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Wheel of Time Reread: The Shadow Rising part 6

The Shadow Rising: chapters 16 - 17

*Note I have read A Memory of Light so now all reviews may contain entire series spoilers!
Chapter 16: Leavetakings
  • Loial:
    • "Loial," Faile said, stand up from behind one of the banks of flowers with a book in her hands, "is a hero."--Agree 100%
    • "He gathered as many children as he could--and some of their mothers--into a large room, and held the door alone against Trollocs and Myrddraal through the entire fight. These flowers are from the women of the Stone, tokens to honor his steadfast courage, his faithfulness." She made "steadfast" and "faithfulness" crack like whips.
    • "It was nothing." Loial's ears twitched wildly. "It is just that the children could not defend themselves. That's all. Not a hero. No."
      • "Nonsense." Faile marked her place in the book with a finger and moved closer to the Ogier. She did not come up to his chest. "There is not a woman in the Stone who would not marry you, if you were human, and some would anyway. Loial well named, for your nature is loyalty. And woman could love that."
    • "Laefer says the Elders have named me a runaway and my mother has promised to have me married and settled. She even has chosen."--She chose Erith, the Ogier Loial that was beautiful!
    • "Rand's story. And yours, and Mat's. I have so many notes already, but..." He moved around behind the table, peering down at the open book, the pages filled with his neat script. "I will be the one to write the true story of the Dragon Reborn, Perrin. The only book by someone who traveled with him, who actually saw it unfold. The Dragon Reborn, by Loial, son of Arent son of Halan, of Stedding Shangtai."--I would love to read Loial's book!
    • "Well, of course I will help," Loial said. "The Ways." He exhaled noisily, and his ears wilted a bit. "I want to write of adventures, not have them. But I suppose one more time will not hurt. The Light send it so."--Just one more adventure.
    • "Stubborn humans," the Ogier muttered. "Hasty and stubborn, even when haste lands you in a hornet nest."
    • He sensed her moving and shut the door behind him just as something thumped into it heavily. A book, he thought. Loial would give her fits about that. Better to hit Loial on the head than harm one of his books.--So true! I completely understand Loial's affection for books.
  • Gaul:
    • "May you find shade this morning, Gaul.. Women are all hardheaded, it you ask me."
      • "Perhaps so, if you do not know how to get 'round them. I hear you are journeying to the Two Rivers."
    • Gaul shook his head again. "He said only that you were going, and that there were men who might try to kill you. I mean to accompany you, though, if you will have me."
    • This is the book where I really began to like Gaul!
  • Lan:
    • The Warder filled the doorway with his broad shoulders, his face a thunderhead; if his blue eyes could really have given off the thunderbolts they threatened, they would have blasted Nynaeve.
    • "Light, woman!" he roared. "Do not bandy words with me!"
      • Elayne exchanged worried looks with Egwene. This man had an iron self-control, but he was at a breaking point now. Nynaeve was one who often let her emotions rage, yet she faced him coolly, head high and eyes serene, hands still on her green silk skirts.
      • Lan took hold of himself with an obvious effort. He appeared as stone-faced as ever, as much in control himself--and Elayne was sure it was all on the surface.
    • Lan trembled--actually trembled!--and clamped his jaw shut angrily. When he spoke, he was strangely hesitant. "You will need someone to help you in Tanchico. Someone to keep a Taraboner street thief from slipping a knife into your back for your purse. Tanchico was that sort of city before the war began, and everything I've heard says it is worse now. I could...I could protect you, Nynaeve."
      • Elayne's eyebrows shot up. He could not be suggesting...He just could not be.
      • Nynaeve gave no sign that he had said anything out of the ordinary. "Your place is with Moiraine."
      • "Moiraine." Sweat beaded on the Warder's hard face, and he struggled with the words. "I can...I must...Nynaeve, I...I... ."
      • "You will remain with Moiraine," Nynaeve said sharply, "until she releases you from your bond. You will do as I say."
    • "Do you not? You dispose of me very neatly. My bond, and my oaths. This letter." Lan had a dangerous gleam in his eye, which Nynaeve seemed not to notice as she took back the letter and replaced it in the pouch on her belt.
      • "You are very full of yourself, al'Lan Mandragoran. We do as we must, as you will."
      • "Full of myself, Nynaeve al'Meara? I am full of myself?" Lan moved so quickly toward Nynaeve that Elayne very nearly wrapped him in flows of Air before she could think. One moment Nynaeve was standing there, with just time to gape at the tall man sweeping toward her; the next her shoes were dangling a foot off the floor and she was being quite thoroughly kissed. At first she kicked his shins and hammered him with her fists and made sounds of frantic, furious protest, but her kicks slowed and stopped, and then she was holding on to his shoulders and not protesting at all.
      • Egwene dropped her eyes with embarrassment, but Elayne watched interestedly. Was that how she had looked when Rand...
    • After a while Lan set Nynaeve back on her feet. She swayed a bit as she straightened her dress and patted her hair furiously. "You have no right..." she began in a breathless voice, then stopped to swallow. "I will not be manhandled in that fashion for the whole world to see. I will not!"
