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Wheel of Time Reread: The Shadows Rising part 4

The Shadow Rising: chapters 10 - 13

Chapter 10: The Stone Stands
  • Lanfear:
    • "If I take credit, you will expect it again, and that could be deadly. None of the others is really certain where I stand, and I like it that way. You can expect no open aid from me."
      • "Expect your aid?" He growled. "You want me to turn to the Shadow. You can't make me forget what you are with soft words." 
    • "Whatever you can do, Lews Therin, I can do. And better."
    • "I do not have to see a flow to unravel it, if I know what it is and where. You see, you have much to learn. I like you like this. You were always too stiff-necked and sure of yourself for comfort. It was always better when you were a bit uncertain of your footing. Are you forgetting Callandor, then?"
    • "We know little of any of the Forsaken, and least of all Lanfear, but we do know she loved Lews Therin Telamon. To say you are safe from her is certainly too strong--there is a good deal she can do to harm you short of murder-- but I do not think she will try to kill as long as she thinks she might win Lews Therin back again."-Moiraine
  • Rand:
    • Rand was not even aware he had channeled until it was done; he could not have said what he had done if his life had depended upon it. But nothing could threaten his life while he held Callandor. The Power throbbed in him like the heartbeat of the world. With Callandor in his hands, he could do anything.
    • Suddenly he stopped, surrounded by the dead, in a wide hallway. He had to do something--something more. The Power slid along his bones, pure essence of fire. Something more. The Power froze his marrow. Something to kill them all; all of them at once. The taint on saidin rolled over him, a mountain of rotting filth threatening to bury his soul. Raising Callandor, he drew on the Source, drew on it till it seemed he must scream screams of frozen flame. He had to kill them all. 
    • Now. The thought floated like cackling laughter on the rim of his awareness. He severed the flows rushing out of him, leaving the thing still whirling, whining like a drill on bone. Now
      • And the lightnings came, flashing out along the ceiling left and right like silver streams. A Myrddraal stepped out of a side corridor, and before it could take a second step half a dozen flaring streaks stabbed down, blasting it apart. The other streams flowed on, fanning down every branching of the corridor, replaced by more and more erupting every second.
      • Rand had not a clue to what he had made, or how it worked. He could only stand there, quivering with the Power that filled him with the need to use it. Even if it destroyed him. He could feel Trollocs and Myrddraal dying, feel the lightnings strike and kill. He could kill them everywhere, everywhere in the world. he knew it. With Callandor he could do anything. And he knew trying would kill him just as surely.
      • The lightnings faded and died with the last Shadowspawn; the spinning mass imploded with a loud clap if inrushing air. But Callandor still shone like the sun; he shook with the Power.
        • Cackling laughter...Lews Therin again?!
    • Rand would not listen. The Power was in him. Callandor blazed, and he was the Power. He channeled, directing flows into the child's body, searching, trying, fumbling; she lurched to her feet, arms and legs unnaturally rigid and jerky.
      • "Rand, you cannot do this. Not this!"
      • Breathe. She had to breathe. The girl's chest rose and fell. Heart Has to beat. Blood already thick and dark oozed from the wound in her chest. Live. Live, burn you! I didn't mean to be too late. Her eyes stared at him, flamed. Lifeless. Tears trickled unheeded down his cheeks. "She has to live! Heal her, Moiraine. I don't know how. Heal her!"
      • "Death cannot be Healed, Rand. You are not the Creator."
      • Staring into those dead eyes, Rand slowly withdrew the flows. The body fell stiffly. The body. He threw back his head and howled, as wild as any Trolloc. Braided fire sizzled into walls and ceiling as he lashed out in frustration and pain.
Chapter 11: What Lies Hidden
  • Dreams:
    • Rand in chains, and it was he who was screaming.
    • Rand building a wall with him on one side and her on the other, her and Elayne and others she could not make out. "It has to be done," he was saying as he piled up stones. "I'll not let you stop me now."--Rand's plan to break the seals.
    • Aiel fighting with other, killing each other, even throwing away their weapons and running as if they had gone mad.--The Bleakness and the Shaido.
    • Mat wrestling with a Seanchan woman who tied an invisible leach to him.--Tuon?
    • A wolf--she was sure was Perrin, though--fighting a man whose face kept changing.--Slayer
    • Galad wrapping himself in white as though putting on his own shroud--Galad joining the White Cloaks
    • Gawyn with his eyes full of pain and hatred--All the agnst over Rand, Egwene, Galad, and Morgase
    • Her mother weeping
  • Tanchico:
    • A weathered stone figurine of a woman, seemingly unclothed but wrapped in hair that fell to her ankles, was outwardly no different from the others sharing its case, each not much bigger than her hand. But it gave an impression of soft warmth that she recognized. It was an angreal, she was sure ; she wondered why the Tower had not managed to get it away from the Panarch. 
