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Wheel of Time Reread: The Dragon Reborn part 9

The Dragon Reborn: chapters 52 - 54

Chapter 52: In Search of a Remedy
  • Light, I walked right past this place the first night! Right past them! I wanted random. What could be more random than where a ship docks on a rainy night, and where you happen to look in a bloody lightning flash? Burn me! Burn me!
  • "Don't be," he told her. "At least I know where they are now. All I have to do is get them out." He fished out his last two Andoran gold crowns and pressed them into her hand. "For, Thom's medicines, and for letting me know about the girls." On impulse, he gave her a quick kiss on the cheek with a grin. "And that's for me."
    • ..."You remind me of my husband, Mat Cauthon. He was a headstrong fool who would sail into the teeth of a gale and laugh, too. I could almost think you'll manage it." Suddenly she saw his muddy boots, apparently for the first time. "It took me six months to teach him not to track mud into my house. If you do get those girls out, whichever of them you have your eye on will have a hard time training you to make you fit to be let inside."
    • "You are the only woman who cold do that," He said with a grin that broadened at her glare.
  • Ahead of him, the Stone of Tear loomed over the city, impregnable, a fortress besieged a hundred times, a stone on which a hundred armies had broken their teeth. And he had to get inside, somehow. And bring out three women. Somehow.
    • With a laugh that made even the sullen folk in the street look at him, he headed back for the White Crescent, uncaring of mud or the damp heat. He could feel the dice tumbling inside his head.
Chapter 53: A Flow of the Spirit
  • Faile:
    • "Have you ever thought of wearing a beard?"
      • First we hear of Perrin's beard!
    • "I have no shame in admitting I will be glad enough to run from this fight. Men fight when they should run, and fools fight when they should run. But I have no need to say it twice."
  • The Trap:
    • "She...sleeps, in a way. As a bear sleeps in the winter. Her heart beats so slowly you could count minutes between. Her breathing is the same. She sleeps." Even from with that hood, he could feel her eyes on him. "I fear she is not there, Perrin. Not in her body any longer."
      • "What do you mean she is not in her body? Light! You don't mean they...took her soul. Like the Gray Men!" Moiraine shook her head, and he drew a relieved breath. His chest hurt as if he had not breathed since she spoke. 
    • Distractedly, Perrin told him what Moiraine had said. It might work. It might. It has to! He was surprised when Loial growled.
      • "No! Perrin, it is not right! Faile was so free. It is not right to trap her!"
      • Perrin peered up at Loial's face, and suddenly remembered the old stories that claimed Ogier were implacable enemies. Loial's ears had laid back along the sides of his head, and his broad face was a s hard as an anvil.
      • "Loial, I am going to try to help Faile. But I will be helpless myself while I do. Will you guard my back?"
      • Loial raised those huge hands that held books so carefully, and his thick fingers curled as if to crush stone. "None will pass me while I live, Perrin. Not Myrddraal or the Dark One himself." He said it like a simple statement of fact.
      • Perrin nodded, and looked through the door again. It has to work. I don't care if Min warned me against her or not! With a snarl he leaped toward Faile, stretching out his hand. He thought he touched her ankle before he was gone.
    • I really like the fact that Faile has gone from I don't know if her nose fits her face to this might be the most beautiful woman that Min warned me about in Perrin's eyes.
  • Rescue:
    • He was wearing the blacksmith's long leather vest, he realized, with his arms bare. And there was a weight at his side. He touched the axe belt, but it was not the axe hanging from its loop. He ran his fingers over the head of the heavy smith's hammer. It felt right.
    • "No," Perrin said. "Faile is here, somewhere, trapped. I have to find her, Hopper. I have to!" He felt a shifting inside him, something changing. He looked down at his curly-haired legs, his wide paws. He was an even larger wolf than Hopper.
      • You are here too strongly! Every sending carried shock. You will die, Young Bull!
      • If I do not free the falcon, I do not care, brother.
      • Then we hunt, brother.
      • Noses to the wind, the two wolves ran across the plain, seeking the falcon.
    • Hopper and Perrin are hunting wolf brothers! I love it!!
Chapter 54: Into the Stone
  • The rooftops of Tear were no place for a sensible man to be in the night."
    • Perfect way to start this chapter since everyone ends up on the rooftops trying to get into the Stone.
    • Mat:
      • Burn me, but this is a bloody way to win a wager. I'm going to want a kiss from all of them, even Nynaeve!
      • "I just wanted a walk in the moonlight...Some friends of mine are inside the Stone...Prisoners. I mean to bring them out."
      • This is crazy, he thought as he ran. I don't care how big a bang it makes. I could break my fool neck doing thi--!
        • The roar behind him was louder than anything he had ever heard in his life; a monstrous fist punched him in the back, knocking all the wind out of him even before he landed, sprawled on his belly on the wall top, barely holding on to his staff as it swung over the edge...Pushing himself up carefully, he looked back toward the stone. A cloud of smoke hung around the arrowslit. Behind the smoke, the shadowed shape of the arrowslit itself seemed different. Larger. He did not understand how or why, but it did seem larger.
        • Thom had good reason to be nervous with Mat's fireworks! This is just the beginning of Mat and gunpowder!
      • Burn me, if I have to fight one or two more like this, I'll bloody well fall over from exhaustion! The stories do not tell you being a hero is such hard work! Nynaeve always did find a way to make me work.
      • "Luck, Sandar," he muttered. "You cannot beat bloody luck."
      • "Lead on." Mat stepped over the unconscious High Lord. "I am no bloody hero."
    • Sandar
      • "I...did a thing today that...troubles me...Part of me says it was right, what I did, that I must obey. Surely, it seemed right when I did it. But a small voice tells me I...betrayed something. I am certain this voice is wrong, and it a very small, but it will not stop."
    • Rhuarc:
      • "I mean no harm to you, Juilin Sandar of the thief-catchers, nor to the people of your city, but you will not be suffered to raise the armcry. If you will keep silence, you will live; if not, not."
      • "We are not here for prisoners, gambler."
  • Perrin:
    • The dream is not like the world of flesh, Young Bull. Here, the same hunt can have many endings.
      • He did not turn to look at Hopper. He knew his teeth were bared in a snarl. Again he raised the hammer, brought it down with all his strength against the chains that held Faile. The stone block cracked in two under his blow; the Stone itself rang like a struck bell.
      • "Then I will hunt again," he growled.
      • Hammer in hand, Perrin strode out of the room with Hopper beside him. The Stone was a place of men. And men, he knew, were crueler hunters than ever wolves were.

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