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Wheel of Time Reread: The Shadow Rising part 7

The Shadow Rising: chapters 18 - 21

Chapter 18: Into the Ways
  • "To anger the Ogier and pull the mountains down on your head." Everyone took its meaning as to try to do something that was impossible. Perrin thought maybe the meaning had changed with the years. Maybe in the beginning, it had been "Anger the Ogier, and you pull the mountains down on your head." Difficult to do, but deadly if accomplished. He did not think he would ever want Loial--gentle, fumbling Loial with his broad nose always in a book--to become angry with him.
    • So true! Loial is a freaking bad ass hero whether he wants to be one or not.
  • Gaul laughed. "It is fun to be so young, is it not, Perrin?"
  • I can live with Faile and Perrin acting like stupid stubborn kids, mainly because they are young and they can be idiots. But the fact that Loial gets stuck between this "feud" just ticks me off. Loial is nice Ogier and he deserves more respect then this!
Chapter 19: The Wavedancer
  • "Not the prophecies of the Dragon, Aes Sedai. The Jendai Prophecy, the prophecy of the Coramoor. Not the one you wait for and dread; the one we seek, herald of a New Age."
    • I always found it intersting how prophecy changes based on the ;land and people. They all wait for the same person (the Dragon, the Coramoor, He Who Comes with the Dawn) yet it means something different for each and everyone of them.
  • "Only a fool takes offense at customs different from her own."-Elayne
Chapter 20: Winds Rising
  • "No doubt that second letter of yours touched a nerve. Men always overreact when they let their emotions go; it's the price for holding them in the way they do. He may be the Dragon Reborn, but he must learn, man to woman that--"
  • I love the fact that Lan--and Rand--sent Juilin Sandar to watch Nynaeve's back and Moiraine sent Thom.
  • Thom:
    • "I was talking of change. My epic, if I compose it--and Loial's book--will be no more than seed, if we are both lucky. Those who know the truth will die, and their grandchildren's grandchildren will remember something else again. Two dozen generations, and you may be the hero of it, not Rand."
      • "Me?" she laughed.
      • "Or maybe Mat, or Lan. Or even myself." He grinned at her, arming his weathered face. "Thom Merrilin. Not a gleeman--but what? Who can say? Not eating fire, but breathing it. Hurling it about like an Aes Sedai." He flourished his cloak. "Thom Merrilin, the mysterious hero, toppling mountains and raising up kings." The grin became a rich belly laugh. "Rand al'Thor may be lucky if the next Age remembers his name correctly."
      • Rand, Mat, Thom, Elayne all will become heroes of the Last Battle but let's be honest Lan is By Far the most awe inspiring freaking amazing hero in the Last Battle! Which isn't surprising because Jordan spent 13 books explaining how awesome Lan was but holy heck...why can I not find a Lan for myself!
    • "Go back further, back to the oldest tales I know, from the Age before the Age of Legends. Did Mosk and Merk really fight with spears of fire, and were they even giants? Was Elsbet really queen of the whole world, and was Anla really her sister? Was Anla truly the Wise Counselot, or was it someone else? As well ask what sort of animal ivory comes from, or what kind of plant grows silk. Unless that comes from an animal, too."
      • Mock and Merk--Moscow and America during the cold war.
      • Elsbet--Queen Elizabeth
      • Anla--Ann Landers, Dear Abby
      • Ivory = Elephants, Silk = Silk worms
    • The decay of legends and myths is a big part of the Wheel of Time and is very true of our world as well.
    • "Shara, you say? I have never heard any such name before. Is Shara city or nation or both? Perhaps I will learn a little more."
      • WHAT!? I assumed Shara was the land beyond the Waste but if Thom has never heard of it, then were is it? Where did Damodred find these people? And why do the Sea Folk only know about them?
  • Sea Folk:
    • "The men will give you a different answer," the Windfinder said, smiling, "speaking of strength and grandness and the like as men will, but this is the truth. A ship is alive, and he is like a man, with a true man's heart." She rubbed the rail fondly, as if stroking something alive, something that could feel her caress. "Treat him well and care for him properly, and he will fight for you against the worst sea. He will fight to keep you alive even after the sea has long since given him his own death stroke. Neglect him, though, ignore the small warnings he gives of danger, and he will drown you in a flat sea beneath a cloudless sky."
    • I've always liked poetic description of why they refer to their ships as he.
Chapter 21: Into the Heart
  • Lan:
    • He fought the strings Nynaeve was tying to him as hard as he had ever fought Trollocs in the Blight, but as much as he might deny it, that young woman had bound him as tightly as she herself did, though in other ways. He might as well try tearing steel with his hands as those ties. She was not jealous, exactly, but Lan had been her sword arm, her shield and companion for too many years for her to give him up lightly. I have done what had to be done, there. She will have him if I die, and not before.. Where is the man? What is he doing?
    • I believe this is the first time that Moiraine actually says she intends Nynaeve to have Lan's bond. Why she can't just tell both of them this makes no sense to me.
  • Moiraine:
    • Elayne and Nynaeve should be aboard the raker by now, out of the way. Their voyage might eventually tell her if her suspicions about the Windfinders were correct.--HA! Moiraine believes Windfinders can channel! Moiraine has the Game of Houses embedded to deeply in her soul because there are so many things she should just say out loud; this series would have been a lot shorter if everyone would have just COMMUNICATED with each other!
    • Thom Merrilin's room was empty, and her informants had reported him muttering about Tanchico on his way out of the Stone; he would see they got a good crew and found the right officials. The purported plan with Mazrim Taim was much the more likely of the two, but her messages to the Amyrlin should have taken care of that.--Moiraine might not love Thom yet but she certainly respects him. I don't think we're told who is actually intercepting all of Moiraine's messages but Siuan sure isn't getting them.
    • Moiraine had not believed it herself, at first, had not seen it. Three ta'veren, all the same age, coming out of one village; she must have been blind not to realize they had to be connected. Everything had become much more complicated with that knowledge. Like trying to juggle three of Thom's colored balls one-handed and blindfolded; she had seen Thom do that, but she would not want to try. There was no guide to how they were connected, or what they were supposed to do; the Prophecies never mentioned companions.--I love how no one was expecting the Dragon Reborn to have companions and how it really took everyone by surprise. No one, good and bad, knew what to do with out ta'veren.
    • The secrets Faile had been keeping from Perrin.--That she is a member of the royal family in Saldaea.
    • "You must trust me, Moiraine. As I have so often had to trust you." His face might as well have belonged to an Aiel for all she could read in it.
      • "I will trust you for now. Just do not wait to seek my guidance until it is too late." I will not let you go to the Shadow. I have worked too long to allow that. Whatever it takes.
  • Mat:
    • Mat stood across from them, uncombed and slouching with his hands in the pockets of his high-collared green coat. It was half-unbuttoned, as usual, and his boots were scuffed, in sharp contrast to the precise elegance around him. He shifted nervously as he saw her looking at him, then gave one of his rudely defiant grins. At least he was here, under her eye. Mat Cauthon was an exhausting young man to keep track of, avoiding her spies with ease; he never gave any sign that he knew they were there, but her eyes-and-ears reported that he seemed to slide out of sight whenever they got too close.--I love having our main characters described by others, that and Mat becomes more cool with every book!
  • Egwene:
    • The girl showed promise, picking up on what she did not understand. But she still needed to learn to control her emotions, to see what had to be done as well as she saw what she wished could be done.
  • Rand:
    • "Into the heart he thrusts his sword, into the heart, to hold their hearts. Who draws it out shall follow after, What hand can grasp that fearful blade?"--Narishma is the one who retrieves Callandor.

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