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Wheel of Time Reread: The Great Hunt part 7

The Great Hunt: chapters 37 - 41

Chapter 37: What Might Be
  • Portal Stones:
    • "I have never used a Stone that is why your use is more recent than mine, I am well aware of my limits. I would be destroyed before I came close to channeling enough Power to work a Portal Stone. But I know a little of them. Enough to help you, a bit."-Verin
    • "She pointed to two parallel wavy lines crossed by an odd squiggle, carved low on the column. "That indicates a Stone on Toman Head. It is one of three Stones for which I know the symbol; the only one of those three I've visited."-Verin
    • "He took the void. It was so easy, now. The flame consumed fear and passion and was gone almost before he thought to form it. Gone, leaving only emptiness, and shining saidin, sickening, tantalizing, stomach-turning, seductive."
    • "I have won again, Lews Therin."
    • "He was a soldier. He was a shepherd. He was a beggar, and a king. He was a farmer, gleeman, sailor, carpenter. He was born, lived, and died and Aiel. He died mad, he died rotting, he died of sickness, accident, age. He was executed, and multitudes cheered his death. He proclaimed himself the Dragon Reborn and flung his banner across the sky; he ran from the Power and hid; he lived and died never knowing. He held off the madness and the sickness for years; he succumbed between two winters. Sometimes Moiraine came and took him away from Two Rivers, alone or with those of his friends who had survived Winternight; sometimes she did not. Sometimes other Aes Sedai came for him. Sometimes the Red Ajah. Egwene married him; Egwene, stern-faced in the stole of the Amyrlin Seat, led the Aes Sedai who gentled him; Egwene, with tears in her eyes, plunged a dagger into his heart, and he thanked her as he died. He loved other women, married other women. Elayne, and Min, and a fair-haired farmer's daughter met on the road to Caemlyn, and women he had never seen before he lived those lives. A hundred lives. More. So many he could not count them. And at the end of every life, as he lay dying, as he drew his final breath, a voice whispered in his ear, I have won again, Lews Therin."
    • Reactions:
      • "Is that what happened? I...we...saw how our lives could have been?"
        • "Does it surprise you that your life might go differently if you made different choices, or different things happened to you?"-Rand and Verin
      • "I walk in the Light...I will find the Horn of Valere and pull down Shayol Ghul's power. I will!"-Ingtar
      • "Rand, I'd never tell anyone about--about you. I wouldn't betray you. You have to believe that!"-Mat
    • "We don't have many choices really, do we, Rand? Whatever happens, whatever we do, somethings are almost always the same."-Perrin
  • Dragon Reborn:
    • "You are the Dragon Reborn...Oh you can die, but I don't think the Pattern will let you die until it is done with you."-Verin
    • "I am Ran al'Thor...I am not the Dragon Reborn. I won't be a false Dragon."
      • "You are what you are. Will you choose, or will you stand here until your friend dies?"-Rand and Verin
  • Favorite Lines:
    • "As my father would have said, it's time to roll the dice."-Verin
Chapter 38: Practice
  • Saidar:
    • "Egwene had found over these last thirteen weeks that she could not resist. She knew how easy it was to touch saidar now. She could always feel it there, waiting for her, like the smell of perfume or the feel of silk, drawing her, drawing her."
    • It's seductive but it scares them all...
  • Galad:
    • "He is awfully handsome, if you don't mind him being so rigid. Very nice to look at, especially with his shirt off."-Min
    • "Galad, is so good he'd make you tear your hair out. he'd hurt a person because he had to serve a greater good. He wouldn't even notice who was hurt, because he'd be so intent on the other, but if he did, he would expect them to understand and think it was all well and right."-Min 
      • Foreshadowing or just stating a fact? Galad does do this when he gets the boat for Nynaeve and Elayne and starts a war.
  • "The rumors are true. King Galldrian is dead. That makes it a war of succession."-Elayne
    • Thom got his revenge!
  • Logain:
