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Wheel of Time Reread: The Shadow Rising part 8

The Shadow Rising: chapters 22 - 24

Chapter 22: Out of the Stone
  • Mat:
    • "Be glad Mat is here," Moiraine said to Rand, her voice cool, and not pleased. "You made a grave error letting Perrin run off, hiding his going from me. The world rests on your shoulders, but they must both support you or you will fall, and the world with you." Mat flinched, and Rand thought he very nearly turned his gelding and rode away on the spot.
    • "You've no reason to come to the Waste."
      • "Oh yes I do. At least...Oh, burn me! I've one life to give away, don't I? Why not like this?" Mat laughed nervously, and a bit wildly. "Bloody Portal Stones! Light!"
      • Rand frowned; he was the one they all said was supposed to go mad, but Mat was the one who seemed on the edge of it now.--Can you blame Mat for being a little crazy here? I wouldn't want to go on another Portal Stone journey either not after the first one Rand took him on. He knows exactly how freaking terrifying and life threatening this trip might be; he has a heroes courage whether he wants to admit it or not.
    • "Oh, burn me. If you're trying to decide..." Taking both horses reins in one hand, he dug a coin from his pocket, a gold Tar Valon mark, and sighed. "It would be the same coin, wouldn't it." He rolled the coin across the backs of his fingers. "I'm...lucky sometimes, Rand. Let my luck choose. Hear, the one that points to your right; flame, the other. What do you say?"--I love the fact that these 19 year old boys leave this decision to fate...well Mat's luck!
  • Rand:
    • Sometimes he thought women all belonged to a guild, the way craftsmen in cities did. Put a foot wrong with one, and the next ten you met knew of it, and disapproved.--HA!
Chapter 23: Beyond the Stone
  • Rand:
    • "Ask, Moiraine," Rand said coldly, stuffing the angreal into his belt pouch. "Ask, first. I'm not your pet dog that you can do whatever you want to whenever you want."
    • "By the right of blood," he said, "I ask leave to enter Rhuidean, for the honor of our ancestors and the memory of what was."
    • Rand had been studying Mat all this time. "He comes with me," he said suddenly. "You gave me permission, and he can come with me whether you say he can or not."
  • Wise Ones:
    • The glow of saidar surrounded Amys and Melanie, and flows of Air lifted the fiery-haired man and flung him back a dozen paces.--Wise ones can indeed channel...not all of them but some. 
    • "You, Rand al'Thor, must go into the heart of Rhuidean, to the very center. If you wish to go with him, Mat Cauthon, so be it, but know that most men who enter Rhuidean's heart do not come back, and some return mad. You may carry neither food nor water, in remembrance of our wanderings after the Breaking. You must go to Rhuidean unarmed, save with your hands and your own heart, to honor the Jenn. If you have weapons, place them on the ground before us. They will be here for you when you return. If you return."
      • Ran unsheathed his belt knife and laid it at Amys's feet, then after a moment added the green stone carving of the round little man. "That is the best I can do," he said.
      • Mat began with his belt knife and kept right on, pulling knives from his sleeves and under his coat, even one from down the back of his neck, fashioning a pile that seemed to impress even the Aiel women. He made as if to stop, looked at the women, then took two more from each boot top. "I forgot them," he said with a grin and shrug. The Wise Ones' unblinking looks wiped his grin away.
    • What a dreamwalker sees is what is likely to happen, not what surely will. Those who move with too much knowledge of the future inevitably find disaster, whether from complacency at what they think must come or in their efforts to change it."
    • "Life is uncertainty and struggle, choice and change; one who knew how her life was woven into the Pattern as well as she knew how a thread was laid into a carpet would have the life of an animal."
    • "Humankind is made for uncertainty, struggle, choice and change."
    • "There are some places one cannot enter in Tel'aran'rhoid," Seana said. "Rhuidean. Ogier stedding. A few others. What happens there is shielded from a dreamwalker's eyes."--The ways are another.
    • "Almost anyone can touch Tel'aran'rhoid, but few can truly enter it. Of all the Wise Ones, we four alone can dreamwalk, and your Tower has not produced a dreamwalker in nearly five hundred years. It is not a thing of the One Power, though Aes Sedai believe it is. I cannot channel, nor can Seana, yet we dreamwalk as well as Amys or Melanie."
    • "A dreamwalker enters the dream fully, there fore her injuries are real on waking. For one who is fully in the dream, dreamwalker or not, death there is death here. To enter the dream too completely, though is to lose touch with the flesh; there is no way back and the flesh dies. It is said that once there were those who could enter the dream in the flesh, and no longer be in this world at all. This was an evil thing, for they did evil; it must never be attempted, even if you believe it possible for you, for each time you will lose some part of what makes you human."--Rand does this even though he doesn't know exactly what he's doing. And Perrin does this as well. I don't think it is so much an evil thing as that the people that are known for doing this were evil to being with.
  • Lan:
