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Wheel of Time Reread: The Great Hunt part 8

The Great Hunt: chapters 42 - 46

Chapter 42: Falme
  • Nynaeve:
    • "She could not imagine doing that to any woman, not even Moiraine or Liandrin. Well, maybe Liandrin. Sometimes at night, in the small, smelly room the two of them had rented above a fishmonger, she thought of what she would like to do to Liandrin when she got her hands on her...More than once she had been shocked at her own cruelty  even while she was delighted at her inventiveness."
      • Not them but maybe Moghedien
    • Nynaeve sees Fain!--I wonder if he is leaving town here because he doesn't show up later.
  • Elayne is stealing apples. As a princess and future queen I would think that Elayne would care about the merchant trying to make a living.
  • Seanchan:
    • "There were many more sul'dam than damane, and every sul'dam wanted her turn wearing a bracelet; they called it being complete." 
    • "It seemed the Seanchan trusted everyone. Until they broke a rule."
  • Min sees a link between Egwene and Galad!? What is that about? The Captain that she has met is Domon.
  • Egwene is renamed Tuli.
  • Firsts:
    • Ryma Galfrey (yellow), Pura the damane.
Chapter 43: A Plan
  • Min:
    • Nynaeve--"A man's ring of heavy gold"
    • Elayne--"a red-hot iron and an axe"
  • Domon:
    • "It's all right...He only looks and sounds like a bear."-Min
  • Nynaeve is one of my favorite characters but even I will admit that at times I want to slap her. But when there is a crisis and she is needed she is awesome!!
  • Favorite Lines:
    • "It isn't swords or brawn we need now, but brains. Men usually think with the hair on their chests." She touched her chest absently, as if feeling something through her coat. "Most of them do."-Nynaeve
Chapter 44: Five Will Ride Forth
  • "You listen to me, and listen well. I want answers, and if I don't get them, I'll make you think I have had the hide off you." Stark terror rolled across the woman's face, and Nynaeve's stomach heaved as she suddenly realized the sul'dam had taken her literally. If she thinks I can, it's because she knows. That is what these leashes are for. She took firm hold of herself to stop from clawing the bracelet off her wrist."
  • Firsts:
    • Seta, the sul'dam
Chapter 45: Blademaster
  • Nynaeve:
    • "In an instant a white blossom on a black, thorny branch had opened to light, to saidar, and the One Power filled her."
      • I like how Nynaeve doesn't picture a rose.
    • "As far as I am concerned, you are worse than a murderer. worse than you. The fact that I have to wear this thing on my wrist, to be the same as you for even an hour, sickens me. So if you think there is anything I'll balk at doing to you, think again. You don't want to be seen? Good. Neither do we. No one really looks at a damane, though. As long as you keep your head down the way a Leashed One is supposed to, no one will even notice you. But you had better do the best you can to make sure the rest  of us aren't noticed, either. If we are, you surely will be seen, and if that is not enough to hold you, I promise you I'll make you curse the first kiss your mother ever gave your father. Do we understand each other?"
  • Rand:
    • "Rand thought they all looked like villainous beggars."
    • "The Swallow Takes Flight; Parting the Silk; Moon on the Water; The Wood Grouse Dances; Ribbon in the Air; Stones Falling From the Cliff; Lightning of Three Prongs; Leaf on the Breeze; The Boar Rushes Down the Mountain;The River Undercuts the Bank
  • Ingtar:
    • "The Horn of Valere." There was sheer awe in Ingtar's voice. He touched the Horn hesitantly, tracing a finger along the silver script inlaid around the bell and mouthing the translation, then pulled his hand back with a shiver of excitement. "It is. By the Light, it is! I am saved."
    • "You fool! We have what we came for. The Horn of Valere. The hope of salvation. What can one girl count, even if you loved  her, along side the Horn, and what it stands for?"
      • "The Dark One can have the Horn for I care! What does finding the Horn count if I abandon Egwene to this? I did that, the Horn couldn't save me. The creator couldn't save me. I would damn myself."
      • ..."You mean that exactly, don't you?"-Ingtar and Rand
  • Fain:
    • "I suspected the man who calls himself Fain. I have been suspicious of him since Huon died so mysteriously, and he has always wanted that dagger."-Turak
  • The dagger:
    • "With a curse, a soldier leaped back, looking surprised. And then he screamed. It chilled the room, held everyone where they stood in astonishment. The trembling hand he held up in front of his face was turning black, darkness creeping outwards from the bleeding gash that crossed his palm. He opened his mouth wide and howled, clawing at his arm, then his shoulder. Kicking, jerking, he toppled to thee floor, thrashing on the silken carpet, shrieking as his face grew black and his dark eyes bulged like overripe plums, until a dark, swollen tongue gagged him. He twitched, choking raggedly, heels drumming, and did not move again. Every bit of his exposed flesh was black as putrid pitch and looked ready to burst at a touch."
  • Seanchan:
    • "From birth to death... I serve the Blood."
Chapter 46: To Come Out of the Shadow
  • Damane and sul'dam
    • "Nynaeve, a'dam only work on women who can channel. Don't you see? Sul'dam can channel the same as damane." Seta groaned through her teeth, shaking her head in violent denial. "A sul'dam would die before admitting she could channel, even if she knew, and they never train the ability, so they cannot do anything with it, but they can channel."
