Sunday, December 20, 2009

Fablehaven: Grip of the Shadow Plague by Brandon Mull

I first started reading Fablehaven because my neighbor Kaitlin kept going on...and on...and on...about them. I read the first one and it was good. The second one was really good. This one was Excellent! I loved it! Brandon Mull has created an interesting world and I love accompanying Seth and Kendra as the discover it.

I really love this book. Seth is my hero! Kendra can be a little annoying because she seems too unsure of herself at times. Grandpa/ma Sorenson are protective to the nth degree, which is super annoying, they're kids but they've saved your butts twice so back off and give them more room to adventure!


  • When Patton came back I was totally surprised! What the...but in a good way...time travel can be an issue with me...since I read Tennis Shoes Among the Nephites like book 7 or something when the kid goes on a mission because technically he's 19 now only because he aged more in the past then came back to the future. I'm sorry but how did he just miraculously change all his Social Security information in this life time? Time Travel doesn't really work for me...but here I'm okay with it. This is after all a kids series so I will let the author indulge as long as it doesn't happen frequently. Also, so Lena coming back just to end up sad...yet predictable.
  • Now let us discuss Gavin. I do not trust him. He's to perfect...yes he stutters but other than that to perfect. A dude around Kendra's age just happens to show up in time to beat a dragon, just when we find out that the Sphinx released a dragon demon in the form a a human from the Quiet Box. Plus Gavin can speak to Dragons which apparently is as rare as speaking with snakes in Harry Potter...interesting that that in HP parseltongue is usually a thing only bad people can do. Plus he is the Secret Son of a dragon tamer, so no one can collaborate his story. All very convenient. This is something I have talked to Kaitlin about but she refuses to tell me...which I greatly appreciate.
  • Overall a great book! One I recommend to anyone who likes a clean adventure book!

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