    • "We know of him, Aes Sedai," Amys made the title sound an address between equals. "The last Malkieri. The man who will not give up his war against the Shadow though his nation is long destroyed by it. There is much honor in him. I knew from the dream that if you came, it was almost certain Aan'allein would as well, but I did not know he obeyed you."--Almost!
  • Moiraine:
    • "Tel'aran'rhoid means the World of Dreams, or perhaps the Unseen World. Neither is really exact; it is more complex than that. Aan'allein. One Man, but also The Man Who Is an Entire People, and two or three other ways to translate it as well. And the words we have taken for common use, and never think of their meanings in the Old Tongue. Warders are call 'Gaidin,' which was 'brothers to battle.' Aes Sedai meant 'servant of all.' And 'Aiel.' 'Dedicated,' in the Old Tongue. Stronger than that; it implies an oath written into your bones. I have often wondered what the Aiel are dedicated to." The Wise Ones' faces had gone to iron but Moiraine continued. "And 'Jenn Aiel.' 'The true dedicated.' The only true Aiel?" She looked at them questioningly, just as if they did not suddenly have eyes of stone. None of them spoke.
Chapter 24: Rhuidean
  • Rand:
    • Rand turned his head to look at him, not speaking. Finally he said, "They never mentioned Rhuidean to me, Mat."
    • Once Rand paused, staring down at two figurines that hardly seemed to deserve a place with the other things. Two statuettes maybe a foot tall, a man and a woman, each holding a crystal sphere aloft in one hand. He half-bent as if to touch them, but straightened so quickly it could almost have been Mat's imagination.--Access keys.
    • "Duty is heavier than a mountain," he sighed.
      • That was part of a saying he had picked up in the Borderlands. "Death is lighter than a feather, duty heavier than a mountain." It sounded like pure foolishness to Mat.
  • Mat:
    • Burn me, if I could get shut of Aes Sedai, I'd never ask for another thing. Well, not for a good long while, anyway. Light, I wonder if anything is hiding in here.
    • "You look out what you're bloody doing," he shouted. "You leave me alone in the Waste with Moiraine ad the bloody Aiel, and I'll strangle you, Dragon Reborn or no!"
  • Acendesora:
    • The tree. Mat found himself moving toward it as if drawn. No tree had those trefoil leaves. No tree but one; a tree of legend.
      • "Avendesora," Rand said softy. "The Tree of Life. It's here."
      • Under the spreading branches, Mat leaped to catch one of those leaves; his outstretched fingers fell a good pace short of the lowest. He satisfied himself with walking deeper beneath that leafy roof and leaning back against the thick bole. After a moment he slid down to sit against it. The old stories were true. He felt... Contentment. Peace. Well-being. Even his feet did not bother him much.
    • "I can believe the stories. Ghoe-tam, sitting beneath Avendesora for forty years to gain wisdom. Right now, I can believe."--Gautama Buddha sitting under the bodhi tree to achieve Nirvana.
  • Eelfinn/Fox people:
    • The fellow was tall, taller than an Aiel, and sinewy, but with shoulders too wide for his narrow waist, and skin as white as the finest paper. Pale leather straps studded with silver crisscrossed his arms and bare chest, and a black kilt hung to his knees. His eyes were too big and almost colorless, set deep in a narrow-jawed face. His short-cut, palely reddish hair stood up like a brush, and his ears, lying flat against his head, had a hint of a point at the top. He leaned toward Mat, inhaling, opening his mouth to pull in more air, flashing sharp teeth. The impression he gave was of a fox about to leap on a cornered chicken.
    • "Never think you have caught a babe in your snare. If you try to cheat me, I will have your hide for a saddlecloth."
      • The fellow started, pale eyes widening, then shrugged and adjusted the silver-studded straps across his chest; his mocking smile seemed tailored to draw attention to what he was doing. Suddenly Mat  found himself wondering where that pale leather came from. Surely not...Oh, Light, I think it is. He managed to stop himself from swallowing, but only just. "Lead, you son of a goat. Your hide is not worth silver studding, Take me where I want to go."
    • "Speak," one of the woman said in that growling voice. "By the ancient treaty, here is agreement made. What is your need? Speak."
    • "I have no intention of marrying, And I have no intention of dying, either, whether I am supposed to live again or not. I walk around with holes in my memory, holes in my life, and you stare at me like idiots. If I had my way, I would want those holes filled, but at least answers to my questions might fill some in my future. You have to answer--!"
      • "Done," one of the men growled, and Mat blinked.--They fill them with the accumulated memories of their previous visitors.
      • Done? What was done?" What did he mean? "Burn your eyes," he muttered. "Burn your souls! You are as bad as Aes Sedai and the Power, and I want to be away from you and back to Rhuidean, if you will not answer me. Open up a door, and let me--"
      • "Done," another man said, and one of the women echoed, "Done."--The Fox head medallion and the ashandarei.
    • "Wise to ask leavetaking, when you set no price, no terms."
      • "Yet fool not to first agree on price."
      • "We will set the price."
    • "What you ask will be given."
      • "The price will be paid."
      • "Burn you," he shouted, "what are you talking--"
      • Utter darkness closed around him. There was something around his throat. He could not breathe. Air. He cold not...--uh-oh!

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