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Wheel of Time Reread: The Dragon Reborn part 6

The Dragon Reborn: chapters 31 - 38

Chapter 31: The Woman of Tanchico
  • The harper was a lean man who would have been tall except for a stoop, and he moved with a limp when he shifted his footing on the tabletop. Even here inside, he wore his cloak, all covered with fluttering patches in a hundred colors. He always wanted everyone to know he was a gleeman. His long mustaches and bushy eyebrows were as snow-white as the thick hair on his head, and his blue eyes held a look of sorrow as he recited. The look was as unexpected as the man. Mat had never known Thom Merrilin to be a sorrowful man.
  • He knew Thom had seen him. The old gleeman had nearly stopped they story dead when Mat came in. That was new, too. Few things startled Thom enough for him to let it show, and nothing short of Trollocs had ever made him stop a story in the middle that Mat knew.
  • Thom:
    • "Two," Thom murmured. "Morgase had a temper, but I thought I could ignore that, so it ended with her wanting to kill me. Dena, I killed. As good as. Not much difference. Two chances I've had, more than most, and I threw them both away."
    • "Moiraine is still with him, is she? A fine-looking woman. A fine woman, if she were not Aes Sedai. Meddle with that sort, and you get more than your fingers burned."
    • "Know? I don't know anything, boy. I suspect more than is healthy for me, but I know nothing."
    • Cairhien," the old gleeman muttered, the sharpness fading from his eyes again. "Such trouble it causes killing a man, even when he deserves killing...Kill a man who needs killing, and sometimes others pay for it. The question is, was it worth doing anyway? There's always a balance, you know. Good and evil. Light and Shadow. We would not be human if there wasn't a balance."
    • Why would the Red Ajah remember Thom? What did he do for Owyn?
  • Mat:
    • "Don't I smell chicken roasting? Bring me three or four."
    • "What did you do, boy? Stuff them up your sleeve?" There was nothing left of the three birds but bones and carcasses with only a few strips of flesh remaining.
      • "Sometimes I get hungry," Mat muttered. It was an effort not to lick his fingers. "Are you coming with me, or not?"
      • "Oh, I will come, boy." As Thom pushed himself to his feet, he did not seem as unsteady as he had been. "You wait here--and try not to eat the table--while I get my things and say some goodbyes."-Thom and Mat
Chapter 32: The First Ship
  • "Are you...?" The bearded man's voice was a hoarse whisper. "Are any chance...a young lord in disguise?"
    • "I am no lord."- Huan Mallia and Mat
  • A young man dressed like a farmboy but with the air and confidence of the lord he denied being.
  • The High Lord Samon/Be'lal
    • "I never heard of any High Lord Samon."
      • It was Mat's turn to be dry. "Well, even you cannot know everything about all the kings and queens and nobles there are, Thom. One or two might just have escaped your notice."
      • "I know the names of the kings and the queens, boy, and the names of all the High Lords of Tear, too. I suppose they could have raised a Lord of the Land, but I'd think I would have heard of the old High Lord dying. If you had settled for booting some poor fellows out of their cabin instead of taking the captain's , we'd each have a bed to ourselves, narrow and hard as it might be. Now we have to share Mallia's. I hope you don't snore, boy. i cannot abide snoring."-Thom and Mat.
  • Two men. No, burn me, three! I don't think I ever hurt another human being before, and now I've killed three men in one night. Light!
  • Mat stumbled down the ladder, stepped over the two bodies in the passage, and slammed the door of the captain's cabin behind him. He made it halfway to the bed before the shaking hit him, and then all he could do was sink down on his knees. Light, what game am I playing in? I have to know the game if I'm going to win. Light, what game?
  • Rand:
    • They say I'm the Dragon Reborn, too. They all say it. The living say it, and the dead. That doesn't make it true. I had to let them proclaim me. Duty. I had no choice, but that does not make it true.
Chapter 33: Within the Weave
  • Darkhounds:
    • If dogs had been able to make footprints on stone, he would have said it was the print of a large hound. There were no hound's footprints in any of the bare ground he could see, where softer dirt on the verge might take one, and no smell of any dog's trail. Just a faint trace in the air of something burned, almost the sulfurous smell left by setting off fireworks.
  • But afoot or mounted, he seemed to be staying ahead of them. Rand's ta'veren-ness is in full effect if Lan cannot catch up to him even when he doesn't have a horse. 
