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Wheel of Time Reread: The Dragon Reborn part 1

The Dragon Reborn: Prologue - chapter 4

  • Niall:
    • "What had brought on Byar's hatred of this Perrin? There were far too many Darkfriends to waste energy on hating any particular one. Too many Darkfriends, high and low, hiding behind gilb tongues and open smiles, serving the dark one. Still, one more name added to the lists would do no harm"-Niall"Turmoil meant opportunity, and he had new plans, with new objectives. If he could keep the strength and will to carry them out."-Niall
    • "It is no treason to do what must be done. And even blasphemy can be tolerated for a cause." Those two sentences alone were enough to kill him. "Do you know how to unite people behind ou, Child Carridin? The quickest way? No? Loose a lion--a rabid lion--in the streets. And when panic grips the people, once it has turned their bowels to water, calmly tell them you will deal with it. Then you kill it, and order them to hang the carcass up where everyone can see. before they have time to think, you give another order, and it will be obeyed. And if you continue to give orders, they will continue to obey, for you will be the one who saved them, and who better to lead?"-Niall
      • This is why Niall is so evil! He wants power and glory and doesn't care how many people are killed in order to get it!
  • Facts?:
    • "Rare as it was in men, Taim could channel the One Power. That was a thing to fear and despise in itself, and a few thought a man like that could be defeated except with the aid of Aes Sedai. Better to allow Aes Sedai to help than to face the inevitable horrors when he went mad, as such men inevitably did. But Tar Valon had apparently sent other Aes Sedai to support the other false Dragon at Falme. Nothing else fit the facts."-Niall
      • I love how you we're told Niall's conclusion and with the facts he has, it makes sense--it's wrong, but it does make sense. Niall has yet to receive information that Taim and the other nameless false Dragons were knocked out and captured as soon as Rand proclaimed himself.
  • Carridin:
    • "Few men had conscience so clear or nerves so steady."-Niall
    • "No!" Niall snapped. "Your plans are done with, Carridin. Perhaps I should hand you over to your own Questioners right now. The High Inquisitor would not object. He is gnashing his teeth to find someone to blame for what happened. He would never put forward one of his own, but I doubt he'd quibble if I named you. A few days under the question, and you would confess to anything. name yourself Darkfriend, even. You would go under the headsman's axe inside a week."-Niall
      • HA! Niall knows that the confessions the Questioners get aren't always the truth, but simply confessions! But Carridin is a Darkfriend--Bors--so his confession would have been truth!
    • The Myrddraal:
      • "You question me? i should take your tongue. It is not your part to question. Or to understand. It is your part to obey! You will give dogs lessons in obedience. Do you understand that? Heel, dog, and obey your master."
      • "If this Rand al'Thor  is not dead in a month, I will take one of your blood. A son, a daughter, a sister, an uncle. You will not know who until the chosen has died screaming. If he lives another month, I will take another. And then another, and another. And when there is no one of you blood living except yourself, if he still lives, I will take you to Shayol Ghul itself." It smiled. "You will be years in the dying, human."
        • This Myrddraal is no normal Myrddraal but an early incarnation of Shaidar Haran.
  • Fain:
    • His name was a lie, of course. In the Old tongue, Ordeith meant "wormwood."
Chapter 1: Waiting
  • Perrin:
    • "The Shienarans knew how far he could see, but they seemed to take it as a matter of course, that and the color of his eyes, as well. They did not know everything, not by half, but they accepted him as he was. As they thought he was. They seemed to accept everything and anything. The world was changing, they said. Everything spun on the wheels of chance and change. If a man had eyes a color no man's eyes had ever been, what did it matter, now?"
    • "It is possible to oppose evil without doing violence...Violence harms the doer as much as the victim...that is why we flee those who harm us, to save them from harm to themselves as much for our own safety. If we do violence to oppose evil, soon we would be no different from what we struggle against. It is with the strength of our belief that we fight the Shadow."
      • "Mistress, I hope you never have to face Trollocs with the strength of your belief. The strength of their swords will cut you down where you stand."-Leya and Perrin
  • Favorite Line:
    • "The Wheel of Time turns, and Ages come and pass, leaving memories that become legend. Legend fades to myth, and even myth is long forgotten when the Age that gave it birth comes again. In one Age, called the Third Age by some, and Age yet to come, an Age long past, a wind rose in the Mountains of Mist. The wind was not the beginning. There are neither beginnings nor endings to the turning of the Wheel of Time. but it was beginning."
    • "She did not smell afraid."
      • We start to see that Perrin doesn't just smell people but he can smell their emotions too!
    • "Welcome to the camp of the Dragon Reborn."-Perrin
Chapter 2: Saidin
  • Min:
    • "The Tinker woman is going to die"
      • "I saw her own face floating over her shoulder, covered in blood, eyes starring. It's never any clearer than that."
    • "I just wish they didn't have to be bloody Ta'veren tugging on one side, and Aes Sedai meddling on the other. What chance does a woman have?"
  • Loial:
    • "It was your good fortune--or misfortune, if you see it that way--to fall in with not one, but three ta'veren. Rand, Mat, and perrin. I myself count it very good fortune, and would even if they weren't my friends. I think I might even...Promise you will not laugh? I think I might write a book about it. I have been taking notes."
      • First mention of Loial's book!
  • Aes Sedai:
    • "Aes Sedai, whose gift always had a hook in it, whose price was always smaller than you could believe, yet always turned out to be greater than you could imagine."
  • The Dragon Reborn:
    • "Twice and twice shall he be marked, twice to live, and twice to die. Once the heron, to set his path. Twice the heron, to name him true. Once the Dragon, for remembrance lost. Twice the Drago, for the price he must pay."
    • "Duty." Rand muttered. "Death is lighter than a feather, duty heavier than a mountain."