    • "He was sitting on a bench in the Inner Court, crying. He ran when he saw me. I cannot help feeling sorry for him."-Elayne
  • Dreams:
    • "There was never anything about Rand except dreams that, Anaiya said, meant she missed him. Oddly, she felt almost as if her were not there any longer, as if he had ceased to exist."
      • She cannot feel him because he's been Portal Stone traveling.
  • Min:
    • "I don't like reading friends...Friendship gets in the way of the reading. It makes me try to put the best face on what I see. That's why I don't do it for you three anymore. Anyway, nothing has changed about you that I can..."
    • "Sometimes it is useful to pass as a boy."
  • "The Black Ajah walks the halls of the White Tower."-Liandrin
    • Liandrin would know.
  • Elayne:
    • "I've never had an adventure. I'll bet we won't either of us cry ourselves to sleep on an adventure."
      • Spoiled idiot! There would be fewer deaths if Elayne would stop trying to have adventures.
Chapter 39: Flight from the White Tower
  • Elayne:
    • "Is this what an adventure is like all the time, Egwene? Your heart in your mouth, and you stomach in your feet?"
    • "Mother says a stick and honey always work better than a stick alone."
  • Black Ajah:
    • "I had made arrangements for you to be taken care of, but as you are here, you are here...Had you remained in the White Tower, you might not have lived the night."-Liandrin
      • Might? Liandrin is the Black Ajah that made these plans! It really upsets me that they cannot tell how evil she is!
  • Rand:
    • "Rand, you wool-headed idiot...why can't you just once get yourself into some kind of trouble that doesn't force me to act like the heroine in a story?"-Egwene
    • "If you are silly enough to throw him away, you will have only yourself to blame it I decide to face down you and Mother both. It would not be the first time the Prince of Andor had no title before he wed."-Elayne
  • The Ways:
    • "reaching the True Source here would be like baring her arm to foul, greasy smoke in order to reach a clean cup."-Egwene
    • "If the Black Wind appears, I will deal with it...Moiraine does not know so much as she thinks."-Liandrin
      • Can she really do something? Or was she just told she could do something to make sure she would use the Ways?
  • Firsts:
    • Takima Sedai (Brown)
      • Teaches the History of the White Tower and Aes Sedai.
Chapter 40: Damane
  • Liandrin definitely confirmed she was Black Ajah.
  • Firsts:
    • High Lady Suroth
    • Sul'dam, a Holder of the Leash
      • "When a damane is punished, it is always her fault, even if she does not know why."-Renna
      • "When one has been a sul'dam long enough, one learns to tell many things about damane even without the bracelet but with the bracelet one can always tell whether a damane has tried to channel. You must never lie to me, or to any sul'dam, not even by a hair."-Renna
    • a'dam
      • "As for the mind that first thought of the a'dam, it was the mind of a woman who called herself Aes Sedai."-Renna
    • Court of the Nine Moons
Chapter 41: Disagreements
  • Seanchan:
    • "That women who should have been Aes Sedai were instead leashed like animals frightened the villagers even more than the strange creatures the Seanchan commanded, things the folk of Atuan's Mill could only describe in whispers as coming from nightmares."
  • Dreams:
    • "Will you once more kill everything you love?"-Ba'alzamon
    • "A thousand strings laid over a thousand years have drawn you here. Ten thousand woven throughout the Ages tie you like a sheep fro slaughter. The Wheel itself holds you prisoner to your fate. Age after Age. But I can set you free. You cowering cur, I alone in the entire world can teach you how to wield the Power. I alone can stop it killing you before you have a chance to go mad. I alone can stop the madness. You have served me before. Serve me again, Lews Therin, or be destroyed forever!"-Ba'alzamon
  • Favorite Lines:
    • "The Father of Lies never lays simple plans...It may be that he wants Fain to bring the Horn here for some reason known only in Shayol Ghul."-Verin
    • "Darkfriends lie as naturally as they breathe."-Ingtar

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