Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Dance with Dragons by George R.R. Martin

Oh my freaking goodness! This book took me longer to read than the previous four because I didn't want the waiting for the next book to begin. But now it has and what the heck just--all I can say is he cannot be dead! Martin has indeed wedged his world into my life through his does he come up with all these story lines. The way everything is coming together and falling apart at the same time is mind freaking blowing! I loved the book, but it is again very much an adult fantasy series!

  • Jon cannot be dead! What were they thinking!? I mean yes, I understand that Jon was changing things and that could have been seen as a betrayal. BUT CASTLE BLACK IS FULL OF WILDINGS THAT SEEM PRETTY DANG LOYAL TO JON! What do they think is going to happen the them? They really just killed themselves! If nothing else Melisandre isn't done with Jon and their is no way she is going to let him just die. I still hate Melisandre.
  • I have a feeling that Tyrion and Sir Barristan Selmy are going to need to team up somehow. I'll leave it to the dwarf to save things.
  • Arya is still my favorite. I cannot wait to see how her training goes. I could read a whole book about her training, but mainly I want to to go fast so she can return to Westeros, assassinate a crap load of people, marry Gendry and live with Jon on the wall.
  • Brienne is alive and is now with Jamie!

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