreaded Forsaken. He was even moderately handsome; Rand supposed he would be attractive to women. It often seemed strange that evil had left no outward mark. He was one of the Forsaken, and far from trying to kill him, Rand hid what he was from Moiraine and everyone else. He needed a teacher.
    • Asmodean plucked random chords as Rand took a seat on a cushion facing him. It was well to remember that the man had not changed, not inside, from the day so long ago when he had pledged his soul to the Shadow. What he did now, he did under duress; he had not come to the Light.
    • "Do you think Lanfear really intended me to teach you everything? If she had wanted that, she would have contrived to stay close so she could link us. She wants you to live, Lews Therin; but this time she means to be stronger than you."
    • Asmodean claimed it had been the thought of immortality, of endless Ages of music, that had seduced him; he claimed to have been a noted composer of music before.--Asmodean is still my favorite Forsaken.
  • Lessons:
    • "Earth, Fire, Air, Water, and Spirit." Natael strummed a chord for each. "They are equal, true, and it is also true that what a man can do with one, a woman can also. In kind, at least. But that has nothing to do with men being stronger. What Moiraine believes to be truth, she tells as truth whether or not it is; one of a thousand weaknesses in those fool Oaths...Some women have stronger arms than some men, but in general it is the other way around. The same holds with strength in the Power, and in about the same proportion."--I'm not sure how true this is. It's been said that Ishmael was the most powerful Forsaken followed by Lanfear.
    • "If two women link, they do not double their strength--linking is not as simple as adding together the power of each--but if they are strong enough, they can match a man. And when they take the circle to thirteen, then you must be wary. Thirteen women who can channel could overpower most men, linked. The thirteen weakest women in the Tower could overpower you or any man, and barely breathe hard. I came across a saying in Arad Doman. 'The more women there are about, the softer a wise man steps.' It would not be bad to remember it."
  • Demandred:
    • Demandred had gone over to the Shadow because he envied Lews Therin Telamon? Rand could not imagine envying someone enough to do anything because of it, and surely not that.
  • Rand:
    • "What if there was another way to shield against the taint?" Rand demanded. "What if it could be removed somehow? Would you still kill yourself then?"--One of Rand's questions to the Aelfinn was how to cleanse saidin.
    • "We all have to do what we must, Mat. Not what we want to, very often. What we must."
  • Mat:
    • "We'll drink the wine till the cup is dry, and kiss the girls so they'll not cry, and toss the dice until we fly to dance with Jak o' the Shadows."
    • "We'll dance all night while the moon runs free, and dandle the lasses upon or knee, and then you'll ride along with me, to dance with Jak o' the Shadows.
    • "Luck is a horse to ride like any other."...Mat opened his mouth to repeat himself, then closed it again as the words came clear in his mind. Sene sovya caba'donde ain dovienya. The Old Tongue.
    • Being lucky was not all it was made out. He noted with a bit of envy that neither Aiel staggered in the slightest as they joined the departing crowd.
      • Scrubbing a hand through his hair, Mat sat down heavily on the coping. The memories that had once cluttered his head like raisins in a cake now blended with his own. In one part of his mind he knew he had been born  in the Two Rivers twenty years before, but he could remember clearly leading the flanking attack that turned the Trollocs at Maighande, and dancing in the court of Tarmandewin, and a hundred other things, a thousand. Mostly battles. he remembered dying more times than he wanted to think of. No seams between lives anymore; he could not tell his memories from the others unless he concentrated.--A head stuffed full of other men's memories has to be pretty weird.
    • He did not know what she knew of it--and he was not about to ask; better if she forgot he was alive, though small chance of that--but whatever she knew, he was sure he knew more. He had stepped through it, a fool looking for answers. What he had gotten instead was a head full of other men's memories. That, and dead. He tucked the scarf closer around his neck. And two other things. A sliver foxhead medallion that he wore under his shirt, and the weapon across his knees. Small recompense. He ran his fingers lightly down the script. Memory never fades. They had a sense of humor fit for Aiel, those folk on the other side of that doorway.
    • "Rand?" The other man walked on with his encircling escort. "Rand?" Rand was not even ten paces away, but he did not waver. Some of the Maidens looked back, but not Rand. Mat felt cold suddenly, and it had nothing to do with the onset of night. He wet his lips and spoke again, not a shout. "Lews Therin." And Rand turned around. Mat almost wished he had not.--Oh snap!
    • "You have a smile like a boy about to do mischief."-Melindhra--Be careful Mat!

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