    • A finely jointed collar and two bracelets of dull black metal, on a stand by themselves. made her shiver; she felt darkness and pain associated with them--old, old pain, and sharp.--The sad bracelets.
    • A silvery thing another cabinet, like a three-pointed star inside a circle, was made of no substance she knew; it was softer than metal, scratched and gouged, yet even older than any of the ancient bones. From ten paces she could sense pride and vanity.--A Mercedes hood ornament.
    • The upper half of a broken figure carved from some shiny white stone, a woman holding a crystal sphere in one upraised hand, her face calm and dignified and full of wise authority. Whole, she would have been perhaps a foot tall. But why did she appear so familiar? She almost seemed to call to Egwene to pick her up.--A broken control statue, Rand finds the set he uses in Rhuidean.
  • Brigitte:
    • She did hesitate, though. Just as she had closed her eyes it had seemed she saw another woman, beyond the Aiel woman, watching them both. A golden-haired woman holding a silver bow. You are letting wild fancies take you, now. You've been listening to too many of Thom Merrilin's stories. Birgitte was long dead; she could not come again until the Horn of Valere called her back from the grave. Dead women, even heroes of legend surely could not dream themselves into Tel'aran'rhoid.--Tied to the wheel.
  • Amys:
    • "I am Amys of the Nine Valleys sept of the Taardad Aiel."
    • "Tanchico? In...Tarabon? This city is dying, eating itself. There is a darkness here, an evil. Worse than men can make. Or woman." She looked at Egwene pointedly. "You cannot see it, or feel it, can you? And you want to hunt Shadowrunners in Tel'aran'rhoid."
    • "A child," Amys muttered, "demanding a silver bracelet from her father this minute when she knows nothing of trading or the making of bracelets. You have much to learn Far more than I can begin to teach you, now. Come to the Three-fold Land. I will have the word spread through the clans that an Aes Sedai called Egwene al'Vere is to be brought to me at Cold Rocks Hold. Give your name and show your Great Serpent ring, and you will have safe running. I am not there now, but I will return from Rhuidean before you can arrive."
Chapter 12: Tanchico or the Tower
  • Aiel:
    • "What does 'sister-wife' mean?"
      • "That you have the same husband."-Egwene and Aviendha
    • "Amys is hard as mountains and pitiless as the sun," she said without looking up. "She is a dreamwalker. She can teach you. Once she lays her hands on you, she will drag you by the hair toward what she wants. Rhuarc is the only one who can stand up to her. Even the other Wise Ones step carefully  when Amys speaks. But she can teach you."--Rhuarc and Amys are married.
  • "Dreamwalkers," Moiraine mused. "Perhaps that explains it. I have heard of dreamwalkers...Here is what they say about you. What they said about you. What they said perhaps before you had even decided to come to Tear. 'There is among the Maidens of the Spear in the Stone of Tear a willful girl called Aviendha, of the Nine Valleys sept of the Taardad Aiel. She must now come to us. There can be no waiting or excuses. We will await her on the slopes of Chaendaer, above Rhuidean.' There is more about you. but mainly telling me that I must see you come to them without delay. They issue commands like the Amyrlin, these Wise Ones of yours." She made a vexed sound, which brought Elayne to wonder if the Wise Ones had tried issuing commands to the Aes Sedai, too. Not very likely. And unlikely to be successful it tried.Still, something about that letter irritated the Aes Sedai.
  • "There is a ship of the Atha'an Miere at the docks inthe Maule"
    • Interesting that it is Moiraine that suggest they take a Sea Folk ship.
Chapter 13: Rumors
  • Mat:
    • The Fade's black sword blurred as it knocked the dagger away, almost casually; it did not even break stride. "Time to die, Hornsounder." Its voice was a red adder's dry hiss, warning of death.
      • It seems the DO knows Mat is the one that blew the Horn.
    • His lip curled. A lord? He would not be a lord if it was offered to him.
    • Mat tossed the gold mark onto the man's tray. "From the biggest fool in the world. Mind you spend it well, on women and wine."
  • Two Rivers :
    • "The rumor is, my Lord, that the Whitecloaks have gone into the Two Rivers. Hunting the Dragon Reborn, it's said. Though of course, that cannot be, since the Lord Dragon is here in Tear." He eyed Mat to see how that had been taken; Mat's face did not change. "These rumors can run wild, my Lord. Perhaps it's only wind in a bucket. The same rumor claims the Whitecloaks are after some Darkfriend with yellow eyes, too. Did you ever hear of a man with yellow eyes, my Lord? No more have I. Wind in a bucket."
    • "Different paths be bloodied," Mat grunted. "I've had all I want of Rand, and Aes Sedai, shoving me down their bloody their bloody paths. I want to go where I want for a change, do what I want!" He turned for the door, but Perrin's voice halted him.
      • "I hope your path is a happy one, Mat. The Light send you pretty girls and fools who want to gamble."
      • "Oh, burn me, Perrin. The Light send you what you want, too."

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