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Wheel of Time Reread: The Shadow Rising part 17

The Shadow Rising: chapters 47

Chapter 47: The Truth of a Viewing
  • Siuan:
    • The door crashed open, and she straightened furiously as more than a dozen women strode into her study, led by Elaida. All wore their shawls, most red-fringed, but cool-faced Alviarin, a White, was at Elaida's side, and Joline Maza, a slender Green, and plump Shemerin of the Yellow came close behind with Danelle, her big blue eyes not dreamy at all. In fact, Siuan saw at least one woman from every Ajah except the Blue. Some looked nervous, but most wore grim determination, and Elaida's dark eyes held stern confidence, even triumph...Elaida calmly reached out and pulled the striped stole from Siuan's shoulders. "You will not need this any longer...You were never fit for it, Siuan."--I thought I hated Elaida before this chapter but this is the beginning of my loathing for Elaida. Also I think Danelle is Mesaana.
    • It was not the sight of Leane that made her miss her step, but the tall, slender gray-haired man stretched on the floor with a knife rising from his back. Alric had been her Warder for close to twenty years.--Robert Jordan said that Alric was stabbed right before Siuan came out of the room and was dying, he is not completely dead yet.
    • "Siuan, Leane. Just Siuan." Despite herself she tried to embrace saidar. There was nothing there. Not for her. Only the emptiness inside. Never again. A lifetime of purpose, and now she was rudderless, adrift on a sea far darker than this cell. She scrubbed a tear from her cheek, angry at letting it fall.
    • "At least they won't find us huddling on the floor and weeping." She tried to make her voice firm. "We can fight, Leane. As long as we are alive, we can fight." Oh, Light, they stilled me! They stilled me!--This to me is proof that Siuan is a leader, and a much better person than Elaida will ever be.
    • "Very few women have been stilled...and none have survived long, but it is said that one way to survive is to find something you want as much as you wanted to channel...At first I thought I wanted to gut Elaida and hang her in the sun to dry. Now I know I want nothing--nothing!--so much as the day I can tell that leech of a woman that she'll live a long life showing others what happens to anyone who claims I am a Darkfriend!"
      • "And Alviarin," Leane said in a tight voice. "And Alviarin!"--These would be the last two women I would ever want to hate me.
    • "You could do it, and I suppose my struggles wouldn't give you much more trouble than a kitten's. Yesterday, I was one of the most powerful women in the world. Perhaps the most powerful. Kings and queens would come if I summoned them, even if they hated the Tower and all it stood for. Today, I'm afraid that I may have nothing to eat tonight, and that I'll have to sleep under a bush. In the space of one day I've been reduced from the most powerful woman in the world to on hoping to find a farm where I might earn my keep in the fields. Whatever you think I have done, isn't that a fitting punishment?"
    • "I've been too long with the Power," she said, a trifle unsteadily. "I had forgotten what it is like to face someone who can pick you up and snap you like a thread." She peered at Leane then, as if seeing her for the first time, and touched her own face as though unsure what it looked like. "From what I have read it is supposed to take longer to fade, but perhaps Elaida's rough treatment had something to do with it. A disguise, he called it, and it may serve for one." She clambered awkwardly onto Bela's back, handling the reins as if the shaggy mare were a spirited stallion. "Another advantage, it seems, to being...I have to learn to say it without flinching. I have been stilled." She said the words slowly and deliberately, then nodded. "There. If Leane is any guide, I've lost a good fifteen years, maybe more. I've known women who would pay any price for that. A third advantage," She glanced at Gawyn. He still had his back turned, but she lowered her voice anyway. "Along with a certain loosening of the tongue, shall we say?"--How can you not like Siuan, she is awesome!
    • "I may no longer wear the stole...but I still know how to ready a crew for a storm. And since I cannot wear the stole, I must see they choose the right woman in my place. I'll not let Elaida get away with calling herself Amyrlin. It has to be someone strong in the Power, someone who sees things the right way."--Egwene.
