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Wheel of Time Reread: The Shadow Rising part 3

The Shadow Rising: chapters 6 - 9

Chapter 6: Doorways
  • Moiraine:
    • "I could wager I know the face of the man I will marry better than either of you knows that of your future husband."
    • "The Forsaken will not stand idly and wait. Sammael cannot be the only one to have seized a nation's reins, just the lone one we know. They will come after Rand eventually, in their own persons perhaps, but certainly with whatever armies they command. And the nations that are free of the Forsaken? How many will cry glory to the Dragon banner and follow him to Tarmon Gai'don, and how many will convince themselves the fall of the Stone is a lie and Rand only another false Dragon perhaps strong enough to threaten them if they do not move against him first? One way or another, war will come."
      • I really hope the first time I read this that I put together that Gaebril was a Forsaken.
    • "Nothing makes this war better, or cleaner. Except that it will cement the Tairens to him, and the Illianers will end up following him just as the Tairens do now. How could they not, once the Dragon banner flies over Illian? Just the news of his victory might decide the wars in Tarabon and Arad Doman in his favor; there are wars ended for you."
      • "In one stroke he will make himself so strong in terms of men and swords that only a coalition of every remaining nation from here to the Blight can defeat him, and with the same blow he shows the Forsaken that he is not a plump partridge on a limb for the netting. That will make them wary, and buy him the time to learn to use his strength. He must move first, be the hammer, not the nail." The Aes Sedai grimaced slightly, a hint of her earlier anger marring her clam. "He must move first. And what does he do? He reads, Reads himself into deeper trouble."
  • Nynaeve:
    • "More riddles?" Nynaeve said contemptuously. "War used to be something I heard about from peddlers, something far away that I didn't really understand. I know what it is, now. Men killing me. Men behaving like animals, reduced to animals. Villages burned, farms and fields burned. Hunger, disease and death, for the innocent as the guilty."
    • "Rand is not the only one who might die next year, or next month, We might, too. Times are not what they were, and we cannot be, either. if you sit and wish for what you want, you may not see it this side of the grave."
  • Prophecies of the Dragon:
    • "Power of the Shadow made human flesh, wakened to turmoil, strife and ruin. The Reborn One, marked and bleeding, dances the sword in the dreams and mist, chains the Shadowsworn to his will, from the city, lost and forsaken, leads the spears to war once more, breaks the spears and makes them see, truth long hidden in the ancient dream."
      • A prophecy about Rhuidean. Rand reveals the secret of the Aiel's past and then leads them to war.
  • The Red Doorframe Ter'angreal:
    • "There is one particular ter'angreal in the Holding, a thing like a redstone doorframe, subtly twisted to the eye. If I cannot make him reach some decision, I may have to step through." The small blue stone on her forehead trembled, sparkling. Apparently she was not eager to take that step.
    • "To gain answers. Three answers, each true, about past, present or future."
    • "You three rush in blindly where Lan and a hundred Warders would tread warily. Why do you think I have not stepped through? Days ago I could have asked what Rand must do to survive and triumph, how he can defeat the Dark One, how he can learn to control the Power and hold off madness long enough to do what he must." She waited, hands on hips, while it sank in. None of them spoke. "There are rules," she went on, "and dangers. No on may step through more than once. Only once. You may ask three questions, but you must ask all three and hear the answers before you may leave. Frivolous questions are punished, it seems, but it also seems what may be serious for one can be frivolous coming from another. Most importantly, questions touching the Shadow have dire consequences."
      • "If you ask about the Black Ajah, you might be returned dead, or come out a gibbering madwoman, if you came out at all. As for Rand...I am not certain it is possible to ask a question about the Dragon Reborn that does not touch the Shadow in some way. You see? Sometimes there are reasons for caution."
    • This little doorway and its twin sure cause Mat a lot of trouble.
  • Egwene:
    • "How can reading put him in trouble?"
    • "My mother says men are different from us. She says we want to be in love, but only with the one we want; a man needs to be love, but he will love the first woman to tie a string to his heart."
Chapter 7: Playing with Fire
  • Rand:
    • It seemed that all the darkness in the world rested there in Rand's side, all the world's evil in a festering sore only lightly covered by tender scar tissue.
    • Goose bumps--A man can tell if a woman is channeling.
    • "Sometimes I need to do a thing, and I do it, but only afterward do I know what it was I did, or how. It's almost like remembering something I've forgotten. But I can remember how to do it again. Most of the time."
Chapter 8: Hard Heads
