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Wheel of Time Reread: The Shadow Rising part 12

The Shadow Rising: chapter 34

Chapter 34: He Who Comes with the Dawn
  • Mat:
    • Mat trotted in a pained shamble; a dark smear fanned across half his face, and his coat hung open, revealing his unlaced shirt stuck to his chest by more drying blood. Sometimes he gingerly touched the thick weal around his throat, nearly black now, growling under his breath, and he stumbled often, catching himself with the odd, black-hafted spear and clutching at his head. He did not complain, though, which was a bad sign. Mat was a great complainer at small discomforts; if he was silent now, it meant he was in real pain.
      • Another reason I like Mat, he complains and whines until he is really hurt and then he starts to quietly endure.
    • "Did you find that in Rhuidean, boy?"
      • "I was given it, old woman," Mat growled back hoarsely. "I paid for it, and I mean to keep it."--And it does become Mat's signature weapon.
    • He did not hesitate before gulping it down; a shudder and a twisted face followed. "Tastes like the inside of my boots." But he gave her a seated bow, formal enough for a Tairen except for his being shirtless, and only spoiled a bit by his sudden grin. "I thank you, Wise One. And I won't ask if you added anything just to give it that...memorable...taste." Bair and Seana's soft laughter might have come because they had or because they had not, but it seemed that as usual Mat had found a way to get on the good side of the women. Even Melanie gave him a brief smile.--HA!
    • Rand frowned at the Dragons on his forearms. He as not the only one to have been marked in some way in Rhuidean. Mat no longer spoke a few words of the Old Tongue now and then without knowing what he as saying. He understood, since Rhuidean, though he did not appear to realize it. Egwene was watching Mat. Thoughtfully. She had spent too much time with Aes Sedai.--Yep, Mat's character is became way more awesome!
  • Rand:
    • Around his forearm wound a shape like that on the Dragon banner, a sinuous golden-maned form scaled in scarlet and gold. He expected it, of course, but it was still a shock. The thing looked like a part of his skin, as though that nonexistent creature itself had settled into him. His arm felt no different, yet the scales sparkled in the sunlight like polished metal; it seemed if he touched that golden mane atop his wrist, he would surely feel each hair.
    • "Fool man," Bair muttered. "All of the signs." Tossing the waterbag to Mat, she seized Rand's right arm and stripped back his sleeve, exposing a mirror twin of the creature on his left  forearm. Her breath caught, then came out in a long sigh. She seemed balanced on a razor edge between relief and apprehension. There was no mistaking it; she had hoped for the second marking, yet it made her afraid. Amys and the other two Wise Women echoed her sign almost exactly. It was off to see Aiel fearful.--The savior and destroyer of their race.
    • In the stories, when somebody fulfilled a prophecy, everyone cried "Behold!" or some such, and that was that except for dealing with the villains. Real life did not seem to work that way.
      • That's because the adventure stories that Rand grew up hearing are like reality TV--real but edited.
    • "What are you going to do now?" Mat asked.
      • "Something you should like. I am going to break the rules."
      • "I meant are you going to get something to eat? Me, I'm hungry."
      • In spite of himself, Rand laughed. Something to eat? He did not care if he ever ate again. Mat stared at him as if he were crazy, and that only made him laugh harder. Not crazy. For the first time somebody was going to learn what it meant that he was the Dragon Reborn. He was going to break the rules in a ways no one expected.--Not crazy...slightly crazy!
  • Aiel:
    • The cold fact was, he needed them. That was why he had begun to contemplate this, back when he first discovered that the Dragon Reborn was He Who Comes With the Dawn might well be one and the same. He needed people he could trust, people who followed from something besides fear of him, or greed for power. People who did not mean to use him for their own ends. He had done what was required, and now he would use them. Because he had to. He was not mad--yet--he did not think he was--but many would think so before he was done.--Sad but true.
    • "It is one thing to know prophecy will be fulfilled, eventually," the clan chief said slowly, "another to see that fulfillment begun before your eyes. It is said you will make the clans one people again, as long ago, but we have fought one another almost as long as we have fought the rest of the world. And there is more, for some of us."