    • "It is always there. Calling to me. Pulling at me. Saidin. The male half of the True Source. Sometimes I can't stop myself from reaching out for it...I can feel the taint even before I touch it. The Dark One's taint, like a tine coat of vileness trying to hide the Light. It turns my stomach, but I cannot help myself. I cannot! Only sometimes, I reach out, and it's like trying to catch air...What if that happens when the Last Battle comes? What if I reach out and catch nothing."
Chapter 3: New from the Plain
  • Min:
    • "just because fate has chosen something for you instead of you choosing it for yourself doesn't mean it has to be bad. Even if it's something you are sure you would never have chosen in a hundred years."
    • "Better ten days of love than years of regretting."
    • "You are a very nice man, Perrin Aybara. Even if you don't understand anything."
  • Perrin:
    • "He was never sure of his ground with girls, but Rand always seemed to know his way. So did Mat; most girls back home in Emond's Field had sniffed that Mat would never grow up, but he had seemed to have a way with them."
  • Moiraine:
    • "The Wheel weaves as the Wheel wills, Perrin. I told you long ago that we were in a war. We cannot stop just because some of us may die. Any of us may die before it is done. Leya's weapons may not be the same as yours, but she knew that when she became part of it."
    • "Three young men have died in villages Mistress Leya's wagons passed near...All three young men were taller than most, and had light-colored eyes.
  • Lan:
    • "Lan was tall and hard, broad-shouldered, with blue eyes like frozen mountain lakes, and he moved with a deadly grace that made the sword on his hip seem a part of him. It was not that he seemed merely capable of violence and death; this man had tamed violence and death and kept them in his pocket, ready to be loosed in a heart beat, or embraced, should Moiraine give the word."
    • "When the Whitecloaks give me a gift, I search for the poisoned needle hidden in it."
  • Firsts:
    • Gray Men:
      • "The Dark one has killers you don't notice until it is too late."-Lan
      • "The soulless. I never heard of one south of the Borderlands before."-Uno
        • You would think that Rand and co should be fully taught the dangers of the DO and all the little tricks he has up their sleeves. Come on Moiraine/Lan!
Chapter 4: Shadows Sleeping:
  • Dreams:
    • Ba'alzamon:
      • "The fellow was in his middle years, handsome and too well dressed for a country inn, in dark, nearly black, velvet's with white lace falls at his collar and cuffs. He sat stiffly, sometimes pressing a hand to his chest, as if moving hurt him, His dark eyes were fixed on Perrin's face; they appeared like glistening points in the shadows."
      • "You are a blacksmith, boy. And a good one, from what I hear. Your hands were made for a hammer, not an axe. Made to make things, not to kill. Go back to that before it is too late."
      • "You will not have many chances...Three threads woven together share one another's doom. When on is cut all are. Fate can kill you, if it does not do worse."
    • Lanfear:
      • "He stared into the mirror, a part of him not comprehending what he saw, another part accepting. a glided helmet, worked like a lion's head, sat on his head as if it belonged there. Gold leaf covered his ornately hammered breastplate, and gold-work embellished the plate and mail on his arms and legs. Only the axe at his side was plain."
      • "A man destined for glory."
      • "He spun away from the mirror and found himself staring at the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. He noticed nothing else about the room, cared to see nothing but her. Her eyes were pools of midnight, her skin creamy pale and surely softer, more smooth than her dress of white silk. He realized that every other woman he had ever seen was clumsy and ill shaped."
      • "A man should grasp his destiny with both hands."
      • "What man with blood in his veins would not want glory? As much glory as if you had sounded the Horn of Valere."
      • "Such a little thing to want. ou must not listen to those who would try to turn you from your destiny. They would demean you, debase you. Destroy you. Fighting fate can only bring pain. Why choose pain, when you can have glory? When your name can be remembered alongside all the heroes of legend?"
        • "I am no hero."
        • "You don't know the half of what you are. Of what you can be. Come, share a cup with me, to destiny and glory. "-Lanfear & Perrin
      • "The night is always there, and dreams come to all men. Especially  you , my wildling. And I will always be in your dreams."
    • Rahvin:
      • "A man suddenly appeared, tall and dark and slender, the silver in his black hair giving him a distinguished look, his dark green coat thickly embroidered with golden leaves. Gold-worked covered his belt and pouch, and gems sparkled on his dagger sheath, and golden fringe encircled his boot tops."
    • Be'lal:
      • "Black stripes ran down the puffy sleeves of his red coat, and pale lace hung thick at his collar and cuffs. his boots were so worked with silver that it was hard to see the leather. he was shorter than the man he went to meet, more stocky, with colse-cropped hair as white as his lace. Age did not make him frail, though. He strode with the same arrogant strength the other man showed."
        • This is the first time I think that we get an actual visual that the Forsaken are loose but not working together!
      • The Stone of Tear:
        • "Huge columns of polished red stone surrounded the open space where he stood, beneath a domed ceiling fifty paces or more above his head."
        • "A sword, hanging hilt down in the air, apparently without support, seemingly where anyone could reach out and take it. It revolved slowly, as if some breath of air caught it. Yet it was not really a sword. It seemed made of glass, or perhaps crystal, blade and hilt and crossguard, catching such light as there was and shattering it into a thousand glitters and flashes."
        • Callandor. He was not certain whether the whisper came inside his head or out; it seemed to echo 'round the columns, as soft as the wind, everywhere at once, insistent. Callandor. Who wields me wields destiny. Take me, and begin the final journey."
          • A sword that is not a sword, Arthurian legend!!
      • Favorite Lines:
        • The Twisted Ones come, brother.
          • I love how despite how many times Perrin fights against the wolves and how stupidly stubborn he can be about them, the wolves accept him as their brother!

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