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Wheel of Time Reread: The Shadow Rising part 18

The Shadow Rising: chapters 48 - 51

Chapter 48: An Offer Refused
  • Rand:
    • He had resisted donning any more Aiel garb, no matter how much more suited to the climate than his red wool coat. Whatever his blood, whatever the marks on his forearms, he was not Aiel, and he would not pretend. Whatever he had to do, he could hang on to that scrap of decency.
  • Natael/Asmodean:
    • "I have thought a good deal about you," he said, peering at Rand sideways, head tilted to one side. "You should have a grand epic to tell your tale. The Dragon Reborn. He Who Comes With the Dawn. Man of who knows how many prophecies, in this Age and others...How do you feel about your prophesied destiny? I must know, if I am to compose this epic."
      • "Feel?" Rand looked around the camp, at the Jindo moving among the tents. How many of them would be dead before he was done? "Tired. I feel tired."
      • "Hardly a heroic emotion," Natael murmured. "But to be expected, given your destiny. The world riding on your shoulders, most people willing to kill you given the chance, the rest fools who think to use you, ride you to power and glory...I would not take your place for all the world, not with the fate that accompanies it. Death or madness, or both. 'His blood on the rocks of Shayol Ghul...' That is what The Karaethon Cylce, the Prophecies of the Dragon, says, is it not? That you must die to save the fools who will heave a sigh of relief at your death. No, I would not accept that for all your power and more."--I think this is completely sincere.
    • Natael returned the next evening, and the next, and the next, always talking about the epic he would compose, but he displayed a morbid streak, digging for how Rand meant to face madness and death. His tale was meant to be a tragedy, it appeared. Rand certainly had no desire to root his fears out into the open; what was in his heart and head could remain buried there. Finally the gleeman seemed to tire of hearing him say "I will do what I must," and stopped coming. It seemed that he did not want to compose his epic unless it could be full of pained emotion. The man looked frustrated when he stalked off for the last time, cloak fluttering furiously behind him.
      • The fellow was odd, but going by Thom Merrilin, so were all gleemen. Natael certainly demonstrated other gleeman's traits. For instance, he certainly had a fin opinion of himself. Rand did not care whether the man called him by titles, but Natael addressed Rhuarc, and Moiraine, the few times he was around her, as if he was plainly their equal. That was Thom to perfection.--I love how Rand doesn't find Asmodean's behavior odd because it is so close to the way that Thom acts.
  • Moiraine:
    • "Does the future chafe you, Rand?" Moiraine said quietly when the gleeman was gone. "Prophecies speak in flowery, hidden language. They do not always mean what they seem to say."
      • "The Wheel weaves as the Wheel wills," he told her. "I will do what I must. Remember that, Moiraine. I will do what I must." She seemed satisfied; with Aes Sedai, it was hard to tell. She would not be satisfied when she learned everything.--I've always liked that Rand responds with such a Moiraine answer.
Chapter 49: Cold Rocks Hold
  • Mat:
    • "You could hold that thing for years, I suppose, with supplies, but it isn't a patch on the Stone, or Tora Harad."--Battle Commander Mat. I don't think we ever learn what/where Tora Harad was.
    • "Both of them?" Mat spluttered. "Light! Two! Oh, burn me! He's the luckiest man in the world in the biggest fool since creation!"--Truth!
  • Aiel:
    • "You have leave," Lian began..."to step beneath my roof. Water and shade will be found for you."--Burn! Couladin has no honor!
  • Rand:
    • "Where do you mean to 'lead the spears to war once more'?" Moiraine asked suddenly, and Mat choked again, snatching his pipe out of him mouth and staring at her. Her dark eyes were not lidded any longer.
      • Rand's fist tightened convulsively, till his knuckles cracked, Trying to be clever with her was dangerous; he should have learned that long since. She remembered every word that she heard, filed it away, sorted and examined until she knew just what it meant.--Cuidado, Moiraine my just randomly drop Dragon Prophecies; she is the epitome of Aes Sedai
Chapter 50: Traps
  • Rand:
    • If only he could trust Moiraine not to hand him to the Tower on a leash; he had no rout she could do it, without using the Power once, if he gave her an inch. The woman could manipulate a bull through a mouse hole without ever letting it know. He could use her. Light, I'm as bad as she is. Use the Aiel. Use Moiraine. If only I could trust her.--Another example of how just talking to each other would clear things up. This would have been a much shorter series if Moiraine would just stop playing the Game of Thrones Houses and talk with Rand.
    • "You want me to confide in you, Moiraine? All right. Your three Oaths won't let you lie. Say plainly that whatever I tell you, you won't try to stop me, won't hinder me in any way. Say you won't try to use me for the Tower's ends. Say it plain and straight so I know it's true."--A high price for Moiraine; a woman who holds her secrets close.
    • "There are no customs to cover me, Rhuarc." You could have cracked rocks with Rand's voice, or put a skim of ice on wine.  "I have to make new customs." He laughed roughly. Aviendha looked shocked, and even Rhuarc blinked, taken aback. Only Moiraine was unaffected, with those considering eyes. "Someone had best let the peddlers know," Rand continued. "They won't want to miss the fair, but if they don't stop those fellows drinking they will be too drunk to handle reins."
  • Aiel:
    • "She must learn to control her anger. A Wise One must be in control of her emotions, not they in control of her."--Yes, Yoda.
  • Lanfear:
    • "I ought to mark you." There was a fierce edge in her voice. "First that milk-heared Ilyena, and now...How many women do you hold in your thoughts?" Suddenly her small white teeth burrowed at his skin.
      • Bellowing, he hurled her away and slapped a hand to his neck. She had broken the skin; he was bleeding.--Lanfear is cray cray!
  • Mat:
    • "I read a book once."--Oh Mat!
  • Moiraine:
    • "Prophecy is most dangerous when you try to make it happen. Did you not learn that in tear? The Pattern Weaves itself around you, but when you try to weave it, even you cannot hold it. Force the Pattern too tight, and pressure builds. It can explode wildly in every direction. Who can say how long before it settles to focus on you again, or what will happen before it does?"--Speak for yourself Moiraine! Rand is getting way out of hand and she doesn't seem to be able to take much more of this following Rand.
Chapter 51: Revelations in Tanchico
  • Egeanin:
    • In seven days since meeting the dark-haired woman with her sharp blue eyes and slow drawl, they had both come to like her...Egeanin  had a directness and an air of independence she admired. The woman might be only a small trader in whatever came her way, but she could challenge Gareth Bryne for saying what she meant and bowing to no one.
    • "The woman do be Seanchan!"--I'm really glad that Domon keeps showing up.
    • "I will pay dearly if that is ever discovered, but after talking with you, I could not...That is why I stayed with you after Elayne revealed herself. I knew Bethamin was a sul'dam. To discover the a'dam held her, that she could...I had to know, to understand, about women who could channel."--Why I like Egeanin because she really wants to understand. She is completely sincere in her desire to learn and then realize why her culture is wrong!
  • Nynaeve:
    • "We know about you Seanchan and your sul'dam and damane. We know more than you. You chain women who can channel, but those you use to control them can channel too, Egeanin. For every woman who can channel that you've leashed like an animal, you walk by another ten or twenty every day without realizing it."
      • "I know," Egeanin said simply, and Nynaeve's mouth fell open.--Finding out that your new friend belongs to a batshit crazy culture has to be hard. Then finding out that she wants to learn to not be so crazy is...lovely...but still hard.

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