    • "Those they can find are like you, and me, and Elayne. We were born with it, ready to channel whether anyone taught us or not. But what about Seanchan girls who aren't born with the ability, but who could be taught? Not just any woman can become a--a Leash Holder. Renna thought she was being friendly telling me about it. It is apparently a feastday in Seanchan villages with the sul'dam come to test the girls. They want to find any like you and me, and leash them, but they let all the others put on a bracelet to see if they can feel what the poor woman in the collar feels. Those can are taken away to be trained as sul'dam. They are the women who could be taught."-Egwene
  • Nynaeve:
    • "It is all right to hate them, Egwene. It is. They do deserve it. But it isn't all right to let them make you like they are."
    • "Men often mistake revenge and killing for justice. They seldom have the stomach for justice." She had often sat in judgment with the Women's Circle. Sometimes men came before them a better hearing than the men of the Village Council, but men always thought they could sway the decision with eloquence, or please for mercy. The Women's Circle gave mercy where is was deserved, but justice always, and it was the Wisdom who pronounced it. She picked up the bracelet Egwene had discarded and closed it. "I would free every woman here, if I could, and destroy every last one of these. But since I cannot..." She slipped the bracelet over the same peg  that held the other one, then addressed herself to the sul'damNot Leash Holders any longer..."Perhaps, if you are very quiet, you will be left alone here long enough to manage to remove the collars. The Wheel weaves as the Wheel wills, and it may be that you've done enough good to counterbalance the evil you have done, enough that you will be allowed to remove them. If not, you will be found, eventually. And I think whoever finds you will ask a great many questions before they remove those collars. I think perhaps you will learn at first hand the life you have given to other women. That is justice."
  • Domon:
    • "Spray do stay till do day sail!"
      • I really like the fact that Domon waited as long as he did.
  • Rand:
    • "She's in trouble," Rand muttered. Egwene. There was an odd feeling in his head, as if pieces of his life were in danger. Egwene was one piece, one thread of the cord that made his life, but there were others, and he could feel them threatened. Down there, in Falme. And if any of those threads was destroyed, his life would never be complete, the way it was meant to be. He did not understand it, but the feeling was sure and certain.
    • "I think wanting to is enough. I think all you have to do is stop of them."
  • Ingtar:
    • "I never knew what he was going to do," Ingtar said softly, as if talking to himself. He had his sword out, testing the edge with his thumb. "A pale little man you didn't seem to really notice even when you were looking at him. Take him inside Fal Dara, I was told, inside the fortress. I did not want to, but I had to do it. you understand? I had to. I never knew what he intended until he shot that arrow. I still don't know if it was meant for the Amyrlin, or for you."
    • Studying his blade, Ingtar did not seem to hear. "Humankind is being swept away everywhere. Nations fail and vanish. Darkfriends are everywhere, and none of these southlanders seem to notice or care. We fight to hold the Borderlands, to keep them safe in their houses, and every year despite all we can do, the Blight advances. And these southlanders think Trollocs are myths, and Myrddraal a gleeman's tale." He frowned and shook his head. "It seemed the only way. We would be destroyed for nothing, defending people who do not even know, or care. It seemed logical. Why should we be destroyed for them, when we could make our own peace? Better the Shadow, I thought than useless oblivion, like Caralain, or Hardan or...seemed logical, then."
    • "You are a better man than I. Shepherd or lord, a better man. The prophecy says, 'Let who sounds me think not of glory, but only salvation.' It was my salvation I was thinking of. I would sound the Horn, and lead the heroes of the Ages against Shayol Ghul. Surely that would have been enough to save me. No man can walk so long in the Shadow that he cannot come again to the Light. That is what they say. Surely that would have been enough to wash away what I have been, and done."
    • "It's every man's right, Rand, to choose when to Sheathe the Sword. Even one like me."
    • "All I ever wanted was to keep Shienar whole, to keep us from being swept away and forgotten."
      • "I know, Ingtar." Rand drew a deep breath. "The Light shine on you, Lord Ingtar of House Shinowa, and may you shelter in the palm of the Creator's hand."He touched Ingtar's shoulder. "The last embrace of the mother welcome you home." Hurin gasped.
      • "Thank you." Ingtar said softly. A tension seemed to go out of him. For the first time since the night of the Trolloc raid on Fal Dara, he stood as he had when Rand first saw him, confident and relaxed. Content.
      • The first time I read this book I was shocked--absolutely floored--that Ingtar was a Darkfriend. In retrospect it's completely obvious, but I had no idea that first time. That being said I love Ingtar! I know turning to the Darkside is bad and stupid but he was really just trying to save his people and I can grudgingly respect that. He's a great tragic anti-hero in my book.

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