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Wheel of Time Reread: The Great Hunt Part 1

The Great Hunt: Prologue - chapter 6

  • He Whose Name Must Not Be Uttered--Holy crap the Dark One is Voldemort!!
  • I'm pretty sure the Shienaran soldier Bors saw was Ingtar and Bors is Jaichim Carridin who we meet later.
  • Seanchan:
    • "Regarding those who have landed at Toman Head, and the Domani. Of this you will speak to no one."
  • Favorite Lines:
    • "Always, if he waited and watched long enough, someone made a mistake."-Bors
    • "There is now one who walks the world, one who was and will be, but is not yet, the Dragon."
      • I love the fact that they know Rand is the Dragon Reborn...he just isn't quite there yet, and having read where he goes it's interesting to see how far away he is at this point to being the man we know as the Dragon Reborn.
    • "A sword is dangerous to the man at the point, but not to the man at the hilt. Unless the man holding the sword is a fool, or careless, or unskilled, in which case it is twice as dangerous to him as to anyone else."
Chapter 1: The Flame of Tar Valon
  • Lan
    • "al'Lan Mandragoran was Lord of the Seven Towers, Lord of the Lakes, and uncrowned King of Malkier. The Seven Towers were broken now, and the Thousand Lakes the lair of unclean things. Malkier lay swallowed by the Great Blight, and of all the Malkieri lords, only one still lived."
    • "Rand did not think Lan would truly seek death while Moiraine lived."
    • "You have quick wrists, good balance, and you don't make the same mistake twice. But I do not have five years to give over to teaching you, and you do not have five years for learning. You have not even one year, and you know it. As it is, you will not stab yourself in the foot. You hold yourself as if the sword belongs at your waist, sheepherder, and most village bullies will sense it."
      • Coming from Lan I'd say that means Rand is pretty good.
  • First:
    • Bubbles of Evil
      • "The wind howled across the tower...and trapped him. It was as if the air had suddenly jelled, holding him in a cocoon."
  • Favorite Lines:
    • "The Wheel of Time turns, and Ages come and pass leaving memories that become legend, then fade to myth, and are long forgot when that Age comes again...a wind rose in the Mountains of Dhoom. The wind was not the beginning. There are neither beginnings or endings to the turning of the Wheel of Time. But it was a beginning."
    • "Love is an odd odd a thing as there is."-Lan
Chapter 2: The Welcome
  • I really liked how Rand explains that everyone thinks he's a King, or the very least a Lord, because of the al' in his name. In the Two Rivers the al' use to mean son it would be the son of Thor!
Chapter 3: Friends and Enemies
  • Firsts:
    • Masema
      • Crazy--like cray cray crazy!
    • Uno
      • I've always liked Uno and it's fun to meet him for the first time again!
    • Rand talks to a voice in his head, he thinks he's going mad, and then the voice laughs at him.
  • Favorite Lines:
    • "I seem to have luck with the dice. I can hardly touch them without winning."-Matt...oh if you only knew Mat!
    • "My mother always told me the best way to learn to deal with a man was to learn to ride a mule. She said they have about equal brains most of the time. Sometimes the mule is smarter."-Egwene
Chapter 4: Summoned
  • We learn that Logain is in Tar Valon and probably already gentled.
  • "If the girls shows as much initiative in Tar Valon...she will sit in the Amyrlin Seat one day. If she can learn to control that initiative. if there is an Amyrlin Seat left on which to sit."-Moiraine
    • Ha! That she will do.
  • We really see that there are clear divisions in the White Tower in this chapter between Ajah's and races. We also meet members of the Black Ajah as well. We also see that they don't know that any of the Aiel can channel, the Sea Folk sisters never truly integrate themselves into the Tower either.
    • "What I would not give for even one sister from among the Aiel."-Anaiya
    • Reading this chapter really drives home the changes that Egwene made to the Tower and not only how extreme they must seem to some but how necessary they were i.e. the Aiel and Sea Folk as well as the Circle.
  • "Elayne could well be the most powerful Aes Sedai in a thousand years."-Siuan
    • Sometimes I forget what a big deal it was to find Elayne, Egwene and Nynaeve and how weak the Tower has become.
