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Wheel of Time Reread: The Shadow Rising part 15

The Shadow Rising: chapters 42 - 44

Chapter 42: The Missing Leaf
  • Slayer:
    • This Slayer's high-collared coat had a Borderland cut, and his face looked enough like Lan's to be the Warder's brother. Only Lan had no brothers--no living kin at all, that Perrin knew--and if he had had any, they would not have been here. A Borderlander, though. Maybe Shienaran, though his hair was long, not shaved to a topknot, and was held back by a braided leather cord just like Lan's. He could not be Malkieri; Lan was the last living Malkieri.--Not the last one, Nynaeve sure finds plenty to follow Lan.
  • Faile:
    • "You muscle-brained oaf!...Men have thrown their hearts and fortunes at the feet of women who danced the sa'sara. If Mother suspected I knew it--"
      • ..."Then there isn't any reason for you to dance it," he said quietly. "My heart and fortune, such as they are, already lie at your feet."
      • Faile missed a step, then laughed softly and pressed her cheek against his booted calf. "You are too clever for me,' she murmured. "One day I will dance it for you, and boil the blood in your veins."
      • "You already do that."--Haha! I really do like Perrin and Faile!
  • Perrin:
    • He wondered if there ever had been a song, or if the Tuatha'an had begun their endless journey seeking something else.
  • Gaul:
    • "Did you pass a good night playing Maidens' Kiss?" Gaul stumbled and nearly fell on his face. "What is the matter?"
      • "Who did you hear suggest this game?" the Aielman said quietly, staring straight ahead.
      • "Chiad. Why?"
      • "Chiad...The woman is Goshien. Goshien! I should take her back to Hot Springs as gai'shain." The words sounded angry, but not his odd tone. "Chiad...A Myrddraal has less cunning than a woman...and a Trolloc fights with more honor...and a goat has more sense." Quickening his pace, he ran forward to join the two Maidens. He did not speak to them, as far as Perrin could make out, only slowed to walk alongside.--I use to think that Gaul and Chiad just kind of fell in love, but I'm pretty sure that it had something to do with traveling with a ta'veren.
  • Emond's Field:
    • "I told you your village was preparing to defend itself." Faile sounded fiercly proud, as though it were her village. "A hard people, for such a soft land. They could almost be Saldaean. Moiraine always said Manetheren's blood runs strong here still."
    • "People need symbols," Verin went on, resting a hand on Stepper's shoulder. "When Alanna told a few of the villagers how much Trollocs fear wolves, everyone seemed to think this banner a grand idea." Was there a dryness in her voice then? Her dark eyes looked up at him, birdlike. A bird watching a worm.--People do need symbols; Perrin doesn't like it but he's becoming quite the Lord. It's good practice since he'll become the King of Saldaea.
Chapter 43: Care for the Living
  • Where is Alanna?
  • Perrin:
    • Adventure? They were idiots. Yet there were hard times coming, harder than the Two Rivers had seen so far, he was afraid. It could not hurt if they had a little while longer before they learned the truth.
    • "Mainly I've just tried to keep from having my head split open. That's what adventures are, that and finding a place to sleep for the night, and something to eat. You go hungry a lot having adventures, and sleep cold or wet or both."--Jordan was a war veteran, and I think you can see that in his writing in this chapter. Adventuring is what every young lad wants to do but then you get there are realize that real adventures aren't like the stories at all.
    • He smelled the leather and the spicewood and her. Would she come hunting with him, running across the endless grassy plains after endless herds of deer?--I find it interesting that delusional Perrin is more wolfy.
  • Loial:
    • "No, Loial. How are you going to write your book if you go off and get yourself killed?"
      • Loial's ears twitched. "It is my responsibility, Perrin."
      • "The responsibility is mine," Perrin said gently. "You told me what you were doing with the Waygate, and I didn't suggest anything different. Besides, the way you jump every time you mother is mentioned, I don't want her coming after me."--Oh Perrin, haven't you realized that Loial is one of the heroes of this tale; you cannot just say something like this and expect him to just sit around.
Chapter 44: The Breaking Storm
  • Mistress al'Vere:
    • "Why, whatever are you two doing?...I expected Trollocs after all that racket, but not this." She sounded half scandalized, and half amused.
      • What they looked like, Perrin realized, with Faile lying on him that way, their heads close together, was a couple plying kissing games. On the floor of the common room.--I would die!
    • "He was an easy little boy to manage most of the time, if you handled him properly, but when you tried to push him, he was as muley as any in the Two Rivers. Men don't really change that much, only grow taller. If you go telling him what he must and mustn't do, he will surely lay his ears back and dig his heels in. Let me show you."--The fact that every woman seems to want to explain to Faile how to deal with Two Rivers men...oh we'll get to the problems between Perrin and Faile later.
  • Faile:
    • "My dear heart," she almost cooed, pulling his coat straight, "whatever is happening out there, I do hope you will stay in your saddle, and as far from Trollocs as you can. You really are not up to facing a Trolloc just yet, are you? Maybe tomorrow. Please remember you are a general, a leader, and every bit as much a symbol to your people as that banner out there. If you are up where people can see you, it will lift everyone's heart. And it is much easier to see what needs doing and give orders if you aren't in the fighting yourself."--I love this because you have to know that it is taking all Faile has to say this in such a sugary sweet tone. 
    • Then, as if hundreds of shrieking Trollocs were not galloping toward him, Tam turned calmly to Perrin. "At three hundred paces?"
      • Perrin nodded quickly. The man was asking him?--I really wish we had a book just about Tam and his back story. He is one of the most awesome characters and we're only given hints to how he became that awesome.

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