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Wheel of Time Reread: The Dragon Reborn part 8

The Dragon Reborn: chapters 47 - 51

Chapter 47: To Race the Shadow
  • Mat:
    • Whatever games they played in the Palace, he wanted no place in any of them. And he meant to make sure Egwene and the others were out of them, too. Fool women! Now I have to keep their bacon from burning instead of looking after my own!
    • "Of course, I did," Mat said bitterly. "With Gaebril standing right there, and her gazing at him like a lovesick lapdog! I said, 'I may be a simple village man who just climbed over your wall half an hour past, but I already happen to know your trusted adviser there, the one you seem to be in love with, intends to murder your daughter.' Light, man, she'd have cut my head off!"
    • "Hold this for me, Master Gill," Mat said, and tossed him the wash-leather purse.
      • "What's this, lad? Coin?"
      • "Stakes. Gaebril doesn't know it, but he and I have a wager." The cat jumped down as Mat picked up the wooden dice cup and spun the dice out on the table. Five sixes. "And I always win."
  • Thom:
    • "Rumor." Thom rubbed the side of his nose; he seemed to be studying the stones board and talking to himself. "No one can keep rumors from reaching Morgase's ears, and if she hears it strongly enough, she will start to wonder. Rumor is the voice of the people, and the voice of the people often speaks truth. Morgase knows that. There is not a man alive I would back against her in the Game. Love or no love, once Morgase starts examining Gaebril closely, he'll not be able to hide as much as his childhood scars from her. And if she learns he means harm to Elayne"--he placed a stone on the board; it seemed an odd placement at first glance, but Mat saw that in three more moves, a third of Gil's stones would be trapped--"Lord Gaebril will have a most elaborate funeral."
    • "Any fool knows men and women think differently at times, but the biggest difference is this. Men forget, but never forgive; women forgive, but never forget. Morgase might kiss my cheek and give me a cup of wine and say how she has missed me. And then she might just let the Guards haul me off to prison and the headsman. No. Morgase is one of the most capable women I've ever known, and that is saying something."
Chapter 48: Following the Craft
  • "Burn my soul," the large woman said, "have you no menfolk? Men are not good for much beyond heavy hauling and getting in the way, most of the time--and kissing and such--but if there's a battle to be fought or a thief to catch, I say let them do it. Andor is as civilized as Tear. You are not Aiel."-Ailhuin
  • "Of the four most dangerous folk I know, two are women who never carry as much as a knife, and only one of the men is a swordsman. As for Darkfriends....Maryim, when you are as old as I, you'll learn that false Dragons are dangerous, lionfish are dangerous, sharks are dangerous, and sudden storms out of the south; but Darkfriends are fools. Filthy fools, but fools. The Dark One is locked up where the Creator put him, and no Fetches or fangfish to scare children will get him out. Fools don't frighten me unless they're working the boat I'm riding."-Ailhuin
  • Juilin Sandar:
    • "I will bring you the dangerous man I know who isn't a swordsman, and the more dangerous of the two, at that. Juilin Sandar is a thief-catcher. The best of them. I do not know how it is Andor, but here a thief-catcher will work for you or me as soon as for a lord or a merchant, and charge less at that. Juilin can find these women for you if they can be found, and bring your things back without you having to go near these Darkfriends."-Ailhuin
  • Girls:
    • "You are learning how to be Aes Sedai, Maryim," she said as she turned from the window. "You manipulate people as well as Moiraine." Nynaeve's face went white.
      • Elayne stalked across the floor and slapped Egwene's face. Egwene was so shocked she could only stare. " You go to far," the golden-haired woman said sharply. "Too far. We must live together, or we will surely die together! Did you give Alihuin your true name? Nynaeve told her what we could, that we seek Darkfriends, and that was risk enough, linking us with Darkfriends. She told her they were dangerous, murderers. Would you have had her say they are Black Ajah? In Tear? Would you risk everything on whether Ailhuin would keep that to herself?"
    • One of the only times I really like Elayne. I hated Egwene the first time I read the books; I have come to like her a little more in the later books I still HATE her right now!
Chapter 49: A Storm in Tear
  • Juilin Sandar:
    • When Ailhuin returned, she had a man with her, a lean fellow in his middle years who looked as if he had been carved from aged wood.
    • "I won't claim it," Sandar told her with a smile, "but I know when I've seen men on rooftops in the night. Just out of the corner of my eye--they can hide like pipefish in reeds--but I have seen the movement. No one has reported a theft yet, but there are thieves working inside the walls, and you can buy your supper with that. Mark me. Before another week, I'll be summoned to the Stone because a band of thieves is breaking into merchants' houses, or even lords' manors. The Defenders may guard the streets, but when thieves need tracking they send for a thief-catcher, and me before any other. I am not trying to drive up my price, but whatever I do for these pretty women, I must do soon."
      • I believe he speaks the truth," Ailhuin said reluctantly. "He'l tell you the moon is green and water white if he thinks it will bring him a kiss, but he lies less than most men about other things. He may be the most honest man eve born in the Maule."
      • Aiel are in Tear.
    • "There's no fear of that," Alihuin agreed. "I said he is honest. Just do not believe him if he says he loves you."
    • "I will heave as if these women are all Aes Sedai, and Black Ajah."
      • HA!
    • "He has never been a fool except for a pair of eyes or a pretty ankle," the gray-haired women said, "and that is a failing of every man. He is the best thief-catcher in Tear. Have no worry. He will find these Darkfriends of yours."
  • Mat:
    • Look at it from every side, Mat thought wearily. Half the trouble I get into is from not doing that. I have to think. Tiredness seemed to stuff his head with wool.