  • "The Creator is good, Perrin. The Father of Lies is evil. The Pattern of Age, the Age Lace itself, is neither. The Pattern is what is. The Wheel of Time weaves all lives into the Pattern, all actions. A pattern that is all one color is no pattern. For the Pattern of an Age, good and ill are the warp and the woof."-Moiraine
  • Gaul:
    • A tall man dressed all in grays and browns sat in the cage, holding his knees under his chin. He had no room to do otherwise. Three small boys were pitching stones at him. The man looked straight ahead, not flinching when a stone made it between the bars. More than one trickle of blood stained his face.
  • Faile:
    • At the top, Perrin paused to look back. He heard the murmurs of "Lady" and "Ogier" down there, could feel all those eyes, but it seemed to him that he felt one pair of eyes in particular, someone staring not at Moiraine and Loial, but at him.
    • He picked her out immediately. For one thing, she stood apart from the others, and for another she was the only woman in the room not wearing at least a little lace. Her dark gray almost black, dress was as plain as the ship captains' clothes, with wide sleeves and narrow skirts, and never a frill or stitch of fancy-work. The dress was divided for riding, he saw when she moved, and she wore soft boots that peeked out under the hem. She was young--no older than he was, perhaps--and tall for a woman, with black hair to her shoulders. A nose that just missed being too large and too bold, a generous mouth, high cheekbones, and dark, slightly tilted eyes. He could not quite decide whether she was beautiful or not.
Chapter 34: A Different Dance
  • Perrin:
    • He buckled on his axe, then paused. he had done it without thinking; wearing the thing had become as natural as breathing. He did not like that. But he left the belt around his waist, and went out.
    • "You sometimes forget, Perrin, that you are a good-looking young man. Some girls admire a pair of shoulders."-Moiraine
    • "I don't like seeing people in cages."-Perrin
    • He had no time for crying out, none for regrets; more Whitecloaks followed before the first fell. He hated the gaping wounds the axe made, hated the way it chapped through mail to rend flesh beneath, split helmet and skull with almost equal ease. He hated it all. But he did not want to die.
    • He fought for his life, and he could not have said whether it lasted seconds or all night.
    • I honestly forgot how many times Perrin has run ins with the Whitecloaks. But Perrin is pretty awesome here!
  • Gaul:
    • There was no fear scent on him.
    • "Well?" Perrin whispered hoarsely. "I opened it, but I'm not going to bloody carry you."
    • "I am Gaul, of the Imran sept of the Shaarad Aiel, wetlander. I am Shae'an M'taal, a Stone Dog. My water is yours."
      • "Well, I am Perrin Aybara. Of the Two Rivers. I'm a blacksmith."
      • Aiel!! I'm so happy we've finally met Gaul. I cannot not wait for the Maidens!
    • "Why do you call me 'wetlander'?"
      • ..."Crossing these...rivers...has nearly unmanned me. I never thought there could be such a thing as too much water, but I never thought there was so much water in the world as you wetlanders have."-Perrin and Gaul
    • "We look for He Who Comes With the Dawn."
      • ..."You are looking in the wrong direction, Gaul. I'm looking for him, too, and he is on his way to Tear."Gaul and Perrin
    • As if he had all the time in the world, Gaul calmly lifted a dark cloth from his shoulders and wrapped it around his face except for his eyes. "Do you like to dance, Perrin Aybara?" he asked. With that, he darted away from the cage. Straight at the oncoming Whitecloaks.
    • It was like a dance, from one to the next without stopping or slowing, though the tripped fellow was climbing back to his feet, and the one with the broken arm had shifted his sword. Gaul danced on in the midst of them.
    • "You do not dance the spears, Perrin Aybara.
    • "Sarien and I were careless, being so long in these soft lands, and the wind was from the wrong direction, so we smelled nothing. We walked into them before we knew it. Well, Sarien is dead, and I was caged like a fool, so perhaps we paid enough. It is time for running now, wetlander. Tear; I will remember it." At last he lowered the black veil. "May you always find water and shade Perrin Aybara." Turning, he ran into the night.
  • Lan-Why did Lan think Faile was running away?!
Chapter 35: The Falcon
  • Loial:
    • "Why, it is just like old times." The Ogier had managed to mute his voice; he sounded like a bumblebee only the size of a dog instead of a horse. "Sneaking away in the night, with enemies behind us, and maybe enemies ahead, and danger in the air, and the cold tang of adventure."
      • "I believe you are someing to like danger! Loial, you must be crazy!"
      • "I am only fixing the mood in my head," Loial said sounding formal. Or perhaps defensive. "For my book. I have to put it all in. I believe I am coming to like it. Adventuring  Of course, I am." His ears gave two violent twitches. "I have to like it if I wish to write of it."
    • It's sad that Loial didn't get to sleep in his Ogier bed.
