Monday, April 16, 2012

Chalice by Robin McKinley

Like most of McKinley's there is strong female character in the Chalice, Mirasol. This isn't a retelling of a fairytale but a medieval story in a land entirely created in McKinley's imagination. The land is filled with a magical heritage that is tied to the stability of the Master, the Chalice and the Circle. Mirasol, the new Chalice tries to hold the Willowlands together as their new Master, a fire priest, tries to regain a part of his human self and help the land remain healthy and strong. It was a good read, not as good as the other McKinley books I've read but still good.

  • It reminded me a lot of the Fisher King and how the health of the land is tied to the health of the king.
  • I really liked the bees. Though I will still freak if one lands on me. But the honey they made sounded delicious!
  • Honey in this book is like Windex on My Big Fat Greek Wedding--it cures everything!

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