Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Memory.

It's here!

Yep, I got up this morning, got ready, and headed into town to find my copy of Robert Jordan's (and Brandon Sanderson) last and final volume of The Wheel of Time. Fortunately I only had to go as far as Queen Creek's Wal-Mart. And it was there in Wal-Mart's book aisle that I found this beautiful book--embarrassingly enough if made me tear up. Yes, I am that big of a book nerd; the final installment of a remarkable fantasy series that I started reading when I was in high school make me tear up. 

Since this is the last time I will ever read a Wheel of Time book for the first time I picked up a few things to make sure that I do this right. I hurried home sat down and...paused. I'm almost afraid to open it now. I've waited so long--not as long as some but twelve of my twenty-eight years--and now I'm not sure I want it to be over. But I need to know!!

There are neither beginnings nor endings to the Wheel of Time but this is most definitely the beginning of what I hope is an amazing and satisfying ending!

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