Saturday, December 12, 2009

Chocolat by Joanne Harris

Chocolat is one of my favorite movies ever which means that had to read the book. I know it's a surprise that I waited this long but I have finally read Chocolat by Joanne Harris....and I liked it. The language is beautiful! How can you not like a book based on chocolate?! I loved getting a better understanding of the characters. Is it different? Oh yes! Which do I like better? I don't really know but I'm leaning more towards the movie, because I like the coupling better. But there is a magic about the book.


The differences in the book from the movie were expected but hard for me to accept. For example, Vianne and Roux do not end up together, he ends sup with Josephine...who I do like but this new triangle totally threw me off.

The villain of the novel is Francis Reynaud, the priest, not a Count as in the movie. Having a priest or any religious leader as the villain makes me wary. But he also makes a much more creepy bad guy to me, he's not just a fanatical count, but an ordained minister of a church that is suppose to represent all that Christ was. And spiteful, vindictive, and jealous are not the qualities one pictures in a priest or any religious leader. By being the anti thesis of priest with his soul desire hell bent on destroying the Chocolate shop one is given a deeper darker villain...with a secret past, that disturbs and explains his fanaticism.

I love the name Vianne.

I like the transition between the narrators. Vianne and Reynaud, have very unique perspectives on what is happening. It's a bitter and sweet a truffle...that gives us a unique perspective into the why they are the way they are. What haunts their pasts and why they makes the decisions they make.

Over all a very good book. Full of magic and a desire to find a permanent place one can feel loved and a sense of belonging. The diction and descriptions of the people, place, and chocolate are lovely. After reading the book, I'm left with a desire to...1-Move to a small village in France, or England...2-Eat Chocolate...3-Make chocolate and other delectable treats!

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