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Wheel of Time Reread: The Dragon Reborn part 3

The Dragon Reborn: chapters 10 - 18

Chapter 10: Secrets
  • Verin:
    • "You must learn there is a time to speak all of the truth, and a time to govern your tongue. The least of the lessons you must learn, but important, if you mean to live long enough to wear the shawl of a full sister."
    • "Always plan for the worst, child; that way, all your surprises will be pleasant ones."-Verin
    • "Rumor takes wing along a hundred paths."-Verin
  • Favorite Lines:
    • "The One Power won't do you much good if somebody kills you before you can use it."-Hurin
    • "Now the real danger begins."-Verin
Chapter 11: Tar Valon
  • "I always expect trouble...and so should you. In the Tower most of all. You must all of you be more careful than ever, now. Your...tricks...frightened away the Whitecloaks, but inside the Tower they may well bring you death or stilling"-Verin
  • This is the last time we see Hurin--unless he pops up in A Memory of Light.
  • The Map of Tar Valon
    • I read somewhere that it looked like Manhattan and was floored when I looked it up--it totally does!
  • Favorite Lines:
    • "Men! They always say to send for them if you need them, but when you need one, you need him right then."-Nynaeve
Chapter 12: The Amyrlin Seat
  • Dragons:
    • "Did you know the two false Dragons no longer trouble the world?...Yes. Mazrim Taim is in the hands of our sisters in Saldaea, and the poor fellow in Haddon mirk, the Light have pity on his soul, was taken by the Tairens and executed on the spot. No one even seems to know what his name was. Both were taken on the same day and, according to rumor, under the same circumstances. They were in battle, and winning, when suddenly a great light flashed in the sky, and a vision appeared, just for an instant. There was a dozen different versions of what it was, but in both cases the result was exactly the same. The false Dragon's horse reared up and threw him. He was knocked unconscious, and his followers cried out that he was dead, and fled the field, and he was taken."-Siuan Sanche
      • "The true Dragon has been Reborn," Verin said almost to herself. "and so the Pattern has no room for false Dragons anymore. We have loosed the Dragon Reborn on the world. The Light have mercy on us."
  • The Horn:
    • "Rand was not first to sound the Horn. Matrim Cauthon did that."-Verin
    • We learn that Mat is linked to the horn!
Chapter 13: Punishments
  • Black Ajah:
    • "This is known, child. Suspected, at least, and as good as know. Liandrin left the Tower some months ago, and twelve other--women--went with her. None as been seen since. Before they left, they tried to break into the storeroom where the angreal and sa'angreal are kept, and did manage to enter that where the smaller ter'angreal are stored. They stole a number of those, including several we do not know the use of."-Siuan
  • Ter'angreal:
    • Existing in greater numbers than either angreal or sa'angreal though still not common, they used the One Power rather than helping to channel it, and no one truly understood them. Many would work only for someone who could channel, needing the actual channeling of the Power, while others did what they did for anyone....Each had apparently been made for a specific purpose by those Aes Sedai of three thousand years ago, to do a certain thing, and Aes Sedai since hid died trying to learn what; died, or had the ability to channel burned out of them. There were sisters of the Brown Ajah who had made ter'angreal their life's study.
  • Siuan Sanche, The Amrylin Seat:
    • "When there are fish heads and blood in the water, you don't need to see the silverpike to know they are there."
  • Elayne:
    • "Do not be childish...Sharing the same father makes Galad your brother, too, whether or not you like him. I will not allow childishness out of you, girl. A measure of stupidity can be tolerated in a novice; it is not allowed in one of the Accepted."-Siuan
  • Favorite Lines:
    • "To neither to push nor to pull."-Leane
Chapter 14: The Bite of the Thorn
  • The Amyrlin was strength personified. For all her own raw power, the woman on the other side of the table had the knowledge and experience to wind her around a spindle. To see her suddenly wavering--like a girl who knew she had to dive head first into a pond without any idea how deep it was or whether there were rocks or mud on the bottom--to see that, chilled Egwene right to her core.