  • Why was it women could go to pieces or fly into a rage at the smallest thing, yet never flicker an eyelash at what left you gaping?
  • Mat:
    • In the end, she told him of the ter'angreal, the twisted doorway that held answers on its other side. It was the dangers she emphasized, the consequences of foolish questions, or those touching the Shadow, the dangers even Aes Sedai might know. She was more than flattered that he had come to her, but he had to show a little sense. "You must remember this, Mat. Frivolous questions can get you killed, so if you do use it, you will have to be serious for a change. And you mustn't ask any questions that touch the Shadow."-Egwene
    • "I promise." He grinned. "I won't go near that thing unless my life depends on it. I swear." He finished with mock solemnity.
  • Why oh why would Egwene ever tell Mat about a ter'angreal that she didn't want him using. I don't know if it was just his tavereness or just...stupidity but telling Mat NOT to go near something was probably is just plain stupid.
Chapter 9: Decisions
  • Nynaeve:
    • Nynaeve, seeming to feel the rush of time as keenly as Egwene, gave her free moments to preparing foods the Warder liked with her own hands, not to mention curses that sometimes drove the cooks from the kitchen; Nynaeve did not know very much about cooking.
  • Elayne:
    • "A wise ruler takes advice," she told him, smiling, "but should never be seen to take it. Let them think you know more than you do. It will not harm them, and it will help you."
  • Rand:
    • Could he use a sword against a woman, against Selene? No, against Lanfear, against one of the Forsaken.
    • Yet he saw a woman. He called himself nine kinds of fool, but he could not do it. Maybe if she tried to kill him. Maybe. But all she did was stand there, watching, waiting. No doubt ready to do things with the Power he did not even know were possible, if he attempted to hold her. He had managed to block Elayne and Egwene, but that had been one of those things he did without thinking, the way of it buried somewhere in his head. He could only remember that he had done it, not how. At least he had a firm grip on saidin; she would not surprise him that way again. The stomach-wrenching taint was nothing; saidin was life, perhaps in more ways than one.
    • Rand's whole I can't kill a woman thing only gets worse and way more annoying.
  • Lanfear:
    • "You are Lews Therin Telamon. Oh, physically, nothing is the same except your height, but I would know who is behind those eyes even if I'd found you in your cradle."
    • The air rippled around Lanfear, and she changed. She was--older than he, certainly, but older was not the right word. More mature. Riper. Even more beautiful, if that was possible. A lush blossom in full flower compared to a bud. Even knowing what she was, she made his mouth go dry, his throat tighten.
    • "Kill you?" she spat incredulously. "Kill you! I mean to have you, forever. You were mine long before that pale-haired milksop stole you. Before she ever saw you. You love me!"
      • "And you loved power!" For a moment he felt dazed. The words sounded true--he knew they were true--but where had they come from?
      • Holy crap I think this was the first time Lew Therin sneaks through here!
    • A dangerous gleam flashed in her eyes and was gone. "Do you know why some of us fear you? Do you have any idea? Because they are afraid the Great Lord of the Dark will give you a place above them."
      • Rand surprised himself by managing a laugh. "Great Lord of the Dark? Can't you say his true name, either? Surely you don't fear to attract his attention, as decent people do. Or do you?"
      • "It would be blasphemy," she said simply. "They are right to be afraid, Sammael and the rest. The Great Lord does want you. He wants to exalt you above all other men. He told me."
    • "Kneel to the Great Lord, and he will set you above all others. He will leave you free to reign as you will, so long as you bend knee to him only once. To acknowledge him. No more than that. He told me this. Asmodean will teach you to wield the Power without it killing you, teach what you can do with it. Let me help you. We can destory the others. The Great Lord will not care. We can destroy all of them, even Asmodean, once he has taught you all you need to know. You and I can rule the world together under the Great Lord, forever." Her voice dropped to a whisper, equal parts eagerness and fear. "Two great sa'angreal were made just before the end, one that you can use, one that I can. Far greater than that sword. Their power is beyond imagining. With those, we could challenge even...the Great Lord himself. Even the Creator!"
    • "You do not have to. Prophecy is no more than the sign of what people hope for. Fulfilling the Prophecies will only bind you to a path leading to Tarmon Gai'don and your death. Moghedien or Sammael can destroy your body. The Great Lord of the Dark can destroy your soul. An end utter and complete. You will never be born again no matter how long the Wheel of Time turns!"
    • "You were always stubborn," she muttered. "I won't take you, this time. I want you to come to me of your own will. And I will have it."

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