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Wheel of Time Reread: The Shadow Rising part 9

The Shadow Rising: chapters 25 - 26

Chapter 25: The Road to the Spear
  • Mandein:
    • "The stone that never falls will fall to announce his coming. Of the blood, but not raised by the blood, he will come from Rhuidean at dawn, and tie you together with bonds you cannot break. He will take you back, and he will destroy you."--The prophecy!
  • But there had not been a weapon among them save for simple belt knives, suitable for work. There was no such thing as an Aiel without weapons.
  • Morin:
    • "The Trees of Life." When he still looked at her blankly, she shook her head. "Three little trees planted in barrels. They care for them almost as well as they do for themselves. When they find a place of safety, they mean to plant them; they say the old days will return, then. They. I said they. Very well. I am not Jenn anymore." She hefted the shorted spear. "This is my husband now."--First Maiden of the Spear.
  • Lewin:
    • "There is no reason!" Adan roared, shaking with rage. "We must accept what comes. Our sufferins are sent to test our faithfulness. We accept and endure! We do not murder! You have not strayed from the Way, you have abandoned it. You are Da'shain no longer. You are corrupt, and I will not have the Aiel corrupted by you. Leave us, strangers. Killers! You are not welcome in the wagons of the Aiel."--Split between Aiel and Jenn.
    • Da'shain means "one who is sworn to peace"
Chapter 26: The Dedicated
  • Adan:
    • "My grandfather used to tell me stories he heard as a boy, stories of when we lived in safety and people came to hear us sing. We mean to find a place where we can be safe, and sing again."
      • "Sing?" Adan scoffed. "I have heard those old stories, too, that Aiel singing was a wondrous thing, but you know those old songs no more than I do. The songs are gone, and the old days are gone. We will not give up our duty to the Aes Sedai to chase after what is lost forever."
    • "We mean to find that safe place. And the songs, too. We will!"
    • Adan made his fist loosen again. "You are not Aiel," he said. "You betray everything. Whatever you are, you are no longer Aiel!"
      • "We keep the Way of the Leaf as well as you, Adan."
      • "Go!" Adan shouted. "Go! You are not Aiel! You are lost! Lost! I do not want to look at you! Go!" Sulwin and the others stumbled in their haste to get away from him.
    • The origin of the Tuatha'an.
  • The Aiel's eyes bulged as if witnessing the death of everything.--For a people as proud as the Aiel seeing that their way of life began with the breaking of an oath has to be devastating.
  • Old Jonai:
    • He was not sure she had been sane. She claimed one of the Forsaken was only party trapped, or maybe not at all; Ishamael still touched the world, she said. She had to be as mad as the remaining male Aes Sedai.--Unfortunately she wasn't mad.
    • Ogier:
      • "I think we must find a stedding soon or die," the first Ogier woman said. "I feel my bones. We must find a stedding. We must."--The Longing.
    • "The Blighted Lands growing. Myrddraal and Trollocs still alive. People stealing, people with faces like animals, people who did not recognize Da'shain or know them. He could barely breathe. The Ogier, lost. The Aiel, lost. Everything lost. The tightness broke in pain, and he sank to his knees, doubled over, clutching his chest. A fist held his heart, squeezing.
  • Young Jonai:
    • He wore his work clothes, his cadin'sor, of course, though the work he had been given was nothing he had been trained for. He was sixty-three, in the prime of life, not yet old enough for gray hairs, but he felt a tired old man.
    • Nym:
      • Someshta sat against the wall near the door, a great shape seemingly woven of vines and leaves, his head a little above Jonai's even so. A fissure of withered brown and charred black ran up the Nym's face and furrowed the green grass of his hair, and when he looked at Jonai, his hazelnut eyes seemed troubled.--I wish we knew what he did that caused the fissure.
      • "You are a Child of the Dragon"
      • "Then we will do what we must. The sword must wait. Someshta, we have a task for the last of the Nym, if you will do it. We have asked too much of you; now we must ask more."--Making the Eye of the World.
    • How many citizens now believed the Da'shain Aiel had once served the Dragon and no other Aes Sedai?
