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Wheel of Time Reread: The Fires of Heaven part 1

The Fires of Heaven: Prologue - chapter 1

  • Elaida:
    • Less than two months since they had all knelt to swear fealty to her as the embodiment of the White Tower, and now the decision was made without so much as a glance in her direction.
    • It happened too often, this slighting. Worst--most bitter of all, perhaps---they usurped her authority without even thinking of it. They knew how she had come to the stole, knew their aid had put it on her shoulders. She herself had been too much aware of that. But they presumed too far. It would soon be time to do something about that. But not quite yet.
    • Elaida's mouth Twisted. The Tower had often in its history been cautious of necessity--too many feared them, too many distrusted them--but it had never feared anything or anyone. Now, it feared.--Of course it fears now! The Dragon has been reborn, the world as you know it is going to end!
    • The Tower must be whole again.--Yeah but there is no way it will be with you trying to prove you deserve this position by bullying everyone.
  • Fain:
    • It was all he could do not to stretch out a hand to caress the tension between them. Tension and division wove everywhere through the White Tower. All to the good. Tension could be tweaked, division exploited, as need be.
    • In many ways she was not so tough, he had heard, as the woman who had worn the stole before her. Harder, yes, and more cruel, but more brittle, too. More difficult to bend, likely, but easier to break. If either became necessary.
    • Alviarin hesitated before giving the briefest of curtsies. As she swept out of the room, her eyes brushed across him, expressionless yet disconcerting. Unconsciously he huddled, hunching his shoulders protectively; his upper lip fluttered in a half-snarl at her slim back. On occasion he had the feeling, just for an instant, that she knew too much about him, but he could not have said why.--Fain can find Darkfriends, is that was he is sensing? I don't remember Alviarin knowing who he is later on.
  • The Forsaken:
    • I always liked this part because we get to know the enemy. 
    • Rahvin:
      • A few--a very few--had a strength of self so firm that their minds searched, even if unaware, for crevices through which to slide away.--How Nynaeve broke Moghedien's compulsion.
      • Small dangers had a way of growing if ignored, and he always chose his risks with a measure pf prudence.
      • Rahvin himself preferred diplomacy and manipulation to open conflict, though he would not shy from it if needed.
    • Lanfear:
      • Tall and slender, she was a s beautiful as he was handsome, her dark eyes bottomless pools, her hair, decorated with silver stars and crescents, falling in perfect black waves to her shoulders.
      • "You were never one for attacking openly, were you? Not as bad as Moghedien, perhaps, but you did always favor the flanks and the rear."...Who trusted Lanfear behind him deserved the knife he might well find in his back. Not that she was so very trustworthy even when watched; her temper was uncertain at best.
    • Sammael:
      • Sammael was compact, solid and larger-seeming than he truly was, his stride quick and active, his manner abrupt. Blue-eyed and golden haired, with a neat square-trimmed beard, he would perhaps have been above the ordinary in looks except for the slanting scar, as if a red-hot poker had been dragged across his face from hairline to jaw. He could have had it removed as soon as it was made, all those long years ago, but he had elected not to.
      • Sammael had always liked to dupe his enemies into thinking they could take him by surprise.
      • Sammael's way had always been armies and conquest; he would not go near Lews Therin, even reborn as a shepherd, until he was sure of victory.
    • Graendal:
      • In any other company but Lanfear's, Graendal would have been accounted a stunningly beautiful woman, lush and ripe. Her gown was green silk, cut low. A ruby the size of a hen's egg nestled between her breasts, and a coronet encrusted with more rested on her long, sun-colored hair. Beside Lanfear she was merely plumply pretty.
      • Physical beauty was not enough for Graendal's servants; they had to have power or position as well. A former lord for a footman, a lady to draw her bath; that was Graendal's taste.
      • "Unless he decides to keep you as a pet. That would change for you, would it not? Instead of deciding which of your pretties pleases you best, you could learn to please."--If Graendal wasn't so disgustingly evil I would feel bad about her fate. But rereading and remembering what she does to people--She got was she deserved.
      • "Is that what we are?" Graendal arched an eyebrow. "Merely human? Surely we are something more. This is human." She stroked a finger down the cheek of the woman kneeling beside her. "A new word will have to be created to describe us."
      • Graendal, too, followed conquest, though her methods did not involve soldiers; for all her concern with her toys, she took one solid step at a time. Openly to be sure, as the Chosen reckoned such things, but never stretching too far at any step.
    • Demandred:
      • "Have you convinced Demandred to stop thinking he is all but the Great Lord's heir?"
        • "I doubt he is arrogant enough for that."--HA! That is exactly how arrogant he is!
Chapter 1: Fanning the Sparks
  • The Wheel of Time turns, and Ages come to pass, leaving memories that become legend. Legend fades to myth, and even myth is long forgotten when the Age that gave it birth comes again. In one Age, called the Third Age by some, an Age yet to come, and Age long past, a wind rose in the great forest called Braem Wood. The wind was not the beginning. There are neither beginnings nor endings to the turning of the Wheel of Time. But it was a beginning.--I never thought wind was interesting until I read the Wheel of Time.
  • Leane:
    • "I am out of practice, and I think he is the kind of man who might hear more promises than you meant to offer, and expect to have them fulfilled." A small smile suddenly appeared on her lips. "My mother always said if that happened, you had miscalculated badly; if there was no back way out, you had to either abandon dignity and run, or pay the price and consider it a lesson." The smile took on a roguish cast. "My aunt Resara said you paid the price and enjoyed it."
  • Siuan:
    • She might be controlling her tongue, but certainly not her eyes.
    • Siuan barely hesitated before kneeling and folding her hands over her heart. Her eyes seemed fastened to Bryne's, and the challenge had not faded one bit. "By the Light and my hope of salvation and rebirth, I swear to serve you in whatever way you require for as long as you require, or may the Creator's face turn from me forever and darkness consume my soul." She delivered the words in a breathy whisper, but they crated a dead silence. There was no oath stronger, unless it was the one a woman took on being made Aes Sedai, and the Oath Rod bound her to that as surely as to part of her flesh.
    • "I mean to do as I swore to do. When I have finished what I must do. When I have finished what I must do first. I did not swear to serve him immediately; I was careful not to even imply it, strictly speaking. A fine point, I know, and one Gareth Bryne might not appreciate, but true all the same."--She will forever be Aes Sedai.
  • Logain:
    • A halo flared around his head, a radiant crown of gold and blue.
    • She had seen Logain's halo before, and she knew what it meant. Glory to come. But for him, perhaps above all men, surely that made no sense at all.
    • "They'll fetch help for that fellow. I don't think I hit him hard enough to hurt him badly."
      • Min shook her head; the man continually surprised her. She would not have thought he would spare a second thought for a man whose head he had just cracked.
  • Gareth Bryne:
    • Why did he find himself thinking of a pair of blue eyes? Challenging him as though wishing she had a sword, afraid and refusing to yield to fear. Mara Tomanes. He had been sure she was one to keep her word, even without oaths. "I will bring her back," he muttered to himself. "I will know why she broke oath."--The beginning of Bryne and Siuan!

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