      • "Not the whole world," he replied. "But if they can see, they can hear as well. You have made a place in my heart where I thought there was no room for anything else. You have made flowers grow where I cultivated dust and stones. Remember this, on this journey you insist on making. If you die, I will not survive you long." He gave Nynaeve one of his rare smiles. If it did not exactly soften his face, at least it made it less hard. "And remember also, I am not always so easily commanded, even with letters from the Amyrlin." He made an elegant bow; for a moment Elayne thought he actually meant to kneel and kiss Nynaeve's Great Serpent ring. "As you command," he murmured, "so do I obey." It was difficult to tell whether he meant to be mocking or not.
    • "Not like that," she said finally. "I mean him to be mine. All of him. I will not have him remembering a broken oath to Moiraine. I will not have that between us. For him, as well as myself."
    • Have I mentioned that Nynaeve and Lan are my favorites! This is one of my favorite chapters in the series!
Chapter 17: Deceptions
  • Thom and Moiraine:
    • Now there was a beautiful woman, with every grace a man could want, including laughing at his quips. Fool! Old fool! She's Aes Sedai, and you're too tired to think straight.
      • Definite foreshadowing...well Moiraine is beautiful but I like to imagine that Jordan is hinting at a future relationship.
    • "Thomdril Merrilin. Called the Gray Fox, once, by some who knew him, or knew of him. Courtbard at the Royal Palace of Andor in Caemlyn. Morgase's lover for a time, after Taringail died. Fortunate for Morgase, Taringail's death. I do not suppose she ever learned he meant her to die and himself to be Andor's first king. But we were peaking of Thom Merrilin, a man who, it was said, could play the game of Houses in his sleep. It is a shame that such a man calls himself a simple gleeman. But such arrogance to keep the same name."
      • I believe that Thom killed Taringail.
    • "Speaking of names," he said levelly, "it is remarkable how much can be puzzled out from a name. Moiraine Damodred. The Lady Moiraine of House Damodred, in Cairhien. Taringail's youngest half-sister. King Laman's niece. And Aes Sedai, let us not forget. An Aes Sedai aiding the Dragon Reborn since before she could have known that he was more than just another poor fool who could channel. As Aes Sedai with connections high in the white Tower, I would say, else she'd not risk what she has. Someone in the Hall of the Tower? More than one, I'd say; it would have to be. News of that would shake the world. But why should there be trouble? Perhaps it's best to leave an old gleeman tucked away in his hole in the servants' quarters. Just an old gleeman playing his harp and telling his tales. Tales that harm no one."
    • "Speculation without facts is always dangerous."-Moiraine
    • She hesitated, but when she spoke her voice was unrelenting firm. "And your reason for leaving Andor? A nephew named Owyn, I believe. One of those poor fools you spoke of who can channel. The Red sisters were supposed to bring him to Tar Valon, as any such man is, but instead they gentled him on the spot and abandoned him to the...mercies of his neighbors."
    • "If you go with Elayne and Nynaeve, I will tell you the names of those Red sisters when I see you next, as well as the name of the one who gave them their orders. They did not act on their own. And I will see you again. You will survive Tarabon."
      • He drew an uneven breath. "What good will their names do me?" he asked in the flat voice. "Aes Sedai names wrapped in all the power of the White Tower."
      • "A skilled and dangerous player of the Game of Houses might find use for them," she replied quietly. "They should not have done what they did. They should not have been excused for it."
      • I don't remember ever actually finding out who the Aes Sedai were.
  • Min:
    • She examined the book. The Way of the Light, by Lothair Mantelar. Opening it, she read at random. "Therefore abjure all pleasure, for goodness is a pure abstract, a perfect crystalline ideal which is obscured by base emotion. Pamper not the flesh. Flesh is weak but spirit is strong; flesh is useless where spirit is strong. Right thought is drowned in sensation, and right action hindered  by passions. Take all joy from rightness, and rightness only." It seemed to be dry nonsense.
      • I've come to terms with Galad being a Whitecloak, mainly because I think he will make them as a whole less corrupt but still the Whitecloaks--really Galad!
    • He smiled at her, unconscious of what he was doing, and she suddenly found herself breathless in truth. Men should not be allowed smiles like that.
    • She barely heard him, because suddenly she was staring at a big man with long dark hair curling around slumped shoulders, wandering aimlessly down one of the graveled paths through the trees, under the watchful eyes of an Accepted. She had seen Logain before, a sad-faced, once hearty man, always with an Accepted for companion. The woman was meant to keep him from killing himself as much as to prevent his escape; despite his size, he truly  did not seem up to anything of the latter sort. But she had never before seen a flaring halo around his head, radiant in gold and blue. It was only there for a moment, but that was enough.
  • "Mazrim Taim has escaped."
    • I don't believe we find out who busted Taim out until A Memory of Light. I believe it was Damodred. And since Damodred helped him escape, he becomes one of his pawns and is in fact not Damodred himself.
  • "The difference is that he is the Dragon Reborn, daughter," the Amyrlin said quietly. "Taim is a wolf, and maybe rabid. Rand al'Thor is the wolfhound we will use to defeat the Shadow. Keep his name to yourself, Leane. Best not to reveal too much too soon."

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