    • He spilled the dice onto the tabletop. They bounced oddly. he felt--something--shifting. It was as if his luck had gone wild. The room seemed to be writhing around him, tugging at the dice with threads. For some reason he wanted to look at the door, but he kept his eyes on the dice. They came to rest. Five crowns. Comar's eyes looked ready to pop out of his head.
      • "You lose,...I think your luck is about used up, Comar. If you've harmed those girls, it's all gone."
      • "I have not even found..." Comar began, still staring at the dice, then jerked his head up. His face had gone white. "How do you know my name?"
      • He had not found them, yet. Luck, sweet luck, stay with me. "Go back to Caemlyn, Comar. Tell Gaebril you could not find them. Tell him anything, but leave Tear tonight. If I see you again, I'll kill you."
      • ..."Fool...Do you...think I...was the hunting them? They won' till..."
      • ..."You must go. You must. Before the Defenders come. I will show them the dice. I will tell them it was an outlander, but a tall man. With red-colored hair, and gray eyes. No one will suffer. A man I dreamed of last night. No one real. No one will contradict me. He took coins from everyone with his dice. But you must go. You must!"
    • "It's the luck," Mat mumbled. "I've figured it out. The dice. My luck works best when things are...random. Like dice. Not much good at stones. To much pattern. It has to be random. Even finding Comar. I'd stopped visiting every inn. I walked into that one by chance. Thom, if I am going to find Egwene and the others in time, I have to look without any pattern."
    • He had a wager to win, he told himself, and he meant to win this one if it killed him.
      • Mat is pretty awesome!
Chapter 50: The Hammer
  • Perrin
    • There had been no wolves, of course. Not in a city like this. He wished it did not feel so--alone.
    • "This Rand. He is the one you called the..." If she looked like a falcon right then, it was a very uneasy falcon. "And we are in Tear, where the Heart of the Stone holds...And the Prophecies say....The Light burn me, ta'veren, is this a story I want to be in?"
      • "It is not a story, Zarine." For a moment Perrin felt almost as hopeless as the innkeeper had sounded. "The Wheel weaves us into the Pattern. you chose to tangle your threads with ours; it's too late to untangle it, now."
    • The ring of the hammer on anvil called to him.
    • "You really are a blacksmith, blacksmith."-Faile
    • Perrin picked up the heavy hammer he had used, a ten-pound head with a handle as long as his forearm. I felt good in his hands. It felt right. The smith had glanced at his eyes once and never even blinked; it was the work that was important, the skill with metal, not the color of a man's eyes. "No," he said sadly. "One day, I hope. But not yet." He started to hang the hammer back on the wall.
      • "Take it." Ajala cleared his throat. " I do not usually give away good hammers, but ....The work you've done today is worth more than the price of that hammer by far, and maybe it will help you to that 'one day.' Man, if I have ever seen anyone made to hold a smith's hammer, it is you. So take it. Keep it....Just remember the 'one day,' man. Just you remember it."
    • "First," he told her, "I am going to have something to eat. And then I am going to think about a hammer."
  • Forsaken:
    • "Be quiet," Moiraine told her sharply. "One of the Forsaken is in Tear. The High Lord Samon is Be'lal."
    • "I do not speak of a Myrddraal, Perrin. No one knows the strength of the Forsaken, except that Ishamael and Lanfear were the strongest, but the weakest of them could sense any warding I might set form a mile or more away. And rip all of us to shreds in seconds. Possibly without stirring from where he stood."
    • "Even the Forsaken cannot stand up to balefire," she said. He wondered if that was what she had used on the Darkhounds; it still made him uneasy, what he had seen, and what she said then. "I have learned things in the last year, Perrin. I am...more dangerous than when I came to Emond's Field. If I can come close enough to Be'lal, I can destroy him. But if he sees me first, he can destroy us all, long before I have a chance."
  • Be'lal:
    • "Be'lal." His ears flicked out of his hair like hummingbird wings, then snapped down again. "I do not know what can be in the stories about him you do  not already know. He is not much mentioned, except in the razing of the Hall of the Servants just before Lews Therin Kinslayer and the Hundred Companions sealed him up with the Dark One. Jalanda son of Aried son of Coiam wrote that he was call the Envious, that he forsook the Light because he envied Lews Therin, and that he envied Ishamael and Lanfear, too. In A Study of the War of the Shadow, Moilin daughter of Hamada daughter of Juendan called Be'lal the Netweaver, but I do not know why. She mentioned him playing a game of stones with Lews Therin and winning, and that he always boasted of it." He glanced at Moiraine and rumbled, "I am trying to be brief. I do not know anything important about him. Several writers say Be'lal and Sammael were both leaders in the fight against the Dark One before they forsook the Light, and both were masters of the sword. That is truly all I know. He may be mentioned in other books, other stories, but I have not read them. Be'lal is just not spoken of very often. I am sorry I could not tell you anything useful."
  • Aiel:
    • "There is a thing that your news drove out of my head, Moraine. A small thing, and I cannot see what it might mean. There are Aiel in Tear."
Chapter 51: Bait for the Net
  • "Perhaps you are too stupid to know when you are defeated, wilder. You fought almost as wildly as that other foolish girl, that Egwene. She almost went mad. You must all learn to submit."-Liandrin
  • "Do not be too hard on this man." She even made "man" sound like "dog." "He had to serve. But I am very good at persuading, no?" She laughed again.
    • Sandar turned a confused stare on Nynaeve. "I had to do it, Mistress Maryim. I...had to." Liandrin twisted his hair, and his eyes went back to her, the anxious hound's once more.
    • Light! Nynaeve thought. What did they do to him? What are they going to do to us?

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