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Wheel of Time Reread: The Shadow Rising part 14

The Shadow Rising: chapters 38 - 41

Chapter 38: Hidden Faces
  • Egeanin:
    • She was already using part of the money the courier boats brought to support a soup kitchen, just as if she were one of the Blood. She shuddered to think what discovery of that overstepping of her place would mean. As well put on a brocaded robe and shave her head.--Egeanin and Domon are both funding soup kitchens.
    • Women who could channel were dangerous animals rather than people. It had been they who Broke the World. They must be controlled, or they would turn everyone into their property. That was what she had been taught, what had been taught in Seanchan for a thousand years. Strange that that seemed not to have happened here. No. That was a dangerous, foolish line of thought.--The beginning of Egeanin's becoming a person I like.
    • Despite her denials, despite her pleas, Bethamin could channel. Could other sul'dam? Was that why the High Lady Suroth wanted those left behind at Falme killed? It was unthinkable. It was impossible. The yearly testings all across Seanchan found every girl who had the spark of channeling in her: each was struck from the rolls of citizens, struck from family records, taken away to become collared damane. The same testings found the girls who could learn to wear the bracelet of the sul'dam. No woman escaped being tested each year until she was old enough that she could have begun channeling if the spark was there. How could even one girl be taken for sul'dam when she was damane? Yet there Bethamin was in the basement, held by an a'dam as by an anchor.
    • One thing was certain. The possibilities here were potentially deadly. This involved the Blood, and Seekers. Maybe even the Crystal Throne. Would the High Lady Suroth dare keep knowledge of this sort from the Empress? A mere ship captain could die screaming for a misplaced frown in that company, or find herself property for a whim. She had to know more if she hoped to avoid the Death of Ten Thousand Tears. To begin with, that meant spreading more money to Gelb and other ferrety skulkers like him finding more sul'dam and seeing if a'dam held them. Beyond that...Beyond that she was sailing uncharted reefs with no linesman in the bow.--What is the death of ten thousand tears?
    • Touching the crossbow, still lying there with its lethal bolt, she realized that something else was certain. She was not going to let the Seekers kill her. Not just to help the High Lady Suroth keep a secret. Perhaps not for any reason. It was a thought shiveringly close to treason, but it would not go away.--Maybe the effects of the Crystal Throne can wear off. Whatever the reason I'm glad Egeanin isn't going to just bow down.
  • Carridin:
    • It was two months since he had received  word of a cousin found skinned alive in his own bedchamber, three since his youngest sister Dealda, being carried off from her bridal feast by a Myrddraal. The family steward wrote disbelievingly, frantic with all the tragedy befalling House Carridin. Two months. He hoped Dealda had died quickly. It was said women did not cling to sanity long in Myrddraal hands. Two whole months. Anyone else but Jaichim Carridin would have been sweating blood.--Carridin is such a little...creep!
    • The ragged folk in the twisty streets got out of his way, which was to the good; he was not sure he would notice if he trampled one of them. Not that it would be any loss. The city was full of beggars; he could hardly breathe without the stench of old, sour sweat and dirt.--The way Egeanin and Carridin see the people of Tanchico is very interesting.
  • Gyldin:
    • A sturdily handsome, dark-braided woman called Gyldin.--I knew there was a Forsaken in Tanchico; Moghedien in disguise.
Chapter 39: A Cup of Wine
  • Thom:
    • Thom's cloak made Domon's eyebrows rise--fir an instant she almost thought it looked as though he recognized the gleeman--but Juilin's Tairen garb brought a frown that was returned in kind.--We first met Domon when he Thom, Mat and Rand jumped onto his boat in The Eye of the World.
    • "Because it's lonely being a queen," he said softly. "Because most men attracted to a queen see power, not a woman. I saw a woman, and she knew it. I suppose Bryne saw the same in her, and this Gaebril, too. You have to understand, child. Everyone wants someone in their life, someone who cares for them, someone they can care for. Even a queen."
  • Nynaeve:
    • "You do this very well," Domon muttered. "One with an ox driver's stick, the other with a queen's honey. Oh, very well. I will help as I can. But I will no promise to remain for another Falme."--Elayne and Nynaeve's temperaments do compliment each other in a good cop bad cop kind of way.
    • Elayne did, but there was nothing in the bucket but her own reflection in the water. She wondered why she was grinning that way. Then Nynaeve's hand went to the back of her neck, and her head was in the water.--Another reason I love Nynaeve.