  • Black Ajah:
    • "No one kills my people and walks away unscathed. And I'll not let thirteen trained Aes Sedai serve the Shadow.
    • "You two are to be my hounds, hunting the Black Ajah. No one will believe it of you, not a pair of half-trained Accepted I humiliated publicly."
    • "I'd rather hunt them than sit wondering if the Aes Sedai teaching me is really a Darkfriend. And whatever they are up to, I do not want to wait until they're ready to find out what it is."-Nynaeve
    • The Letter:
      • What the bearer does is done at my order and by my authority. Obey, and keep silent, at me command.
        • "If that paper is a shield...well, paper shields are flimsy, and this one may have a target painted on it."-Siuan
    • Thirteen Aes Sedai:
      • Amico Nagoyin (Yellow); Asne Zeramene (Green); Berylla Naron (Blue); Chesmal Emry  (Yellow); Eldrith Jhondar (Brown); Falion Bhoda (White); Ispan Shefar (Blue); Jeaine Caide (Green); Joiua Byir (Gray); Liandrin (Red); Marillin Gemalphin (Brown); Rianna Andomeran (White); Temaile Kinderode (Gray)
  • Siuan Sanche:
    • "Trust is as slippery as a basket of eels, sometimes.
    • "But when you don't have an oar, child, any plank will do to paddle the boat ashore."
Chapter 15: The Gray Man
  • "How will they see us as a threat? nobody is threatened by someone they can order about. Nobody is threatened by someone who has to scrub pots and turn the spits three times a day. That's why the Amyrlin is putting us to work in the kitchens. Part of the reason, anyway."-Egwene
    • Very interesting that Egwene says this line since she is later captured and treated worse when she is Amyrlin.
  • The Three Oaths:
    • "I meant every word, Egwene. There are other ways to defend ourselves. If there were not, Aes Sedai would be killed every time they left the Tower. We just have to reason those ways out, and use them"-Nynaeve
  • Gray Men:
    • Sheriam put a hand to the man's chest, and jerked it back twice as fast, hissing. Steeling herself visibly, she touched him again, and maintained the Touch longer. "Dead," she muttered. "As dead as it is possible to be, and more."
    • "He is one of the Soulless. A Gray Man."-Sheriam
    • "The Soulless, the Gray Men, give up their souls to serve the Dark One as assassins. They are not really alive, after that. Not quite  dead, but not truly alive. And despite the name, some Gray Men are women. A very few. Even among Darkfriends, only a handful of women are stupid enough to make that sacrifice. You can look right at them and hardly notice them, until it is too late. He was as much as dead while he walked. Now, only my eyes tell me that what is lying there ever lived at all...No Gray Man has dared enter Tar Valon since the Trolloc Wars."-Sheriam
    • "Did you notice what Sheriam did not mention?"
      • "No. What?"
      • "She never wondered who stabbed him. Now, come on. My room is just down here, and you can put your feet up while we talk."-Nynaeve and Egwene
  • Nynaeve:
    • Secrets. We've learned to keep too many secrets since coming to the Tower.
    • Quiet anger filled Nynaeve's voice; her anger was always at its worst when she grew quiet with it.
    • "She would not say anything," Nynaeve muttered. "We must ask questions if we are to do any good, Egwene. We will have to take a few chances, or we'll never learn anything."
Chapter 16: Hunters Three
  • Galad:
    • "That young man has too fair a face for his own good."-Nynaeve
    • "I will admit that Galad is good-looking. But he is horrid, too. He always does right, as he sees it I know that does not sound horrid, but it is. He has never disobeyed Mother, not in the smallest thing that I know of. He will not tell a lie, even a small one, or break a rule. If he turns you in for breaking one, there isn't the slightest spite in it--he seems sad you could not live up to his standards, if anything--but that doesn't change the fact that he will turn you in."-Elayne
  • Nynaeve:
    • It was plain that however brave Nynaeve's words, she was afraid. But she won't let Mat die even if it means risking death herself.