    • "Do you know what happened to the Aiel at Tzora?" He nodded, and she sighed, reaching out to smooth his short hair as if he were a child. "Of course you do. You Da'shain have more courage than...Ten thousand Aiel linking arms and singing, trying to reminds a madman of who they were and who he had been trying to turn him with their bodies and a song. Jaric Mondoran  killed them. He stood there, staring as though at a puzzle, killing them, and they kept closing their lines and singing. I am told he listened to the last Aiel for almost an hour before destroying him. And then Tzora burned, one huge flame consuming stone and metal and flesh. There is a sheet of glass where the second greatest city in the world once stood."
      • "Many people had time to flee, Aes Sedai. The Da'shain earned them time to flee. We are not afraid."--Makes me want to cry every time I read it.
    • "I mean to save something here, and that something is you."-Solinda--I love this!
    • "Keep the Covenant, Jonai. If the Da'Shain lose everything else, see they keep the Way of the Leaf. Promise me."
      • "Of course, Aes Sedai," he said, shocked. The Covenant was the Aiel, and the Aiel were the Covenant; to abandon the Way would be abandon what they were. Coumin was an aberration. He had been strange since he was a boy, it was said, hardly Aiel at all, though no one knew why.
  • Coumin:
    • Coumin did not like the way citizens looks at Charn when he said that Lanfear had not always been evil.--Interesting that Rand sees through the eyes of someone who served Lanfear.
    • The Soldier:
      • It was then that he saw the soldier, only a few steps away, watching them. He had left his shocklance and fancloth battle cape somewhere, but he still wore his helmet, like some monstrous insect's head, its mandibles hiding his face though his black shockvisor was raised.--I find it interesting that Athur Hawkwing's and the Seanchan's army wear the same kind of armor that the soldiers who fought in the Age of Legends wore.
      • The soldier hesitated. "I suppose I can tell you, though it is not confirmed. We have a report that Lews Therin led the Companions on a strike at Shayol Ghul this morning at dawn. Something is disrupting communications, but the report is the Bore has been sealed, with most of the Forsaken on the other side. Maybe all of them."
  • Charn:
    • It would mean changing his service to Zorelle Sedai, whom Nalla served, but Mierin Sedai had already given her blessing.--Mierin changes her name to Lanfear.
    • Mierin had said today was the day. She said she had found a new source for the One Power. Female Aes Sedai and male would be able to tap the same source, not separate halves. What men and women could do united would be even greater now that there would be no differences. And today she and Beidomon would tap it for the first time--the last time men and women would work together wielding a different Power. Today.--Beidomon eventually commits suicide. The new source is the True Power, the Dark One's power.
      • What seemed a tiny chip of white spun away from the Sharom in a jet of black fire; it descended, deceptively slow, insignificant. Then a hundred gouts spurted everywhere around the huge white sphere. The Sharom borke apart like an egg and began to drift down, falling, an obsidian inferno. Darkness spread across the sky, swallowing the sun in unnatural night, as if the light of those flames was blackness. People were screaming, screaming everywhere.--The Bore into the Dark One's prison.
      • With the first spurt of fire, Charn broke into a run toward the Collam Daan, but he knew he was too late. He was sworn to serve Aes Sedai and he was too late. Tears rolled down his face as he ran.
  • Mat:
    • Suddenly something caught his eyes, low in the branches of the Tree of life. A shape swinging slowly. A man, hanging from a pole laid across two branches by a rope around his neck.
      • With a wordless roar, he ran for the tree, grabbing at saidin, the fiery sword coming into his hands he leaped, slashing at the rope. He and Mat hit the dusty white paving stones with twin thuds. The pole jarred free and clattered down beside them; not a pole, but an odd black-hafted spear with a short sword blade in place of a spearpoint, slightly curved and single-edged.--Robert Jordan has said that Mat wasn't quite dead.
    • Desperately, he tore open Mat's coat and shirt, breaking the leather cord that held a silver medallion on Mat's chest. He tossed the medallion aside, listened again. Nothing. No heartbeat. Dead.
    • "Thus is our treaty written; thus is agreement made. Thought is the arrow of time; memory never fades. What was asked is given. The price is paid."
    • Mat is now fluent in the Old Tongue.

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