    • The woman standing a little above her wore a short white coat and voluminous, pale yellow trousers gathered above short boots. Her cloak billowed on an arid gust of wind. It was her long golden hair, intricately braided, and the silver bow in her hands that made a name pop incredulously into Nynaeve's mouth.--I forgot how often Birgitte pops up before she really pops out.
    • Rounding the corner of Ailys's house, she really only half-expected to see Birgitte. What she did not expect at all was a man in a dark coat trotting toward her less than a hundred paces down the hard-packed dirt street. Her breath caught. Lan. No, but he had the same shape to his face, the same eyes. Halting, he raised his bow and shot. At her. Screaming, she threw herself aside, trying to claw her way awake.--I forgot that Nynaeve sees Slayer. How terrifying to be shot at period, but to be shot at by a man that looks like the man you love.
Chapter 40: Hunter of Trollocs
  • There was a catch of breath, a moment of startled surprise, before Dannil Lewin said, "The Lady is here, Perrin." None of them had gotten used to him knowing who was who before he saw them, or in the dark, but he no longer really cared what they found strange.--Yeah, Perrin's pretty cool.
  • Luc stood idly flipping the reins of a tall black stallion, the very pose of indolent, red-coated arrogance, cold blue eyes ignoring the men around him. The man's smell stood out among the others, cold and separate, too, almost as if he had nothing in common with the men around him, not even humanity.--Luc and Slayer both smell cold but not the same dead smell.
  • Perrin Goldeneyes
Chapter 41: Among the Tuatha'an
  • Tinkers:
    • He knew this man, the Mahdi, or Seeker, of this band. What chance? he wondered. Of all the Tinkers in the world, what chance it should be folk I know? Coincidences made him uneasy; when the Pattern produced coincidence, the Wheel seemed to be forcing events. I'm beginning to sound like a bloody Aes Sedai. He could not manage the bow, but he remembered the ritual. "Your welcome warns my spirit, Raen, as your fires warm the flesh, but I do not know the song." Faile and Ihvon gave him startled looks, but no more than did the Two Rivers men. Judging by the mutters he heard from Ban and Tell and others, he had just given them something else to talk about.--Jordan's world is full of coincidences or at least the same random people turning up again and again.
  • Perrin:
    • "Anyone can be surprised," Ihvon said. "Learn from it, but do not take it too much to heart. Not even Artur Hawkwing won every battle."
    • "Perrin, my father says a general can take care of the living or weep for the dead, but he cannot do both."
    • "The worst sin a general can commit, worse than blundering, worse than losing, worse than anything, is to desert the men who depend on him."
    • "He smiles too much," he muttered. "I cannot abide a man who smiles too much."--On Wil.
  • Faile:
    • "My father is Davrom of House Bashere, Lord of Bashere, Tyr and Sidona, Guardian of the Blightborder, Defender of the Heartland, Marshal-General to Queen Tenobia of Saldaea. And her uncle."--I love Davrom Bashere.
    • "My two older brothers died, Perrin, one fighting Trollocs, the other in a fall from his horse hunting. That made me the eldest, and it meant I had to study account  books and trading. While my younger brothers learned to be soldiers, while they were being readied for adventures, I had to learn how to manage the estates! It is the eldest's duty. Duty! It is dull, dry and boring. Buried in paper and clerks.
      • "When Father took Maedin with him to the Blightborder--he's two years younger than I--that was more than I could stand. Girls are not taught the sword, or war, in Saldaea, but father had named an old soldier from his first command as my footman, and Eran was always more than happy to teach me to use knives and fight with my hands. I think it amused him. In any case, when Father took Maedin with him, the news had arrived calling the Great Hunt of the Horn, so I...left. I wrote Mother a letter explaining, and I...left. And I reached Illian in time to take the oath of a Hunter."
    • "The word is 'love,' Perrin Aybara." The firmness of her voice was at sharp odds with the gentle way that the cloth moved on his face. "And you are not such a common blacksmith, I think...Perrin, what did that fellow mean about running with wolves?"
    • "Did you hear anything I said? What will your father and mother think, Faile? A half-wolf blacksmith. You're a lady! Light!"
      • "I heard every word. Father will approve. He has always said our family blood is growing too soft; not like was in the old days. I know he thinks I am teribly soft." She gave him a smile fierce enough for any wolf. "Of course, Mother always wanted me to marry a king who splits Trollocs in two with one stroke of his sword. I suppose your axe will suffice, but could you tell her you are the king of the wolves? I don't think anyone will come forward to dispute your claim to that throne. In truth, the splitting of Trollocs will probably do for Mother, but I truly think she would like the other."
    • "Sleep, my wolf king. Sleep."--Perrin is the wolf king.
  • LOVE this chapter!! Perrin and Faile my second favorite couple!

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