  • Faile:
    • She had an herbal scent to her, light and fresh and clean....he cout not decide if her nose fit her face, or dominated it.
    • "I do not like things I cannot account for...So there I have an" she looked around, then dropped her voice, though the closest crewman was working a sweep ten feet away--"an Aes Sedai, a Warder, and Ogier-and you. A countryman, but first look at you." Her tilted eyes rose to study his yellow ones intently--he refused to look away--and she smiled. "Only you free a caged Aielman, hold a long talk with him, then help him chop a dozen Whitecloaks into sausage. I assume you do this regularly; you certainly looked as if it were nothing out of the ordinary for you. I scent something strange in a party of travelers such as yours, and strange trails are what Hunters look for."
      • He blinked; there was no mistaking that emphasis. " A Hunter? You? You cannot be a Hunter. You're a girl."
    • "Nimble fingers and nimble wits will take you a good deal further than a sword and muscles. Sharp eyes help, as well, but fortunately, I have these things." she's talking about her knives!
    • "Every queen of Manetheren was an Aes Sedai, and the king the Warder bound to her. I can't imagine a place like that, but that is what the books say. It was a large land--most of Andor and Ghealdan and more besides--but the capitol, the city itself, was in the Mountains of Mist. That is where I think the Horn is. Unless you four lead me to it."
    • "I call myself Mandab." He could not stop the guffaw that burst out of him. Those tilted eyes regarded him with heat. "I will teach you something, farmboy." He voice remained level. Barely. "In the Old Tongue, Mandarb means 'blade.' It is a name worthy of a Hunter of the Horn!"
      • ..."You se that black stallion? His name is Mandarb."
      • The heat went out of her eyes, and spots of color bloomed on her cheeks. "Oh. I was born Zarine Bashere, but Zarine is no name for a Hunter."
      • She looked so crestfallen that he hastened to say, "I like the name Zarine. It suits you."
      • ..."Farmboy! Perhaps I will call myself Faile. My father used to call me that, when I was little. It means 'falcon'."
    • Perrin's found his falcon! I like Faile!!
Chapter 36: Daughter of the Night
  • Lanfear:
    • "I serve," she said quickly. "I have served the Lord of the Twilight long. Long did I lie imprisoned for my service, in an endless, dreamless sleep. Only Gray Men and Myrddeaal are denied dreams. Even Trollocs can dream. Dreams were always mine, to use and walk. Now I am free again, and I will use what is mine."
      • ..."You always thought yourself greater than you were, Lanfear."-Lanfear and Ba'alzamon
  • "I had a dream," he told her, and proceeded to tell her of it. All of it. He even pulled up his shirt to show her the small circle on his chest, red, with wavy red lines radiating from it. He had kept things from her before, and he suspected he would again, but this might be too important to hold back. The pin was the smallest part of a pair of scissors, and the easiest made, but without it, the scissors cut no cloth.
  • Faile:
    • "Zarine. It is a Saldean name. No woman would name her daughter that unless she expected her to be a great beauty. And a heartbreaker. One to lie on cushions in palaces, surrounded by servants and suitors." She smiled, briefly but with great amusement. "Perhaps you have another reason to be careful, Perrin, if there is a Zarine as a passenger with us."
  • Favorite Lines:
    • "You did not have to scare me to death just so you could tell me there was no need to be frightened!"-Perrin
  • Rand:
    • Frowning, he peered at the line. He had been sure there were only ten men, but eleven men knelt in that line, one of them without armor of any sort but with a dagger still gripped in his hand.--Gray Man.
Chapter 37: Fires in Cairhien
  • Dreams:
    • Perrin--I think this is the first time we hear of the falcon and hawk fighting.
    • Min--The steel trap Min springs is the Tower coup.
    • Mat--I believe this is the first connection we get between Mat and Aludra's fireworks.
Chapter 38: Maidens of the Spear
  • Aviendha:
    • Looking at her, Egwene felt s sudden off affinity for the woman. She could not understand it.--Egwene can feel Aviendha's ability to channel.
    • "My name is Aviendha...of the Nine Valleys sept of the Taardad Aiel...I am Far Dareis Mai, a Maiden of the Spear."
  • Fists:
    • Bain, of the Black Rock sept of the Goshien Aiel.
    • Chiad, of the Stones River Sept of the Goshein Aiel.
    • Firstsisters
    • Jolien of the Salt Flat sept of the Nakai Aiel
    • Dailin of the Nine Valleys sept of the Goshein Aiel.
  • Nynaeve:
    • What Nynaeve had done in those few seconds had seemed like weaving four carpets a once while blindfolded.--Yes, Nynaeve has super healing powers and is awesome.

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