    • "No two clan chiefs I have spoken with have seen through the exactly same eyes, Rand, or exactly the same things, until the sharing of water, and the meeting where the Agreement of Rhuidean was made. Whether it is the same for Wise Ones, I do not know, but I suspect it is. I think it is a matter of bloodlines. I believe I saw through the eyes of my ancestors, and yours."-Rhuarc.--It's way more cool that they see the past through their ancestors eyes.
    • "In this case, the whole truth, the truth known only to Wise Ones and clan chiefs before this, is that you are our doom. Our doom, and our salvation. Without you, no one of our people will live beyond the Last Battle. Perhaps not even until the Last Battle. That is prophecy, and truth. With you...'He shall spill out the blood of those who call themselves Aiel as water on sand, and he shall break them as dried twigs, yet the remnant of a remnant shall he save, and they shall live.' A hard prophecy, but this has never been a gentle land."
  • The Pattern:
    • How many more points like that had there been, where a single decision one way or another affected the weave of the Pattern for thousands of years? A thousand times a thousand tiny branching points, a thousand times that many, all twitching the Pattern into a different design.
    • The Creator could not have been thinking, to set the future on the shoulders of three farmboys. I can't drop it. I have to carry the load, whatever the cost.
  • Parents:
    • "She spoke of a child abandoned, a son loved. A husband she did not love. Where, she would not say. I do not think she ever forgave herself for leaving the child. She would tell little beyond what she had to. It was for us she had been searching, for Maidens of the Spear. An Aes Sedai called Gitara Moroso, who had the Foretelling, had told her that disaster would befall her land and her people, perhaps the world, unless she went to dwell among the Maidens of the Spear, telling no one of her going. She must become a Maiden, and sh could not return to her own land until the Maidens had gone to Tar Valon.--Shaiel = Tigraine.
      • I would have liked a scene between Galad and Rand. But at least Galad finds out at the end even if we don't get the scene.
    • "It was harder for Shaiel. The bow she knew well, but she had never run as far as a mile, or lived on what she could find. A ten-year-old girl could beat her, and she did not even know what plants indicate water. Yet she persevered. In a year she had spoken her vows to the spear, become a Maiden, adopted into the Chumai sept of the Taardad."
      • I have to give props where they are do, and to go from a weak wetlander to being accepted as a Maiden in one year...holy moly.
    • "Janduin? My father?"
      • "Yes," Seana said. "He was clan chief of the Taardad, then, the youngest in memory. Yet he had a way to him, a power. People listen to him, and would follow him, even those not of his clan. He ended the blood feud between Taardad and Nakai after two hundred years, and made alliance not only with the Nakai, but the Reyn, and Reyn were not far short of blood feud. He very nearly ended the feud between Shaarad and Goshen, as well, and might have had Laman not cut down the Tree. Young as he was, it was he who led the Taardad and Nakai, the Reyn and Shaarad, to seek Laman's bloodprice."
      • It sounds like Janduin might have been ta'veren.
    • "A Maiden is forbidden to carry the spear while she carries a child. But Janduin could forbid her nothing, had she asked the moon on a necklace, he would have tried to give it to her. So she stayed, and in the last fight, before Tar Valon, she was lost, and the child was lost. Janduin could not forgive himself for not making her obey the law."
      • "He gave up his place as clan chief," Bair said. "No one had ever done that before. He was told it could not be done, but he simply walked away. He went north with the young men, to hunt Trollocs and Myrddraal in the Blight. It is a thing wild young men do, and Maidens with less sense than goats. Those who return said he was killed by a man, though. They said Janduin claimed this man looked like Shaiel, and he would not raise his spear when the man ran him though."--Lord Luc
    • Dead, then. Both dead. He would never lose his love for Tam, never stop thinking of him as father, but he wished he could have seen Janduin and Shail, just once.--oh my heart!

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