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Wheel of Time Reread: The Shadow Rising part 11

The Shadow Rising: chapters 31 - 33

Chapter 31: Assurances
  • Verin Mathwin:
    • Plump and square-faced, gray streaking her brown hair despite her smooth-cheeked Aes Sedai agelessness, was Brown Ajah, and like all Browns seemingly lost half the time in the search for knowledge, whether old and lost or new. But sometimes her dark eyes belied that vague dreamy expression, as now, looking past Marin at him sharp as tacks. She was one of two Aes Sedai besides Moiraine he was certain knew about Rand, and he suspected she knew more about himself than she let on. Her eyes took on that slight vagueness again as she listened to Marin, but for an instant they had weighed him on scales, factored him into her own plans. He would have to be very careful around her.
    • I've always like Verin, and the more we learn about her the more I like her.
    • Have I ever mentioned that I'm pretty sure I would be a Brown. I'd like to think I'd be a Blue or Green, but let's be honest I'm way more of a Brown, but I'd like to believe that I'd be more of a Verin like Brown.
  • Alanna Mosvani:
    • A dark, slender woman in a deep green silk riding dress that contrasted sharply with Verin's plain brown, ink-stained at the cuffs.
    • Green Ajah...a beautiful woman with long black hair and penetrating dark eyes. Those eyes sought him, too, while she listened to Marin. Something Egwene had said came back to him. Some Aes Sedai who shouldn't know about Rand show too much interest in him. Elaida, for instance, and Alanna Mosvani. I don't think I trust either of them. Perhaps it would be best to be guided by Egwene until he found out differently.
    • "I am not so lost to custom yet as to bond a man against his will. Not quite yet."--HA! Yet this is exactly what she does to Rand in a couple books. 
    • Alanna has always been an Aes Sedai I'm not sure how I feel about her...mainly because I don't like her.
  • Abell Cauthon:
    • "Only one way to handle that sort," Abell said, nodding. "Let her think she's running things. That way, when it's important, and you say different, by the time she gets over the shock of it, you'll have matters arranged as you want, and it will be too late for her to badger you about changing it."--Good advice.
Chapter 32: Questions to Be Asked
  • Faile:
    • Perrin blinked. She meant to protect him. Against Aes Sedai. He was never going to understand her, or know what to expect next. She was about as confusing as the Aes Sedai sometimes.
    • Perrin grinned to himself. In her green riding silks, they all took Faile for nobly born, and he had to admit she carried it off beautifully. When she want to.--Of course she pulls off being a Lady.
Chapter 33: A New Weave in the Pattern
  • Lord Luc:
    • It was not his yellow eyes that took Luc aback; he was sure of that. More as if the fellow knew him, somehow, and was surprised to see him here, but he had never met this Luc before in his life. More than that, he would have bet that Luc was afraid of him. No sense at all.
    • He recognizes Perrin from the wolf dream.
    • Despite all the little hints I don't think I understood that Luc and Slayer are the same person.
  • Verin:
    • "Perrin, when we arrived these people were ready to hold on here at all costs. You gave them good sense and strong emotion, but do you think the same from me would have shifted them, or from Tam, or Abell? Of any of us, you should know how stubborn Tow Rivers people can be. You have altered the course events would have followed in the Two Rivers without you. With a few words spoken in...irritation? Ta'veren truly do pull other people's lives into their own pattern. Fascinating. I do hope I have an opportunity to observe Rand again."--I just really like Verin!
    • "There are many...designs in the White Tower. Not all are malignant, by far, but sometimes it is difficult to say until it is too late. And even the most benevolent often allow for a few threads snapped in the weaving, a few reeds broken and discarded  in making a basket. A ta'veren would make a useful reed in any number of possible plans."
  • Faile:
    • Laughing, she dropped down beside him, snuggling her shoulder under his arm. "Staying close to you sounds a fine idea." She flipped the crown of red flowers onto his head, and Bain chuckled.--I've never gave this scene much thought, but now looking at things and looking at how much time Faile has been spending with Bain and Chiad...I wonder if this is a "wedding wreath" that Faile is giving to Perrin.
  • Perrin:
    • Perrin's fist smacking the lintel of the fireplace cut them short. "I haven't seen a field trampled or fired, or a house or barn burned, unless there were people there. It's people the Trollocs come for. And if they burn it anyway? A new crop can be planted. Stone and mortar and wood can be rebuilt. Can you rebuild that?" He pointed at Laila's baby, and she clutched the child to her breast, glaring at him as though he had threatened the babe himself. The looks she gave her husband and Flann were frightened, though. An uneasy murmur rose.
    • Perrin saw no need to tell her he had just tried to think of what a Shienaran he knew, a soldier named Uno would have said, though no doubt Uno would have put it in harsher words.--A Uno reference!
    • Abruptly he realized he was giving orders, but when he tried to apologize, Tam grinned and said, "Perrin you took charge back at Jac's place. This isn't the first time I've followed a younger man who could see what had to be done."
    • "We hunt Trollocs!" Perrin shouted over his shoulder. From the way the laughter redoubled, he did not think they believed him. But he could feel Verin's eyes drilling into his back. She knew. Thunder in the night sky echoed the horses' hooves.--Great way to end the chapter! Verin totally knows!

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