  • "More dangerous than any man since Artur Hawkwing."-Suian
    • Elaida is making ripples of trouble in the Tower already!
  • Game of House--Having just read A Song of Ice and Fire this year the whole Game of Houses (Game of Thrones) is much more interesting.
  • Firsts:
    • Anaiya (Blue), Liandrin (Red/Black), Serafelle (Brown), Carlinya (White), and Alanna Mosvani (Green)
    • Verin Mathwin (Brown/Blackish)
      • I love this character! You never really know what to think of her--is she good, is she bad, can she be trusted? But I'm really looking forward to rereading the series knowing that she is in fact both!
    • Leane, Keeper of the Chronicles
      • I know she goes all flirty man happy after she's stilled, I always thought it was a bug change but now I realize that it wasn't.
    • Siuan Sanche, The Amyrlin
    • Stilling
  • Favorite Lines:
    • "If anyone, even Leane, discovers what we plan, we will both be stilled. And I can't say they would be wrong to do it."-Suian
      • Holy crap this line always gives me chills--more so because it's not Suian and Moiraine that are stilled but Suian and Leane!
Chapter 5: The Shadow of Shienar
  • Stilling:
    • "Stilled. No longer able to channel the flow of the one Power. Able to sense saidar, the female half of the True Source, but no longer having the ability to touch it. Remembering what was gone forever."
      • This really is a very scary prospect; one that has always made think that the gentling of men who can channel, though would just think that it would be handled differently--with more compassion.
    • Two Red Amyrlin's have been stilled "Tetsuan, who betrayed Manetheren for jealousy of Ellisand's powers, and Bonwhin, who tried to use Artur Hawkwing for a puppet to control the world and so nearly destroyed Tar Valon."-Siuan
  • "Even stilled, an Amyrlin who has been pulled down cannot be allowed to wander about loose; she might be seen as a martyr, become a rallying point  for opposition. Tetsuan and Bonwhin were lept in the White  Tower as servants. Scullery maids, who could be pointed to as cautions as to what can happen to the mightiest. no one can rally around a woman who must scrub floors and pots all day. Pity her, yes, but not rally to her."-Siuan
    • This is a very interesting take because well it's true--then not. Siuan was not seen as a rallying point but the Tower was divided when she was stilled. Despite being stilled she still is amazing and is able to retain some power--while washing Bryne's clothes! But it's Egwene who does become a rallying point while scrubbing pots in the Tower.
  • The Horn of Valere--"Let whosoever sounds me think not of glory, but only of salvation."
  • Seanchan:
    • "Wild rumors, mainly, about Arthur Hawkwing's armies come back."
    • "The Taraboners claim the strangers are monsters, creatures of the Dark One. Some say they have Aes Sedai to fight for them."
    • "Then the rumors are true. Artur Hawkwing's armies have returned."-Geofram Bornhald
  • Fain's friend has come to free him.
  • Firsts:
    • Mazrim Taim
    • Pedron Niall, Lord Captain Commander of the Children of Light
    • Randnapping
      • Liandrin coerces Amalisa into finding Rand, Mat and Perrin so that they can be secreted away to Tar Valon.
  • Favorite Lines:
    • "Is it betrayal to betray a traitor?"-Suian
    • "The Pattern demands a Dragon because the Pattern weaves toward Tarmon Gai'don."
    • "Moiraine, he blazed like the sun."-Siuan
    • "They will think worse of me before I am done."-Moiraine
Chapter 6: Dark Prophecy
  • Fain's bloody escape.
  • Despite swearing he would never touch the One Power again Rand reaches for it when Liandrin catches him in the dungeon. "Desperately he stretched toward the light."
  • The Horn of Valere is stolen by Fain...and Mat's daggar. 
  • Ingtar:
    • "Their throats were cut...Both good men, and yet they wer butchered like pigs. Ir was done from inside. Someone killed them, then opened the gate. Someone who could get close to them without suspicion. Someone they knew."
    • "You really are going mad if you suspect Ingtar."-Rand
    • I really like Ingtar...stupid man!
  • "Egwene has the desire to heal, the need to."-Nynaeve...I don't remember Egwene ever displaying a desire to heal after she leaves the Two Rives.
  • Favorite Lines:
    • "When someone gives you a horse, sheepherder, don't complain that it isn't as fast as you'd like."-Lan

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