Chapter 17: The Red Sister
  • Rand:
    • "An interesting young man." Elaida studied them as she spoke. "I met him only once, but I found him--most interesting. I believe he must be ta'veren. Yes. The answers to many questions may rest in him. This Emond's Field of yours must be an unusual place to produce the two of you. And Rand al'Thor."
  • Sheriam
    • "They are to be punished, and that should be an end to it. I have always felt that when punishment is done, the fault that caused it should be erased."
    • "If being willful were a stilling offense, the list of the stilled would have more names on it than you could learn. Few meek women ever achieve the ring and the shawl. That is not to say of course, that you must not learn to act meekly when it is required."
  • It's interesting to read this chapter know now that Elaida isn't Black just a fanatically stupid Red and Sheriam is the Black sister.
Chapter 18: Healing
  • The beginning of Mat being totally awesome!!
  • "The Black Ajah will not be your worry for years to come. You have what the rest of us do not: time before you must deal with it. Much time, yet."-Sheriam
  • The Healing:
    • Siuan Sanche; Leane; Verin; Alanna Mosvani; Anaiya; Sheriam; Serafelle; Brendas; and 2 others.
      • It is interesting that there aren't any Yellow Aes Sedai helping in the healing--unless they were the unnamed ones.
    • Just as softly, Nynaeve said, "If we stop them--if we could stop them--he'll die. I do not think I could handle half that much of the Power." She paused as if she had just heard her own words--that she could channel half of what ten full Aes Sedai did with a sa'angreal.
      • I love this hint we have of how strong Nynaeve will be. Yes, we've been told that she is going to be stronger than any Aes Sedai in the tower, but it's just cool that Nynaeve is not just stronger but ten times stronger than the strongest Aes Sedai in the tower!
    • Suddenly Mat shouted, loud and strong. "Muad'drin tia dar allende caba'drin rhadiem!" Arched and struggling, eyes squeezed shut, he bellowed the words clearly. "Los Valdar Cuebiyari! Los! Carai an Caldazar! Al Caldazar!"
      • Egwene frowned. She had learned enough to recognize the Old Tongue, if not to understand more than a few words. Carai an Caldazar! Al Caldazar! "For the honor of the Red Eagle! For the Red Eagle!" Ancient battle cries of Manetheren, a noation thta had stood where the Two Rivers was now. That much, sh knew; but in some way it seemed for a moment that she should understand the rest, too, as if the meaning were just out of sight, and all she had to do was turn her head to know.
    • Mat's eyes opened, and he glared at the women standing around him. "Mia ayende, Aes Sedai! Caballein miain ye! Inde muagdhe Aes Sedai misain ye! Mia ayende!" And he began to scream, a roar of rage that went on and on, till Egwene wondered that he had breath left in him.
    • The Amyrlin Seat turned toward them. "He is as well as he can be," she said coldly. "Only time will tell. Carrying something with Shadar Logoth's taint for so long...who knows what effect it will have on him? Perhaps none, perhaps much. We will see. But the bond with the dagger is broken. Now he needs rest, and as much food as can be gotten into him. He should live."
    • He was ordering soldiers." The Amyrlin gave the young man lying on the table a quizzical look. He had not moved since collapsing, but Egwene thought his breathing seemed easier, the rise and fall of his chest more rhythmic. "In a battle two thousand years gone, I would say. The Old Blood comes again."
      • It seems Mat was Aemon giving his soldiers the orders before the last stand of Manetheren. 
    • "For a time," she said finally, "I believe the past and the present were one. He was there, and he was here, and he knew who we were. He commanded us to release him." She paused again. "I am a free man, Aes Sedai. I am no Aes Sedai meat." That is what he said.
    • "Manetheren was an ally, child," the Amyrlin told her, "but who can know the heart of a man? Not even he himself, I suspect. A man is the easiest animal to put on a leash, and the hardest to keep leashed. Even when he chooses it himself."
  • Favorite Lines:
    • "Fascinating," Verin said. "That the Old Blood could flow so strongly in anyone today."
      • Oh Verin!

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