    • "Find something to fill it up...Anything. Cook for the hungry, tend the sick, find a husband and raise a houseful of children. Me, I mean to see Elaida does not get away with this. I could almost forgive her, if she truly believed I had endangered the Tower. Almost, I could. Almost. But she has been filled with envy since the day I was raised Amyrlin instead of her. That drives her as much as anything else, and for that I mean to pull her down. That is what fills me, Leane. That, and the fact that Rand al'Thor must not fall into her hands."--Yep, Siuan knows that Elaida is the most selfish stupid person in the whole of the Wheel of Time. Elaida simply screws everything up--EVERYTHING.
  • Laras:
    • "Hurry, child," Laras muttered, holding the lantern for Min, peering both ways down the otherwise dark stone hall. It was hard to believe that the woman, with all her chins, had ever been a beauty, but Min sure thought her beautiful now.--Laras, the best person in the Tower.
  • A Broken Tower:
    • The halls of the Tower were seldom full, yet now they seemed empty. Occasionally someone appeared but whether Aes Sedai or Warder or servant, all were hurrying, too intent on their own affairs to notice anyone else. The Tower was silent, too.
      • Then they passed a crossing hallway where dark blotches of dried blood flecked the pale green floor tiles. Two larger patches stretched off in long smears, as if bodies had been dragged away.
    • "Arthur Hawkwing could not do it, but we did it ourselves." Edge of tears of not, her voice was fierce. "The Light help us, we have broken the Tower."--oh snap!
    • "Elaida didn't wait to find out if the Blue Ajah would stand for you or not. There isn't a Blue sister still in the Tower, not alive, I know that."
    • "There are not many Greens left, either. Not in the Tower. The other Ajahs split, one way and another. Most of the Reds are still here. As far as I know, everybody who opposed Elaida has either fled or else they are dead...Siuan, the charges posted against you claim you and Leane arranged Mazrim Taim's escape. Logain got away during the fighting, and they've blamed that on you, too. They don't quite name you Darkfriends--I suppose that would be too close to Black Ajah--but they do not miss by much."--You can see Alviarin's hand in this accusation.
  • Gawyn:
    • "I have no time...There's fighting everywhere. They say Hammar is trying to break Siuan Sanche free. I have to go to the Tower, Min. Leave! Please!"--I never forgave Gawyn for choosing to follow Elaida and not fight along side Hammar.
    • Most frightening to Min, with that blood-masked face and half-glazed eyes, with his body tensed almost to quivering and his hand upflung as if he had forgotten it, he never raised his voice or put any emotion into it. He only sounded tired, more tired than she had ever heard anyone sound in her life.
    • "That is not why I will let you go. Elaida might take your head yet, and I cannot allow that. I want what you know to be there, if I need it."
    • Min was not about to tell them that Warders from the Blue and Green Ajahs had planned to free them before they were stilled, and might have succeeded if Gawyn had not roused the students, "children" too, and led them into the Tower to stop it. The fighting had been among the deadliest, student against teacher and no mercy, no quarter.--Gawyn is a prince who not only participated in a coup d'etat HE is the reason that they were able to do it. I don't care if he was mad at Siuan or not, he helped an usurper--Elaida--gain power! IDIOT, you are an IDIOT and you remain a freaking IDIOT until you die!
    • "You killed Coulin?" Siuan said in a cold tone fitting her former office. "And Hammar?"
    • "Yes," he grated. "They were my friends, and I respected them, but they sided with...with Siuan Sanche, and I had to--"--...I wonder what Galad would have done if he was there. He might have persuaded Gawyn to do the right thing.
    • Gawyn kneeling at Egwene's feet with his head bowed, and Gawyn breaking Egwene's neck, first one then the other, as if either could be the future.
  • Logain:
    • "I did not think to meet you here, Logain."
      • Min gaped. It was him. Those despairing eyes and that once handsome face framed by dark hair curling to his broad shoulders were unmistakable. Just who they needed to find. A man the Tower wanted very likely as much as Siuan.
    • "What must I do?" he said slowly.
      • "Follow me," she replied. "Follow me, and remember that I am the only one in the entire world who will give you a chance of revenge."
      • From his knees he studied them with his head tilted, examining each face, then pushed himself to his feet, his eyes fixed on Siuan. "I am your man," he said simply.--I had no idea why Siuan would want him. That's why Siuan is such a good character, she is always a couple steps ahead of you.
    • Suddenly, for a moment, that flaring halo of gold and blue shone about his head, speaking of glory to come as surely as it had the first time she had seen it.--Logain you poor fool who was captured and yet you're going to be awesome.

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