Friday, March 23, 2012

A Storm of Swords & A Feast of Crows by George R.R. Martin

I'm going to combine the two books because I don't remember when the one ends and the other begins. These books were very good! I am completely hooked! Martin has made me care about characters that I swore I was never going to care about and cemented my hatred for others! The Game of Thrones is truly deadly; four kings and two hands have died, and there is still war happening everywhere!--Again, I cannot emphasize enough that these books are an ADULT fantasy!

-I will admit I never thought that I would come to like Jamie Lannister, but now I do! I not only like him but I feel sorry for him as well, what's he going to do without a hand. And I totally ship him and Brienne of Tarth! When he went back to rescue her...yeah, they so need to get together! Oh my heart I hope she isn't really dead, all she wants to do is find and protect Sansa!
-Where the heck is Varys? Littlefinger is...I do not like him! But he may save Sansa's life, if he can just keep his hands off her long enough for her to marry again!
-Barristan is with Daenerys! I totally called that!
-The Frey's should all die! What they did to Robb was unforgivable!
-Cersei, oh how you deserve everything that is coming to you!
-Arya! I wanted to read more about Arya, mainly because I want her to hurry up and become a super cool faceless assassin, return home help restore Winterfell to its former glory and kill everyone who is left on her list...except for Jamie, I really want him and Brienne to save each other and bring honor back to the Kingsguard!

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