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Wheel of Time Reread: The Shadow Rising part 16

The Shadow Rising: chapters 45 - 46

Chapter 45: The Tinker's Sword
  • Perrin:
    • "We'll not turn anyone away," he said in a tight voice. "No one! Or do you mean to send children off for the Trollocs?"--Good for you Perrin!
    • This was not ta'veren work; Two Rivers people might need the right way pointed out to them sometimes, but they could see it when it was.
    • "We do not need any lords in the Two Rivers," he growled at the oak tabletop. "Or kings, or queens. We are free men!"
      • "Free men can have a need to follow someone, too...Most men want to believe in something larger than themselves, something wider than their own fields. That is why there are nations, Perrin, and peoples. Even Raen and Ila see themselves as part of something more than their own caravan. They have lost their wagons and most of their family and friends, but other Tuatha'an still seek the song and they will again, too, because they belong to more than a few wagons."
        • Historically monarchies have been the most stable form of government.
    • He hated having to think quickly. Loial had the right of it. Hasty thinking led to people being hurt.
  • Tam:
    • It seemed that Tam had told them some tale about something called the Companions, in Illian, soldiers who rode with the general of an Illianer army and were thrown in wherever the battle was hottest. Tam, of all people!
    • Tam subtly helping to push Perrin into being a leader. 
  • Aram:
    • "It is shock to his mind that troubles him most, I cannot Heal that."-Alanna
    • "I could have saved her!"
      • The words sliced at Perrin's chest. A Tinker with a sword seemed an unnatural thing, almost enough to make his hackles stand, but those words..."Leave him alone," he said, more roughly than he intended. "Any an has a right to defend himself, to defend...He has a right."
    • Tears rolled down Ila's contorted face. "The Trollocs took my daughter," she sobbed, her entire body shaking. "and all my grandchildren but one, and now you take him. He is Lost, because of you, Perrin Aybara. You have become a wolf in your heart, and now you will make him one, too."
      • I've always agreed with Perrin; everyone has the right to defend themselves and their family. But this time I really felt bad for Ila, she has lost almost her entire family and now her grandson is choosing to leave. It really is heartbreaking. Now I don't agree with the whole cutting off all ties you're dead now outlook but holy crap it's sad. This is also interesting considering Raen's comments the last time we see him.
  • Luc:
    • "If these people want Whitecloaks among them, let them have Whitecloaks. But you should be careful, young Goldeneyes. I know something of taking an enemy into your bosom. His blade goes in quicker when he is close."
    • Dude, talk about saying things that are not going to make people trust you.
Chapter 46: Veils

  • Nynaeve:
    • "Why do men always do things without asking? Does growing hair on their chests sap their brains?"
    • On the other side of the table Nynaeve had a tangle of her long, thin braids gripped in her fist, but she stared at the visitor with a foolishly rapt expression.
      • Another reason Nynaeve is awesome; even though Moghedien is using compulsion on her there is still some part of her that is angry.
  • Egeanin:
    • Suddenly she realized her palms were damp. Aes Sedai. Women who could wield the Power, and not decently leashed. She had sat at the same table with them, talked with them. They were not at all what she had expected; she could not dig that thought out of her head. They could channel, therefore they must be safely leashed--and yet...Not at all what she had been taught. It could be learned. Learned! As long as she could avoid Bayle Domon--he would surely recognize her--she should be ale to return. She had to learn more. More than ever, she had too.
    • For finding out that everything she believes in is actually...a lie, I think she handles it rather well.
  • Moghedien:
    • The woman who stepped into the Chamber of Falling Blossoms, in a shimmering black silk gown of unfamiliar cut, was no one Elayne had ever seen before, and surely not on the list of the women who had gone with Liandrin. Dark hair spilling loose to her shoulders framed a sturdily handsome face with large dark eyes and smooth cheeks, but not with Aes Sedai agelessness. Smiling, she closed the door behind her.
    • "Wise of you to keep low when it is eleven to two. I have always followed that policy myself. Let other fools leap about in full view. They can be brought low by a spider hiding in the cracks, a spider they never see until it is too late."
      • This might be the first time we see compulsion at work. 
    • "Rand al'Thor. So that is his name now...An arrogant man who stank of piety and goodness. Is he still the same? No, do not bother to answer that. An idle question. So Be'lal is dead. The other sounds like Ishamael, to me. All his pride at being only half-caught, whatever the price--there was less human left in him than any of us when I saw him again; I think he half-believed he was the Great Lord of the Dark--all his three thousand years of machinations, and it comes to an untaught boy hunting him down. My way is best. Softly, softly, in the shadows."

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