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Wheel of Time Reread: The Shadow Rising part 2

The Shadow Rising: chapters 3 - 5

Chapter 3: Reflection
  • Perrin and Faile:
    • "Oh, Perrin, sometimes I believe it is your innocence I enjoy most of all." Sure enough, traces of laughter silvered her voice. "You go on your friend and tell me of it in the morning. As much as you want to."-Faile
  • Rand:
    • The Warder's eyes swung to Rand. "I thought you were old enough to shave without someone to guide your hand."
      • Rhuarc smile, a slight smile but the first Perrin had ever seen from him in Lan's presence. "He is young yet. He will learn."
      • Lan glanced back at the Aielman, then returned the smile, just as slightly.
      • Oh boys!
    • "He is only trying to find his way," Lan said suddenly. "No man likes to run forward blindly when he knows there is a cliff somewhere ahead."
    • "I won't be chased any more. Not even out of a bed."
      • "Tai'shar Manetheren," Lan muttered.
      • This time even Rhuarc looked startled, but if Moiraine heard the Warder compliment Rand, she gave no sign of it. She was staring at Rand, her face smooth but thunderheads in her eyes. Rand wore a quizzical little smile, as if wondering what she would try next.
  • Bubble of Evil:
    • "As the seals holding the Dark One's prison weaken," she said after a time, "it may be inevitable that a...miasma...will escape even while he is still held. Like bubbles rising from the things rotting on the botton of a pond. But these bubbles will drift through the Pattern until they attach to a thread and burst."-Moiraine
Chapter 4: Strings
  • Thom:
    • He tried to pay no more attention to one woman than any other, and all of it lighthearted and laughing. Make them laugh, even make them sigh, but avoid entanglements, that was his motto; he had no time for those. That was what he told himself.
      • One of the reasons I like Thom and Mat together so much is because they are both quite good with the ladies!
    • But if he did, Rand would have no one except Moiraine to keep the High Lords from maneuvering him into corners, and maybe cutting his throat. She could do it, of course. Using different methods than his. he thought she could. She was Cairhienin, which meant she had probably taken in the game of Houses with her mother's milk. And she would tie another string to Rand for the White Tower while she was about it. Mesh him in an Aes Sedai net so strong he would never escape. But if the boy was going mad already....
    • If he was caught, too, Thom decided, it would be worth it to help one man, at least, keep free of Aes Sedai. Worth it, to make a payment on that fifteen-year-old debt.
    • I've always liked Thom and how he just adopted these naive boys and does all he can to simply help them. 
  • Mat:
    • "They didn't want to gamble any more tonight," Mat said sourly, dropping onto the three-legged stool that served as a second chair. His coat was undone and his hair disheveled. His brown eyes darted around, never resting on one spot long, but their usual twinkle, suggesting that the lad saw something funny where no one else did, was missing tonight.
      • You know it is bad when Mat loses his twinkle!
    • "You could avoid eyes if you put your mind to it. I've never seen anyone as good at sneaking about as you. I mean that as a compliment."-Thom
    • Mat raked his fingers through his hair. "Thom, I think about leaving all the time, but...I get these strange feelings. Almost as if something was going to happen. Something...Momentous; that's the word. It's like knowing there'll be fireworks for Sunday, only I don't know what it is I'm expecting. Whenever I think too much about leaving, it happens. And suddenly I've found some reason to stay another day. Always just one more bloody day. Doesn't that sound like Aes Sedai work to you?"
      • Ta'veren
    • "I want more than cows and sheep and tabac for the rest of my life. I want--" Mat shook his head. "All these holes in memory. Sometimes I think if I could just fill them in, I'd know...Burn me, I don't know what I'd know, but I know I want to know it. That's a twisty riddle, isn't it?"
      • Cuidado Mat, you'll get what you ask just wont be what you expect but it will fill those holes. You're in for more riddles too!
    • The boy chortled at having the first go and placed the stone on the crosshatched board. No one seeing the eagerness in his eyes would have suspected that only moments before he had been twice as eager to go. A greatness he refused to recognize clinging to his back, and an Aes Sedai intent on keeping him for one of her pets. The lad was well and truly caught.
      • Have I mentioned how much I love Mat! "A greatness he refused to recognize clinging to his back", I love that line!
Chapter 5: Questioners
  • Black Ajah:
    • Temaile:
      • "I only heard a little before they saw me. Liandrin said there was something in Tanchico, something dangerous him."
        • The sad bracelets, Domination Bands are the male a'dams.
    • Joiya Byir:
      • She had been Gray Ajah, and had lost none of the Grays' cool self-possession on shifting her allegiance to the Black.
    • "The false Dragon, Mazrim Taim, who was captured in Saldaea, can channel with incredible strength. Perhaps as much as Rand al'Thor, or nearly so, if the reports can be believed. Before he can be brought to Tar Valon and gentled, Liandrin means to break him free. He will be proclaimed as the Dragon Reborn, his name given as Rand al'Thor, and then he will be set to destruction on such a scale as the world has not seen since the War of the Hundred Years."
      • This might be completely made up but it sounds like a really good plan, much better than what the Black Ajah actually does.

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