Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Way of Kings

I've been meaning to read something by Brandon Sanderson for a while so when Uncle K suggested--well more like told me--that I needed to read The Way of Kings I was all game. Then I checked it out and realized that it was 1000+ pages--a little daunting. Don't get me wrong I was up for it but at the same time I wasn't sure I wanted to commit the days that I would spend reading it when I am still rereading The Wheel of Time. After having finished the book all I can say is that I am quite thoroughly hooked. Sanderson has written an intriguing epic fantasy. I'm glad that from the cover itself we know that this is Book 1 and in no way a stand alone novel. There is too much going on to be a stand alone novel; I need more to more fully understand what the heck is going on--And I really don't want to wait for the next one. At times I wished that the book was broken into multiple books mainly because it's kind of depressing when you spend hours reading and cannot tell you made any progress! That being said, I really did love it...but I have so many questions, I need the next book!

  • Does Shallan have a Shardblade...she said something about her sin being 10 heart beats away? It kind of sounds like she does and why did her father have one to begin with? And why exactly did she have to kill her father?
  • I knew there was something up with the Parshmen; they were mentioned way to much and they are so integrated into society...but it all seems a little to much. I wouldn't be surprised if  the Parshman/Voidbringers are not what we think they are.
  • Who the HECK is Wit? and Sigzil?
  • Didn't Szeth burry a crystal in the beginning what the heck was that? I don't think it will be some random rock--Sanderson grew up on Jordan's Wheel of Time.
  • Old Magic? Don't just tease me with this SHOW ME! What did Dalinar ask for/get cursed with? Was the wiping away of his wife part of the blessing or the curse?
  • What happened to Gaz?
  • Stormblessed, a fan community.

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